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HR manager, personal trainee in management, freelance writer and active guest contributor.Generation Z is a generation that has grown in the information environment. It can not imagine life without smartphones, it understands technology, and most of these people do not even remember the times when there were no social networks. In 2020, Generation Z makes up 40% of all consumers. For business, this can mean one thing, you need to adapt and take into account the interests of this generation. Only companies that can find a common language with this target group will succeed in the long run. Today we will tell you about the distinctive features of the generation, their values ​​and priorities. This will help to create successful blogs, improve existing ones and build effective communications.

1. Values above all to them

Generation Z wants to change the world. It has studied pressing issues and knows that ecology and politics are going through difficult times, and society needs support as never before. According to research by The National Retail Federation and IBM, they are more concerned about these issues than any generation before. Because of this, 55% of Gen Z prefers socially responsible and environmentally friendly brands.

A consumer feature is that teens want brands to share their values. This is evidenced by a report from Google.

Generation Z is interested in individuals and companies that just as they want to make the world a better place. Brands without values, an active social position, not thinking that they will leave behind will gradually exhaust their resources.

Blog ideas based on interest

A blog about ecology or about social problems and achievements will not go unnoticed by Generation Z. Talk about what they care about, choose an active position that shares the values of the audience, become part of it. The main thing is to be honest, otherwise sooner or later you will come across.

2. Generation Z is interested in entrepreneurship

Generation Z – conscious people who do not feed themselves with illusions. They analyzed the crisis, unemployment, the collapse of the housing market and made conclusions. Therefore, they do not have a false idea of work as a safe and stable way to earn money. Generation Z takes everything into their own hands and 72% of respondents want to start a business.

Given prevailing interests, companies should show how they function from the inside out. This will help to get the attention of the audience and earn its recognition.

Blog ideas based on interest

Generation Z is interested in entrepreneurial awareness. They will be happy to learn from the experience of practicing businessmen and learn from successful companies. The Entrepreneurship and Marketing Blog will be a great platform that will begin to be popular among the audience. Gather interesting information, unique approaches and relevant tools. Show real success and this will help to gather active followers around you.

3. On the way to originality

Generation Z prefers to be himself and express individuality. They often acquire things not because they are fashionable, but because they like it. They like to listen to real stories, to see real people, instead of cheating and glossy covers. Create original content, do not try to recycle existing ones, be sure generation Z will notice this and will not return to you anymore. 58% of respondents say they are willing to pay more for products that highlight their personality.

Blog ideas based on interest

The best way to do this is to tell a personal story. Keep a personal blog in which you talk about your life, interests and share achievements and failures. Generation Z adores individuality, so they will certainly support you if you are sincere. Most of all, they want to see a person from their own generation who understands problems and shares values. Therefore, if you belong to the generation Z, you have a much better chance. 

4. Emotions, instead of products

Gen Z – Grew up in the information environment, they were born when the Internet was already. Therefore, they immediately see marketing activities and are perfectly opposed to them. They are not interested in the benefits of the product; it is important for them to know how your product may be useful to them. When creating strategies, building positioning, you need to remember that 75% of the product is the non-material part, and only 25% of the product itself. In the conditions of the modern world, this is the case with sales.

Blog ideas based on interest

Anyways evoke emotions. Entertainment plays an important role in the life of Gen Z. A blog that can make them laugh and create a desire to share with friends is definitely waiting for success. 32% of respondents prefer watching entertainment content in the morning. Remember, this is a special generation that finds time for self-education and relaxation.

A little more about Generation Z

1. Interact with the audience

According to statistics, acquiring a new customer is 5–25 times more expensive than maintaining an existing one. It is not so easy to do this, because with each generation the task becomes more complicated. You need to know that the Z generation is good for interactivity.

44% of respondents admitted that, if possible, they would offer ideas for product design. They are open to quality interaction. Give them the opportunity to change something in a global sense and they will love you.

2. Create video

YouTube is the most popular platform among Generation Z when it comes to entertainment. Despite this, the representatives of the group have other motives to visit the resource. 80% of respondents use YouTube to increase knowledge, 68% improve or gain new skills.

By the way, the zeal for self-education makes the Z generation very attentive and demanding. The presence of errors is simply unacceptable in your blog. Therefore, when creating any content and description for it, do not forget about it. In order to verify its quality, use a service such as Grammarly or contact specialists for proofreading. You can choose any convenient service like coursework writing service. This will help to look solid and create a positive image.

And some more statistics, 85% of all teenagers use YouTube. Impressive right?


88% Gen Zers  consider data privacy important. Therefore, if you plan to build long-term relationships with this generation, you need to demonstrate transparency in the data collection process. Explain for what purpose you plan to use the information and ensure security. Gen Z must be sure that their data will not be disseminated and reliably protected.


Gen Zers is a generation with fundamentally different behaviors and values. They see the world in other colors, they want to make it better and take their interests into account more. They are tired of hearing about goods, they want to understand the real value for themselves. Generation Z does not tolerate aggressive sales and marketing techniques, skillfully ignoring them. If you want to be interesting to them, you will have to deeply touch their heart and uphold their values. Use our recommendations to improve the performance of your existing or new blog.

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