Content Marketing in 2020: How are trends changing forever for content?

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Content is what drives marketing. Most of the marketers today, know the importance of good content. But, can content marketing see vital changes in 2020? As of now, the world is under huge threat of a virus called Corona and for the first time content marketing has witnessed such a drastic change.

The market has never experienced such a disruptive force, which is not exactly associated with marketing. COVID-19 has forced marketers and content marketers to work from their homes. It has changed the way current content is created and presented.

The content marketing market is soaring, despite the obstructions of work from home and market uncertainties in such times. The content marketing market is set to grow with a 13% compound annual growth rate(CAGR). A surge in revenues worth $269.24 billion can be seen during the forecast period of 2020-2024. 

But, what has changed in the year 2020? Let’s have a look!

Virtual Mediums

The biggest factor that has made the difference is virtual mediums. Take an example of the multi-million-dollar gymming industry. The Gymming industry which is a $94 billion market just switched to e-gymming with corona hampering the physical gymming industry.

It was already exploring the virtual content creation mediums through e-gymming and with corona hampering the physical prospects, it improvised and took all the training sessions online. Now, consumers can subscribe to personal training sessions exclusively created for them on youtube, which is accessible to members only.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is that content, which is created by users, that are on different social media platforms, and even on your websites. With social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and even Twitter have been active sources of user-generated content. 

The sharing paradigm of social media has been a great source of content creation and content marketing. Over 48% of internet users in the US have either posted or liked a social media post.

Content Influencers

Not only the video content or bloggers, but there is also a new breed of influencers that have taken the world of content by storm. They are better known as Podcast influencers. Especially, in the current situation of a pandemic, podcasting can be an option for content creation.

As of now, there are over 30 million podcast episodes on the internet. They range from marketing to almost every topic of business. There are podcasts for almost everything today. Normal daily chores like cooking, cleaning and even interests like music find relevant podcasts.

With 51% of US listeners who listened to the podcasts and with 49% podcasting listened from home, it is the most promising content marketing strategy in the current pandemic state. 

Engagement Models

There are several engagement models in place for content marketers. And every strategy does not need a physical medium. One of the most sort after engagement model is gamification.

The games theory of gamification is a popular method used in content marketing for higher user engagement. We have already seen the level of gamification effect in games, apps, and fitness apps.

Gamification works very well for content marketing and here are some stats:

  • 70% of the organization will look to create at least one game-like app(Engagement Alliance)
  • Gamification is set to achieve overall growth of 32%( ReportLinker)
  • 83% of people who achieve training through gamification are more motivated than others. (TalentLMS)
  • 89% of employees believe gamified tasks can help boost productivity(TalentLMS)
  • Gamification can be used for increasing new  users up and even an increase in 600% of sales monthly through user-engagement(Forbes)

Organic Content

Some trends never go out of fashion and organic content is one such trend. Organic content can be more powerful in current times when internet traffic has surged. Due to widespread lockdowns, most of the global population is at home browsing the internet. This brings a unique opportunity for content creators with a challenge to stay original and organic.

Nevertheless, organic content is based on three basic components, originality, authoritative content, facts that don’t lie. If your content comprises facts, figures and a solution, organic traffic is ensured. 

Not just content marketing, but, organic content can also help you with Search Engine Optimization(SEO) purposes. With 70-80% of the users searching on the internet looking for organic results, it is a trend worth looking into.

Innovative Content

Social Media platforms like Snapchat have created a universe of virtual reality with their image filters. Taking a selfie with a cat on your head that is not there but virtually appears on your smartphone screen is true fun.

Such virtual content will be the new-age content marketing strategy. Many organizations now realize this and are looking for mobile app development based on virtual reality to create such content for their audiences. 

Content Distribution

Content distribution has gained much traction in content marketing strategies. How much content should be created for a specific medium? Needs thorough analytics. Take an example of Youtube, it is considered to be the biggest platform for video marketing.

But, over the years, youtube has devised different structures for content distribution over its platform. Here, you can have videos that are skippable video content, un-skippable and shorter versions.

Similarly, Instagram too created stories that diminish after 24 hours. However, if you want to see the same story you need to have the app with advanced features. 

Another, old trick in the bag of SEO marketers has recently gained traction. This trick of content distribution is SEO Pagination. It is an old trick, but, very relevant in today’s SEO scene. As Google, has been updating the heuristics of its crawling guidelines and indexing methods, SEO pagination can be helpful in content distribution. 

Content Remarketing

Remarketing is all about retargeting your audience that missed the mark the first time. Websites with content that may or may not be related to the search intent of users are often subjected to bounce rates. A bounce rate is the number of times a user visits the website without viewing important pages on your website.

We have seen brand remarketing. But, 2020 will be the year, when we will see content remarketing tactics. You might wonder how does content remarketing works? We all know that SEO is based upon targeting keywords. Sometimes, the content may be great, but, keywords are misplaced.

Content remarketing aims at achieving the right keyword targets. Revamping the old content with the right keyword placement can remarket your content on search engines organically. It may seem far fetched, but, in fact, many SEOs do use this trick to achieve more traffic towards their websites.

Signing Off

We are stuck at home amidst this pandemic. But, that does not mean we are stuck on our creative plateau. Content marketing is not just about numbers and is more about creative scores. How much does your content scores on the creative scoreboard, decides the traffic. 

The content paradigm is constantly changing and with such a travesty on our hands, it has transformed. The transition may not be smooth. But, changes that we are experiencing, will determine the future of content marketing. So, let’s create, distribute, remarket, and achieve great content marketing feats. Because the future is more dynamic than ever!

Sachin Devmurari is a digital marketer and blogger. He has been writing for several subjects of technology and SEO. He is an experienced Content writer working for Kunsh Technologies with SEO content experience. He also has web content writing and article writing proficiency with marketing content experience. 
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