Why Scheduling Posts Is Important and How It Can Boost Your Business

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It is crucial for all businesses to foster customer relationships through all relevant channels. Social media and content marketing have emerged as a vital tool for digital sales.

Accomplishing your online marketing goals, while necessary, is also time-consuming. With 3.5 million daily active users, social media always demand fresh material. However, this wealth of opportunities poses a big challenge for marketers. Establishing a consistent presence on all these platforms to keep up with the demands requires tremendous effort.

The introduction of content scheduling has revolutionized the process of long-term strategies. 75% of marketers are already using at least one kind of marketing automation tool. If you aren’t already leveraging the advantages of scheduling your content, here is why you should.

Consistency Across All Platforms

Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining your brand’s engagement on the internet. If you change from posting multiple times a week to only a few times a month, your followers will soon lose their interest. Not to mention the drop in engagement.

Marketers often hire professionals from platforms such as Essay Pro to create engaging and memorable content regularly. On average, every social media platform expects the same posting frequency. It is challenging to generate high-quality content at the rate of one or two posts per day. 

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According to a Hubspot study, engagement on Facebook was the highest when brands posted between 31 to 60 posts a month. Outsourcing your content and scheduling it can give you better control over the posting frequency.

Save Time for Core Competencies

As a business, marketing is only one part of your main focus areas. While established companies can afford to delegate such tasks to a dedicated team, small and medium business owners often have to shuffle the burden themselves.

Moreover, as per the study of the American Psychological Association, switching between different tasks can cost you 40% of productivity. Manually curating and posting on different channels can take up valuable time you can spend concentrating on core business activities. You can optimize and streamline your work by automating the process. 

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For 30% of business owners, the most significant advantage of scheduling and automating posts is saving time. Aspiring entrepreneurs can highly benefit from marketing automation tools to free up their time. A distribution technique equips you to scheme and combine an entire month’s strategy into one day. 

Create Efficient Content Marketing Plans

Every brand’s final goal is to achieve through marketing. For some, it is brand awareness, while for others, marketing is about attaining deeper relationships with your existing customers. Your aim will define your marketing plan and the type of content you choose to share. Based on your audience demographics, you can also determine when to schedule your posts on specific platforms.

Scheduling posts give you a better idea of how to plan your marketing strategies for both short term and long term goals. It will help you have an overall, comprehensive view of how your content will be perceived in the whole by the audience.

Better Content Curation

Businesses are most likely to sync social media with their product launches and blogs to promote them. Creating multiple versions of the same content can be done effectively when you can schedule it in one place.

Be it revamping your evergreen content, or working with influencers, you can handle it better with scheduling. It allows you to manage the expectations and cross-promote your company across multiple channels.

Work on Brand Messaging

Brand messaging occurs on different channels simultaneously. The challenge is to ensure that platform and demographic-specific content reaches all your audience is a strenuous task. As reflected in the latest report, nearly two-thirds of marketers agree that social media marketing is only one part of their job description.

When done manually, managing this publishing increases the chances of errors. It is natural to overlook the goal of a campaign or forget about finding quality content to publish for the day. Automating your content can ensure that you can develop and outline the right brand story, regardless of how other tasks might take over the day.

Better Monitoring of Your Campaigns

Posting relentlessly on any media is not fruitful until you monitor how it is affecting your business. Today, you have unparalleled access to data from each post and valuable analytics to offer insight. By automating your posts, you have the option to view all the accounts and see how each platform is performing.


For 58% of businesses, the most useful metrics to measure from automation is conversion rate and the revenue generated. Scheduling content has replaced having to manually review each account to track the growth of your business without much difficulty.

Creating your Content Schedule

If you are pondering about the “how,” then the first step is to finalize the “what” and “when.” Planning your posts indeed might seem like a lot of work. So get started with a social media calendar that will help you spread the content for the next few months.

To get a better grasp, consider the following.

  • What are you aiming to achieve?
  • Which platforms are the best for you to benefit from?
  • What do you want to post?
  • When is the best time to do it?

It is best to tailor your content relevant to the demographics of each platform, as well as their interests. Automating software can help you customize and personalize based on the analytics.

Next, you might want to pick a theme that the audience can easily associate with your brand and your current campaign. By laying out your content for a few months, businesses can get a foundation on how each one will meet their objectives. It will allow you to have a continuous stream of fresh ideas on a variety of channels simultaneously.

For the best benefits, follow the 80/20 rule, by adding engaging and valuable material 80% of the time. Promote your links and sales for the remaining 20%. Your customers will take more interest in what you have to say.

Make the Most of Marketing

The abundant choice of scheduling and automating tools available today offers excellent potential for businesses. When capitalized efficiently, this simple tactic can save you significant time and contribute to efficient planning.

A robust digital marketing strategy needs to be carefully designed and well-thought-out. This means that you need to consider the foreseeable future and devise your content accordingly. Scheduling your posts is no longer a mere time-saver. It is an almost inevitable game plan to run your business goals competently.

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