Using the Power of Social Live Videos to Boost Branding

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Brands today have realized that people are likelier to do business with companies they can empathize and identify with. So, it’s no wonder they’ve started creating content strategies specifically to bridge the gap between them and their customers.

It may sound like something that only deep-pocketed companies can do. But in fact, any business nowadays can leverage that sort of tactic in a cost-effective way. They just have to go live!

There’s something about live streams that fascinate viewers. It may be its immediacy, or its authenticity, or both! Whatever the answer, a well-crafted live video can help you forge emotional investment from audiences, and that often reflects heavily on the bottom line.

Now, most video companies agree that creating this type of content seems easier than it actually is. As a result, many beginners go live unprepared and fail to create content that achieves their expectations.

But we got you covered! Today, we’ll talk about everything there’s to know about creating a killer live video. Let’s jump right in!

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The Importance of Promoting Ahead of Time

Undoubtedly, promoting your live video beforehand allows you to reach a wider audience. So, you should always announce the time and date that the live stream will take place with plenty of anticipation!

One of the best ways to go about it is to make an initial announcement a week or so before going live, and another one on the stream day. When the event is quite relevant to your brand – like a product line announcement – it’s also recommended to feature a countdown.

A more subtle but also popular practice is to remind the audience about the coming stream by sharing content related to it before it takes place. For example, you can reveal sneak peeks, or prompt people to suggest topics for the live stream ahead of time.

Strategies like that allow you to spark curiosity and interest in your upcoming video stream, without sounding overly promotional. 

Pre-Broadcast Preparations

One of the first things that come to mind when we think about live videos is their spontaneity. So, it may come as a surprise that the best live streams out there aren’t as casuals as they seem. Especially when it comes to branded content.

Most brands map out their stream’s key points beforehand. That way, the host can keep the goals in mind and is less likely to lose track of the topic.

But don’t get me wrong: they use an outline, not a script! The coolest part about live videos is that they feel authentic, and scripted content usually fails to spark that sentiment.

That said, doing a live video offhand isn’t a good idea either! As those are often filled with awkward silences and unscheduled pauses throughout the live stream ―and I guess we can all agree that there are few things more dreadful than that when it comes to live videos.

Learn to Go with the Flow

Let’s face it! No matter how much you prepare for your branded live video, there will come a moment when you’ll have to play it by ear.

At the best of times, the audience may demand a different topic or ask you questions you weren’t expecting. At worst, the viewers’ number can start to fall steadily, signaling that your video’s approach isn’t engaging.

Whatever the case, you should adapt your live stream to the audience’s interests. Don’t forget the video is meant for them, not for you. So, keep calm and don’t be afraid to switch gears if that’s what your viewers want.

Make the Audience Feel Appreciated

Brands that go live streaming without even giving a glance at the live chat ―or even worse, turning it off ― are missing the point.

A big plus of live videos is that they let your audience interact with you first-hand. That gives you an excellent chance to connect with them by being attentive and appreciative.

You see, viewers like to be welcomed into your video and that you answer their questions, making them a part of it. Even better if you ask them things too! That can encourage them to participate in the live chat, and you can then comment on their answers.

The idea is to create a two-way conversation, giving viewers the impression that they are important to your brand.

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Brand Your Stream Accordingly

Branding your live videos can help you enhance your brand’s recognition since it enables viewers to identify your company’s video content. It can also contribute to your brand’s permanence. That’s why you should always adapt your live streams to your company’s style.

Luckily, some online platforms like BeLive or Lightstream allow you to customize your live videos. They let you add custom designs and your brand’s color scheme and logo. As a result, your live streams can have a more professional look.

You can also brand your live videos in an old-school way by using settings and on-screen elements that reflect your business’ essence. You can even add a logo sign on the wall if suitable!

Optimize Technical Aspects

Live streams don’t call for top-notch production, unlike explainer videos, commercials, and other types of branded content. But that doesn’t mean they have low quality standards! Make the mistake of thinking that, and your video’s message would not be efficiently delivered.

Let’s explore how to make the most of the following aspects to create a neat live video. 

Let there be light!

You don’t need professional lighting equipment to have a well-illuminated setting, particularly in daylight.

At night, shooting can get more complicated. You may have to use various lamps to illuminate your face, your brand’s products, and the background.

Now, whether using natural or artificial lights, you can always benefit from handling reflectors and diffusers. These accessories can make the most of the existing light in a room while being quite economical and user-friendly. 

Sound Quality is a Priority

A poor sound quality prevents viewers from understanding your message. That’s why it’s crucial to mind your video’s audio!

In an ideal scenario, the speaker would use a lavalier microphone ―you know: the tiny one that goes attached to clothes. That device would go almost unnoticed, and the stream would look more casual. But in most cases, professional audio tools are out of the question.

Still, you can enhance your audio by modifying the acoustics in the setting. Go for the good ol’ trick of putting mattresses, blankets, or rugs inside a room to reduce external noises and reverberation. Don’t get carried away, though! Otherwise, the speaker’s voice will sound muffled.

Mind Your Internet Connection

We tend to take our internet connection for granted. But just when we need it most, something can go wrong. And there are only a few things worse for a live-streamer than being cut off.

That’s why it’s crucial to check your connection status before going live. I also advise you to shoot your video in a place where your WiFi signal is strong.

If your internet connection isn’t working well on the live stream day, try to find another place to film. But if that’s not possible, then it’s better to put off the event than to risk having connection troubles halfway through it.

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Effective Call to Actions are Vital

There can’t be an effective social video strategy without proper CTAs! So, take advantage of having an engaged audience in your live stream and prompt them to check out more of your brand’s content.

Live videos’ CTAs aren’t too different from typical ones. They encourage the audience to like and share your piece, to visit your brand’s webpage, and so on. However, if you plan to go live on a regular basis, you should also ask them to activate notifications for your social account. That way, your followers can be the first to tune into your live streams.

You have to keep in mind, though, how to distribute your CTAs. The best you can do is to drop them here and there throughout the whole video, without getting carried away.

You see, viewers may tune in or out at different times. So, if you only add a CTA at the start or at the end, some of them won’t get to see it!

Parting Thoughts

Audiences love to engage with content that feels genuine and fresh. No wonder many live videos are such a raging success!

Now, the secret for looking authentic in live streams is ―drum roll, please ―to be actually authentic.

That may seem hard at first, doubly so if you don’t feel comfortable on camera. But believe me, following the previous tips, it won’t be long until you feel confident going live. Most importantly, it will come a time when you’ll genuinely enjoy it!

It will soon be easy for you to have fun creating branded live videos, and your audience will definitely be able to tell!

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