5 Digital Marketing Techniques to Keep You Ahead of the Competition

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It is a no-brainer that great professional techniques can significantly facilitate your revenues boost, and as the result, your business growth. So, what are these trump cards that you should always have to stay ahead of the curve? We are presenting 5 top techniques today. Without further ado, let’s begin.

1)  Engage through social media

Social media is like a waterfall of potential subscribers who you can really hit it off with. No other technique allows you to build such a strong bond with people and turn them into leads. It has been a space for entertainment and fun for quite long, that’s true.

But now, the shift from personal sharing to more purposeful activities like dealing, purchasing, advertising is coming in, because there are millions of mobile-friendly apps accessible. Many users worldwide are logged on to social media and active there 2,5-3 hours a day. So, you can’t miss your boat ignoring the incomparable pros of social networks, but you can take advantage of them. Here is how:

  •     In order to speed up the process of taking fast orders you can create an AI-powered chatbot. This amazing digital will help you communicate with the clients and resolve their problems.
  •     Create profiles on as many social media cross-channels as possible. By being present on the most well-liked platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube you will have the golden opportunity to establish worthy interaction and inseparable links with the targeted audience.


But along with just pitching a social media campaign, you should set realistic and specific goals, for example:

  •     Think about social media tools you can afford. Make sure your perfect SMM plan matches your financial possibilities.
  •     Try to outline and tackle small goals. Don’t start off with the grandiose strategies, keep it slow. Little strokes fell great oaks.
  •     Define your broad focus that comes in a big holistic picture of what and how you are doing.

 Dozens of companies worldwide open the door to social media pages and that’s considered as the most obvious technique to start with. It is just the matter of time and effort you are ready to set in force.

2)  Utilize cloud technology

Also, facilitating better digital experience is possible through cloud-based technologies. By integrating this technique you automatically empower your website or app, since it makes distribution and data storage easier to access. In this case, an excellent software development company, VironIT can help you release from the IT burden affecting operations and infrastructure of your enterprise. Everything is done through testing that allows you and your team analyze all the activities and gain actionable insights related to your productivity.

Moreover, it doesn’t only stand out for its flexibility and efficiency, but also for the analytics possibilities. Ultimately, in order to make the most of your marketing strategy, you will want to evaluate the situation you are in, access possible risks and identify the level of your productivity. As a real proactive businessman you need to determine if the destination you are heading to and the path you are on can really serve you well. How can you see it?

  •     Your cloud-based technology has its own one-way street approach
  •     You can effortlessly test new channels and track the organizational process
  •     You have the chance to immediately deploy applications and analyze its value in one place

Cloud technology is very essential to improve your performance and empower already active strategies and channels. To wrap up, it demonstrates lots of extensive benefits and brings lasting results to your business. Just try it out!

3)  Create a killing content marketing campaign

Content marketing is a key to acquiring organic traffic at low cost and in a short period of time. So, just to give you some more insight with numbers, 69% of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy, as the main measure of their success. It proves that curating engaging social content can build out your brand identity and develop much interest in your customers’ minds.

The bottom line is to demonstrate you are not just an income-making machine, but also a good assistant for those who reach out to your brand’s website, app, etc. There is a lot of irrelevant and dust content out there on the internet. Great marketers know that getting a person hooked is possible only through inspirational, shareable and memorable content. Here are some tips on how to make high-quality content on your individual digital marketing journey:

  •     Create compelling visuals including video and photo sharings
  •     Write interactive stories and use catchy captions drawing attention of your readers
  •     Section out your content by building specific blocks of text and animations
  •     Stick to a primary content theme
  •     Make a schedule of your posts at least a week in advance


 All in all, don’t start a blog just for the sake of creating content and using the technique. Making evergreen and top-quality content should be your main priority and if you do everything right, an incomparable success is guaranteed.

4)  Leverage your existing customers

When you forget about the strong necessity to operate and manage your team driven by the idea of the customers’ satisfaction, the door opens for competitors to step in. Before actually finding new clients, you should start building direct contact with your existing ones. Otherwise, it is like beating around the bush when you focus and attempt to do a lot, and eventually end up empty-handed.

Your main goal is to be generous with the people who have chosen you. If customers do so, they expect you to be responsive and even compassionate to their needs and problems. But, also, it might also be about your own employees as brand advocates. To succeed you should undoubtedly manage communication with both. Here are several ways how:

  •     Be engaging and offer proactive ideas. Indicate how passionately your brand treats others
  •     Train the the staff how to meet or even exceed customers’ expectations
  •     Assign a leader to get the social media advocacy rolling
  •   Track the data of your advocacy strategy and look at the points that need more attention

So, the idea sounds very logical, right? If you really want to see your efforts are worth it, then probably retaining existing customers and team members first is your go-to technique. Then, when you are successful with strengthening relationships with everybody, it is time to expand.

5) Reach potential customers with website optimization

Interestingly, out of the billions of searches that happen on a given day, 15% of daily searches are new to Google. Basically, it is completely up to you and your creativity to design image tags, add keywords and use phrases that have never been optimized by anybody. If you are really serious about growing your customers’ base by leaps and bounds, you have to supplement all the rest of digital marketing techniques with some SEO tools. See the relevant example of some elements below:

  •     Great keyword is a term with many requests in Google. It is something that describes your business area and respectively, often appears in search
  •     Meta title is a concise description that you see below the main headline of the webpage redirecting link. It includes several keywords to encourage your users to click and read
  •     Backlink is a link from another website (it can be published on the relevant bloggers and organizations websites) to that web source

In general, these on-seo and off-seo tools can hugely impact your ranking. Just look for the worthy client’s attention content to result in the best search position for your website. It is like leading an unpredictable experiment by coming up with diverse ways to supply optimization properly.

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