5 SMM Techniques That Increase the Quality of SEO

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It may seem like SMM and SEO have nothing to do with each other. With SEO used for sites and SMM for social media, there is not a single point where they come together. Yet, as surprising as that, they can coexist and be used for each other`s good. 

It has become known that search engines do take social media into account while ranking websites. Google, Bing, and others are known for doing so. It is very likely that the connection between social media and SEO rankings will only grow as time passes. Yet, it is not that well researched what exactly search engines assess while ranking sites relating to social media. By trying and testing, we were able to define 4 tips for using SMM for better SEO.

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#1 Grow Your Followers Number

Social media is a perfect tool to drive traffic to your website. People are starting to use social media to find things from hashtags, friend`s recommendations, or ads. So if they find the social media page of yours, they might want to explore more and visit your site. Search engines will point out that you have a steady new visitor and, consequently, rank you higher in search results.

People are not likely to visit your site every day to see if you have uploaded new content. Moreover, they can get lost in the information stream and forget about your site entirely. When you are present in social media, you will always remind them about new articles, infographics, or podcasts. It is easier to swipe up on Instagram to read the article than to check out the blog every now and then. By being present on social media, you will increase your visitor retention and it will be beneficial for both your business and SEO ranking. 

However, do not try to grow your follower number by “buying followers aka bots”. It can harm your ranking because search engines will start ranking you as unreliable.

#2 Mentions Are a New Link-Building

All SEO experts know how important if other sites are linking to you. For a search engine, it means that your content is useful and you are a reliable enough source of information for other sites to link you. 

You can get even more attention from websites if you are being mentioned on social media. It works just the same as a link but your content is not valued by sites overall but by certain individuals. In order to increase mentions, try out the following steps:

Create Useful Content

It is known that how to-dos, lists, and tips are loved by social media users. They always save this kind of posts, share them, tag friends, and stay in order to get even more of the content that will make their lives more understandable. 

Tell Stories

Sometimes subscribers get tired of all the life hacks that force them to do something about their life. You cannot force yourself to read motivational speeches in the middle of lazy Sundays. So users seek out for another type of content – stories. They enjoy listening to it in real life, and they go on social media to get even more. Reading someone’s stories is like talking to a friend without really investing in conversation, and it feels good. People are likely to get emotional when they read those and want to tell all their subscribers what made them cry or jump with joy. Storytelling is also great for your brand and trust-building.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers are leaders, so whatever they mention or promote, their followers will like instantly. Even if they do not blindly follow the lead, they will at least check out the site or product that the influencer is promoting. It will drive tons of traffic to your website and get the mention that matters. 

#3  Social Media Platforms in Top Results

It is obvious that search engines rank social media profiles and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles have decent chances to rank high in SERP for low-competition keywords, so it’s worth investing in growing your social media.

There are many ways in which you can make your social media profiles rank higher in search results. The most important advice is to fill out all the needed information in bio and do it wisely. So when people will search for a specific product or service on social media that would see your brand’s page. Secondly, use relevant hashtags under your publications, so the users would be able to find your content..

#4 Encourage Site Visitors to Follow Social Media Profiles and Followers to Visit the Site

Your social media profiles do not make any sense for SEO if you do not encourage your followers to visit the site. In fact, you must be using social media for promoting your site – it is its prior purpose. So put site links on your stories to promote the new content, put a link in your bio and posts on Facebook or Twitter and make it easy to discover your site by doing so. It is a bad idea to put links in Instagram posts through – mobile users will not be able to click or copy it. Since Instagram is mostly used with smartphones, you do not want to get the followers angry by showing things that they are unable to reach.

It is also important that you promote your social media profiles on the site. As we have mentioned before, it is crucial for visitor retention. 

#5 Test New Website

You can drive traffic from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media channels to evaluate how much time users spend on the pages of a new website, how they behave there, which elements they click on and how they eventually convert to the paying users. Getting social media traffic takes less time than ranking in search engines and it helps you to predict the future performance of a website and find blind spots that need to be changed.

Such social signals as links from social media would be a great addition to your link building strategy, that you can use along with other link building techniques such as guest posting or skyscraper links. After receiving traffic from social media, you can start implementing your strategy for website promotion. While you grow your website do not forget to track data in Google analytics, analyze the user’s behavior of the website, monitor the website’s position with tools as keyword rank checker and seek new areas of improvement, 

SMM and SEO Are Getting Along Pretty Well Today and You Must Use Both

There are 4 possible ways of how you can increase a website’s ranking by using SMM: attract organic followers to social media profiles to get traffic to the website, encourage mentions while it has the same effect than linking, do everything possible to rank your social media profiles higher in search results, and promote social media profiles on the sites and vice versa. 

Some of the tips are more complicated than the others but as you know, more effort brings the best outcomes. We recommend to use all the tips together and enjoy becoming a top-result on Google. 

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