Social Media Strategies To Achieve Your Marketing Goal

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With changing times, strategies to grow are also changing. Social media is a huge boon to businesses these days. You can also make your business grow perfectly by focusing on your social media strategies. Working in a thoughtful and measured way will help you achieve your marketing goals. 

I  have brought to you a few social media strategies and they are mentioned below-

1. Relevant and Realistic Goals Setting 

This is one of the biggest problems. People either do not set realistic and relevant goals or they do not set goals at all and work vaguely. People do not know how to operate their accounts effectively and fulfill their goals. 

Set goals that complement your business planning and bring about ultimate growth in your business. Make goals for how you want your business to progress. 

Set SMART goals to achieve your marketing goals. SMART goals here refer to- Specific,  Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound goals. 

When you are setting goals, understand the main reason and purpose behind setting it. The main motive is to improve your social media marketing strategies and bring growth in your business. 

Your aim can be increasing awareness of Brand, growing your fanbase or potential customers, increasing sales etc. 

If your goals are realistic you have more chances of achieving them. In addition to this, focusing on every social media platform is a total waste of time. Only spend time on those accounts where your target audience spends time on. 

2. Determine Most Relevant Metrics

Just spending time on social media and posting posts is of no use. It does not help if you are not tracking your success. Mere number of followers does not define your growth. Moreover, they do not show the actual picture. 

Determining relevant metrics can help you analyse your business and work in a much better manner by focusing on specific sectors. 

If you wish to increase Brand awareness then you should focus on Post Reach. If your focus is sales based or action based then you must examine the number of clicks. Figure out what type of content engages people more and tends to bring more clicks and responses.

3. Decide Who Your Audience Should Be 

After you have set your goals and understood a little about strategies, now you need to focus on your target audience. Figure out who your audience should be. 

Understand that followers should be interested in your posts and just any person in your followers would not do the deed and will not become your future customers. So, say a big NO to fake followers. They will bring no good to you and are just useless. They do not engage in posts and there are chances that they might be bots. 

You need to attract such an audience that might find your posts interesting and become your future customers as well. 

For instance, your business revolves around beauty products then targeting players will be just useless and a waste of time. Another example can be if your business operates in a particular area or country, followers from other countries will bring no good to you. 

Know your Audience 

Create social media accounts on those platforms where your target audience spends most of their time. In this manner, you will get a better hold and engage well with your target audience. 

If you are into influencer marketing, then choose influencers whose followers have your target audience. 

Understand the hobbies, interests and needs of your customers to create relevant and most demand content. 

Also keep an eye on how much time they spend on the internet and on which social networking sites. 

4. Select the Right Social Media Platform 

Social media branding is a modern face of business growth. Targeting a right social media for business growth can be more strategic. Try to find which social networking sites are preferred by your target audience and make your account on those websites. Do not worry about the time you need to put in maintaining the page. First, choose the correct social media platform and everything else will just flow in. 

You should understand and take care of your customer needs or check out customer personas to find out. You can also conduct surveys and ask your audience yourself. 

First of all work on the most preferred platform and then move to other sites. Make at least 3 to 5 social media accounts on different platforms.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are generally first choices of people but you can also expand your choice by engaging on Tiktok or YouTube. 

5. Keep an Eye On Rival’s Approach 

Along with doing your work, focus on your competitors’ moves as well. Understand their goals, strategies and thinking on topics related to business you both are dealing in. Figure out their strengths and weaknesses as well. 

Moreover, knowing your competitors better will help you understand your potential customers in much better ways. Further, use their weakness to increase and grow your business with efficacy. 

Buzzsumo helps you to understand your opponent and views their best and popular content. You can use that content in a much better manner and achieve your goals. 

6. Think Clearly About Content You Share

The content that you share must be the best. Only posting promotional content can either away your followers and is highly unappreciated. 

You need to maintain a balance between informative and entertaining content. Along with this, keep posting a little promotional content as well but never too much. The posts must be engaging. Learn what type of content your target audience might find appealing, attractive and most importantly engaging. 

Basically, social media platforms are to be social and not to sell products. So, use creative social infographics and  keep your focus in becoming social and engaging with your followers as well. 

While creating posts keep in mind two things. First, it should be liked by the target audience. Second, you should be comfortable with such content making and should bhave equipment too. 

Even if you do not like, keep your personal interests aside and just think about your target audience while working. 

7. Set Accounts in Proper Manner

All your accounts on different platforms must have the same look throughout. It should not seem like your different accounts belong to different brands. The look must be consistent throughout like the logo, colours and graphics used. 

Take enough time to create the best piece of profiles and bios. Upload content with the best resolution for the social media platform that you are working on. 

8. Figure Best Times to Post

Do not just post content when you get free time. You need to know the best time to post content. The time when your target audience is most likely to be using social media sites. With such amounts of content being posted daily, your post might not even reach your potential audience. So, figure the best time and post then. 

Social scheduling tools can be a big help in this case. You can handle multiple posts at the same time. You can organise them and post. 

9. Suitable Content 

Visual contents are preferred much more than written ones these days. Hierarchy in visual content like images and videos is found interesting and shared more than words. 

Research has revealed that visual content has a 4.21% engagement rate. This rate is known to be 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter. 

10. Track Results 

If you do not track results, you will never find out whether your social campaigns were a success or a failure. So, after completing all the steps above at the end you need to track your performance and obviously reward yourself for the work done.

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