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Email is one of the oldest forms of communication. Back in the days, when instant messaging apps did not exist, people solely relied on emails. But, the main question is- Is it still prevalent? If yes, what purpose is it used for? And how effective are sending emails nowadays?

Before answering these questions, have a look at these numbers.

In 2019, there were 3.9 billion email users, and by 2023, this number might grow to 4.3 billion users. Guess what? This is approximately half the population of the world. Astonishing, right?

The average ROI (Return On Investment) on email marketing that businesses can expect is 4300 percent.

Email marketing is used by 87% of marketers for B2B marketing and 77% of marketers for B2C marketing.

Many marketing trends are on and off, but email marketing is here to stay. And these numbers are enough to justify it.

With that said, many marketers still struggle with successful email marketing. But, why?

As simple as it seems, it is essential to understand how it works. Which tools one must use? After all, you do not want to spend a chunk of your time and money and gain no returns.

Many businesses and marketers hesitate to opt for an email marketing tool. But, using the right tool is always a wise decision. It does not just improve productivity but is also quite affordable as compared to other marketing strategies.

How to choose the best email marketing software?


You cannot just send out random promotional emails and expect conversions overnight. Email marketing is a long process. It requires consistency before you start getting the expected results. You cannot send emails with repetitive content. Moreover, you need to connect with the audience. So, to make your work easier, why not opt for an email marketing software? Here is a list of features you must look for to opt for the best email marketing software.

1. Integration:

In the case of digital marketing, CRM works wonders. If you start sending emails to each lead personally, it is surely time-consuming. So, why not choose an email marketing integration with CRM? This makes the process of managing customer data a hassle-free manner. Alongside, such integrations also provide the key performance metrics.

2. Email builder and templates:

Email marketing software must provide ample template options to create attractive emails. It should pre-build templates and an easy-to-use builder that allows sending emails instantly.

3. Signup forms for the website:

What is more valuable? A potential email list or a big email list. A potential email list is always the better option. It allows you to grow your audience with the people who are genuinely interested in your emails. So, to get this list, the email marketing software must provide sign-up forms that allow the people to sign-up for your work easily.

4. Personalization and segmentation:

“Hey, we have an offer for you!”. “Hey John, we have an offer for you”.

Which sentence sounds more catchy? The second one, right? This is where the role of email personalization comes into action. It makes the audience feel more connected and valued.

Moreover, it is a good idea to segment the audience based on their preferences. This helps in understanding what they are genuinely interested in. Opt for an email marketing software that provides you with an option of segmentation and personalization of the leads.

5. A/B testing:

This testing allows you to understand what content is working and what is holding you back. Following this, you can improvise your strategies and work on them accordingly. Ensure that the best email marketing service you are opting for allows you to test subject lines, messages, CTA buttons, etc.

Best email marketing software to opt from

Want to grow your small business most cost-effectively? Opt for email marketing. It can work wonders when implemented the right way. Here is a list of the best email marketing software that makes your tasks seamless.

1. PeppyBiz:

Looking for a platform that not just sends emails but strengthens customer relationships? PeppyBiz is the right place to go to. We offer unmatchable designs and templates to make your emails perfect. Integrate your email marketing strategies with the dynamic tools that we offer. Here is a list of all the features that we offer:

  • We provide you with in-depth analytics of all your email campaigns. These include the number of times mails were opened, CTR, etc.
  • We allow your emails to speak for you. We send timely aligned emails along with activity-based triggered emails.
  • Personalize your emails to make customers the center of attraction. This leads to higher conversions.
  • You can create tailor-made email templates just within a few clicks with beautiful eye-ensnaring images.
  • We provide you with the split-test technology which helps you understand the statistics of emails. Following the results, you can send optimized emails to the leads.
  • Integration of essential tools to make the workflow process easier.

Not just this, there are several other features to choose from. Head on to our site to get the best email marketing services.

2. Constant Contact:

It is a quite popular name among the best email marketing software. They have a very easy-to-use interface allowing you to send emails quickly and easily. Constant Contact offers the following features:

  • Management of email lists, templates, contacts, and all other tasks.
  • They provide you with unlimited email access. Alongside, the other features include email reports and analysis, social media integration, list segmentation, image library, etc.
  • They have an additional offer of email plus accounts. These provide powerful features including email automation, surveys, drip campaigns, etc.

Considering all the features, it is surely the perfect fit, especially, for small businesses. Alongside, they provide a free trial of 60 days, along with the pricing which is as low as $20/month.

3. Mailchimp:

Their name itself justifies the service they offer. They are yet among the top providers for the best email marketing service. It is suitable software for both startups and well-established companies. Here is a list of features that they provide:

  • Drag-and-drop interface for email builder which is easy to use.
  • Autoresponders and audience segmentation
  • Set-up of delivery time based on the geographical locations
  • Allows integration with several platforms including Magneto, Shopify, WordPress, and others.

They offer a completely free plan which allows sending up to 12,000 emails to up to 2,000 subscribers. However, this plan offers limited features. Their paid plans are expensive starting from $10/month for 500 subscribers. And for the unlimited plan, the users have to pay$299/month.

4. Hubspot email marketing:

Hubspot is a very popular name among digital marketing platforms. It is surely on the list of the best email automation software fulfilling the transactional needs of small businesses. You can easily perform a lot of tasks with the free version of Hubspot. Some of these include lead offer emails, thank you emails, promotion of email campaigns, and other such tasks. The Hubspot tools also provide a visual email editor with a drag-and-drop interface. They also have several equipped email templates which you just need to put up and you are ready to go. What’s more, is the forever free CRM that HubSpot offers.

5. Sendinblue:

It is a communication platform for marketing that does not just provide email marketing, but also provides CRM tools. They offer over 70 templates for email designs, making them look attractive and engaging. Moreover, all these templates are provided in a responsive design form. After email designing, you can also use the features of A/B testing and segmentation of lists to optimize the campaigns for better results.

6. Omnisend:

It is an email marketing software that allows integration of all communication platforms. In the free plan, they only provide email services, but it is sufficient to fulfill the needs of a small business. Depending on customer behavior, it provides the liberty of sending emails. Alongside, they also provide you with comprehensive insights to help you send better emails.


If you have a startup and are struggling to reach your target audience, emails are the solution. Why worry when you can send them in just a few clicks? There is ample email marketing software available which comes with free email marketing tools and offers robust features. All you need to do is understand what works well for your business and implement it accordingly. So, what are you waiting for? Get started right away to let your business grow.

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