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Running Facebook ads is not as complex as it looks, if you’re publishing a post which drives more organic traffic then you need to put extra efforts for reaching more customers in the next step.

If you have included Facebook as the major part in your social media marketing strategies, then probably you must be familiar with its ad platforms. However, the Facebook algorithm is ever-evolving with the latest trends and updates that reaches your fans effectively.

For instance, you are publishing a story that builds great organic traffic rather than targeting more reach must be your ultimate goal. And that’s how Facebook ads work as a saviour for marketing and businesses. Here we will discuss how to boost Facebook ads properly and reach more customers in time.

Don’t panic, if you are still boosting Facebook posts to reach more customers. Actually, you are not the one, thousands of marketers use the “Boost button” to run their campaign easily. By simply targeting customers or users location and total expense on your promotions budget, you can run these campaigns.

Did You Know How Facebook Boost Post Works?

While creating Facebook ad campaigns, if you choose the Boost Post button, then Facebook will create a new ad campaign for promoting your ads. As the Facebook campaign is well-curated for “Post Engagements”, indicating likes, shares, and reactions of your followers.

The next step will direct you to enter targeting locations, total ad budgets, time duration and payment options, etc. as most of the marketer forgets this and results vary accordingly.

Facebook Boost Post vs. Promoted Facebook Post


The goal of “boosting” and “promoting” remains the same, that is to reach more people. When Facebook bought this feature first, most of the marketing and business community came forward to use this option for Post Engagement and reaching ads.

When you picture the major differences between the Boost post button and the promote post option using Ads manager, you will find the differences such as the number of bids and targets.

In 2020, Boost Post feature got few updates significantly that includes,

  • Advanced locations and User behavioural targeting features
  • The abilities for creating custom audiences
  • Conversion tracking with the ease of pixels (which is applicable, if you have the pixel built-in options)

However, the recent update in tracking and targeting options paved the way for much more robust results than ever before. But the Boost post feature has certain limitations when compared to manual promotions.

Let’s see what are those limitations here,

  • Limitations to target one audience at a time
  • No device targeting options. For example, Desktop vs. Mobile vs. Column
  • Limited time duration of ads, Facebook offers superior options like targeting in their Ad manager tool. But it’s limited in Boost post, so it’s a better option to go with manual promotions rather than choosing the limited ad campaigns feature in Boost post.

How to Promote a Post Using Ad Manager on Facebook?

To set up a promoted post in Facebook’s Ads Manager is easy. Just follow these simple steps to run your ad campaigns successful:

  • Go to Ads Manager, click into the green “create” button
  • Choose “Brand Awareness” or “Engagement” based on your objective (note: both work well but in different circumstances)
  • Select your target metrics to make sure that your content reaches your target audience.
  • Select the drop-down box to choose from a pre-existing post.
  • Launch your ad campaign
  • You can repeat this process till you finish promoting all the applicable posts.

As this process doesn’t consume more time and energy, it generates a better result and reaches more audiences and is cost effective which doesn’t burn your social media marketing budgets.

Increase Your Reach Using Facebook Ads

You can reach more people by targeting each ad to determine which ad performs well relevant to your audience interest. For example, which ad converts more customers and engages users widely.

Facebook manual ads give the opportunity to decide your online advertising budget, while boost post doesn’t offer much. Therefore, you can decide your social media advertising budgets according to your expense and performance efficiently.

To adopt something new with regards to your audience using Facebook Boost Post is quite challenging. Therefore, you will need to learn targeting options to control and maximize your ad budgets which are not so easy with boost posts.

Drive Organic Traffic Using Ads Manager

Using Ads Manager, businesses can run multiple ads through a single organic Facebook post. You can also target different parameters and run split testing to manage multiple ads properly.

Then, you can pause or cancel ads which don’t perform well and optimize your ads for better reach. For instance, Give some time to analyse the reach of your Facebook ads until it gets 2000 people or 2-3 days time duration.

If you are struggling to reach more audiences using Facebook ads, experiment with these steps to target more audiences in a short time.

  • Split your audiences by age/gender
  • Target audiences of your competitors
  • Separate ads by devices and placement such as mobile, desktop, audience network, newsfeed, and columns.
  • Re-target audiences using Facebook pixel recently on your website
  • Target audiences from various Facebook’s demographics, interest and behavioural categories.

However, the Boosted Post option is audience reach based, and not objective-based. To reach more audience, you need to follow a few objectives that have proven results across businesses as follows,

  • Are you driving in-store traffic? You can try out Facebook redeemable “Offers.”
  • If you are looking to gain new leads and traffic, consider Conversion pixel-tracked posts links or native leads to do your work.
  • Thinking of 1-to-1 conversation? Yes, it’s a good idea to run ads and engage your audience using a chatbot in real-time.
  • Even for marketing an event there is an ad that does miracles for it.
  • If your brand or business has a serious urge to create community, engage the audience, or build a brand. Then, promoting a Facebook post with post engagement can help to achieve your goal.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, boosted posts can quickly reach the audience while investing 10-15 minutes for promoting Facebook posts in Ads manager properly can increase your total return on ad spend (ROAS) exponentially.

Next time, when using Facebook ads for your business, don’t “boost” the post, make use of the self-serve tool that reaches maximum.

FAQs on Boosting Facebook Posts

Why is my Facebook boost posts not working?

If you experience trouble in boosting a post, then it’s evident that you are missing correct payment information, the correct role permissions, or relevant content for promotional ads. However, you can find suitable solutions based on any of these issues on Facebook’s Help centre.

How to reach Facebook for resolving boost issues?

Just email their supporting team using direct email, you can provide your ads or page information for their references in it. Then, wait for their response, an expert will be connected with a live chat feature to resolve your issues.

How can I stop ad clicks to Messenger?

If you are using a boost post option, you can either automatically or manually select the option. If you are opting for manual settings, then you will find a checkbox which includes ads to run on Messenger, Instagram, or Facebook. You can just uncheck that option, to manually resolve your query. If you already have ads running live, then using Ads Manager you can change the settings.

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