7 Common Email Writing Mistakes That Kills Your Sales

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Email is the most effective method of increasing sales even now. It is the most authentic way of approaching customers and dealing with their demands. With the help of words, you connect with them and making your sales stronger. It is two-way communication, and both the customer and the marketer need to keep it formal.

Suppose you are good at writing emails and can attract your customers, then your marketing is going to be very effective. Emails are formal write-ups, and not every other marketer can be accurate with it. But there are people who get very irrelevant in their emails, and this causes a drop in their sales.

Relevant emails never let your customers run, but they wish to make more purchases from you. If you want to increase your sales, you have to be specific in your emails to win the heart of your customers. It also makes your emails attractive, and your customers actually start paying attention to them.

As emails play a key role in marketing, so it is important to make them as perfect as possible. By avoiding mistakes, and by keeping your writing style formal, you can make your emails look perfect. People often make mistakes in writing emails for marketing purposes, and some of the common mistakes they make are

1. Spelling mistakes:

Spelling mistakes are the most common mistakes and can be not be forgiven in any case. There is actually no room for spelling mistakes, and are considered as one of the worst mistakes. If an email is filled with spelling mistakes, then there is no chance of approval or convincing your customers and clients for sales. Also, those emails can never win the title of the best email.

If your email has spelling errors, then there is no chance that your client is going to trust you for a sales deal. Your first impression will be ruined in front of them, and so will be their expectations. Your customers share their credit information with you, and when they see your spelling errors, their trust crumbles down, and they will not be able to make more purchases with you.

Emails with new words and correct spelling attract your customers, and this is the first thing they observe, and if your first impression is not attractive, then further progress is not possible. To avoid this, use the proofreading and spell checker tool. Check your emails on it and correct your mistakes if there are any. Also, you can integrate a tool like Grammarly to check spelling mistakes in your emails.

2. Do not use CAPS:

Writing in CAPS is important for emphases but writing an email in CAPS is like asking your customers to run away. Emails written solely in CAPS are like collapsing your sales. It is also the worst idea for increasing sales because an entire email in CAPS gives a rude impression of the marketer.

CAPS is not a formal way of making deals with your customers as it can turn their mood off. It is considered an impression of shouting or being angry with someone, so it is not an appropriate way to convince your customers. While writing an email, you have to be strict in your writing style and in keeping it free of CAPS.

CAPS should be used only for the word you want to specify or emphasize on otherwise, keep your writing style normal or small. Sending an email in CAPS will be more like yelling at your customer instead of convincing them to make sales.

3. Accurate contact information:

When a customer reads your email, the first thing they check after reading it is your contact information. They look for your address and number so that they can contact you for sale purposes. But if by chance you make a mistake in them, their trust in you will break, and they might consider you a scam, and this is something you cannot afford in any case.

Writing an incorrect number in which some digits are missing is going to affect your sales because people will not be able to contact you. The main purpose of emails is to give your customers access so that you can make purchases, avail your sales, or make use of your coupon codes. But if that access is not smooth, then your potential customers might run.

Write your contact information with accuracy without missing any digit or number. Also, do not make any mistake in your email address because this is the first communication source between your customer and you.

If your email address is not correct, then it can ruin your chance of making sales, and the same is the case if your contact number is wrong. Because when your customer makes a call on it, they will listen that this number does not exist, and this is not a positive sign for increasing your sales.

4. Don’t add broken link:

If you add broken links in your emails, then they are going to crack your image. Also, if someone is spending time reading your emails, it is unfair to waste their time with broken links. They might feel interested in your sales after reading the email, but if the links you add to them are not accurate, I am going to ruin the image of your company. They will consider you a scam, and this whole thing will get very frustrating for both the customer and you.

5. Keep your dates correct:

If you are writing an email for your sales, the most important thing is the dates. Your customers look up to them, and if you get them wrong, then it is going to be a huge mistake on your part. This will create a mess and will also affect your sales to a great extent. While adding your dates, you have to be very conscious and also have to keep in mind the date and timing of your international clients. Also, the format you use should be considered before writing because there are different writing styles because they follow a different pattern other than the month, day, and year pattern.

6. Don’t Write An Email In Segments:

Emails are supposed to look attractive and précised. You cannot write an official email in the form of an essay as they get really boring, and people have no time to spend on them. As hundreds of emails are shared every day, it gets very difficult to read each one of them.

Therefore, if you want your customers to pay attention to your emails, divide them into little paragraphs because, in this way, they will be able to spot keywords and other important stuff easily. Also, emails with segments look more attractive and interesting. And you can keep your paragraphs short only by keeping their word count low.

7. Using The Subject:

The first thing your customer notices about your email is its headline, and if there is no headline, then they will not find it attractive, and they will not bother to read it. The headline is the chance to attract your customers, either making the image or breaking it.

If you do not want the customers to leave your email on seen and want them to read it, make the headline convincing and sum up everything you want to convey.

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  1. Useful post, It’s best to learn from other’s mistakes than to feel the urge to commit one by oneself & then think of learning. I think we’ve all made some of these mistakes to some degree or another.

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