7 Things To Do To Get More Twitter Followers

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When we think about social media, Twitter is one of all that comes to our minds at first. It is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Apart from the massive number of common users from all leading countries, eminent personalities belonging to every sector actively use Twitter. 




Besides individual users, business profiles are also available on Twitter. In most cases, the business owners directly handle it and desire to get more and more followers in less time. However, they fail to follow some steps that can change their desire to reality. 

We are here with the steps you can follow to increase the number of followers on a Twitter account. All the steps mentioned here are standard, so any type of paid promotion is unnecessary.

How To Get More Twitter Followers

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1. Tweet frequently

It would be best if you frequently tweet from a profile as it shows up on the news feed. It can allow many random people on the platform to go through your tweet. 

Moreover, the people who already follow you can re-tweet (share) it on their profile. This act can also ensure a continuous boost up in the number of followers on your Twitter profile.

In simple words, the increase in your followers depends vitally on the average period you remain active on Twitter. If you discontinue remaining active on the platform, the profile reach will diminish, resulting in a breakdown on increasing followers.

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2. Tweet Sensibly

If you desire to get more followers on your Twitter account, make sure you tweet sensibly. If you are new to the platform and want your business profile to get more exposure, restrict yourself from tweeting anything controversial. 

The best way you can take is to stick to your business niche and use the platform primarily to communicate with the customers.

Check for Twitter analytics to show you whether your efforts on the platform are bringing you any yield. Remember that you must never expect the number of followers on your profile will suddenly increase in hundreds. There is always a fluctuation and depends on any of the tweets getting viral or not.  

Time sensibility is another thing you need to keep in your mind. Check your target audience and observe when most of them are active on Twitter. Once you know the approximate time, keep tweeting facts about a business or a brand. You can see the number of followers increasing gradually.

However, you must always follow back people or brand profiles that need to be observed to consider the business.

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3. Link Your Twitter Profile with the website and other Profiles

Linking your Twitter profile with other social networking sites or your business website is always a good idea. Random users can get attracted to your Twitter handle. They can even visit your website if the content you publish is interesting.

So, as a brand owner, you can expect to get sales through Twitter apart from the new followers. On the other hand, you can get followers on your profiles of other social networking sites if cross-linking is done.  

4. Use Relevant Hashtags

While tweeting regularly, you can see a huge amount of hashtags used by several users. Make sure you use them too. Any hashtag related to your business or personal point-of-view can earn you new followers on Twitter. 

You can become the voice for a movement or a preacher educating the random users and your existing followers by using hashtags. If this is done in the right way, you can earn an outstanding reputation as a Twitter user. If you are a business person, always remember that a loyal followers’ base can give you a loyal customers’ base with time. 

Always choose hashtags that relate to your industrial sector. You can even use holiday hashtags if you are confident about correctly making relatable posts. 

Being an established brand owner and posting about a global or national movement can boost the number of followers on your Twitter profile. However, you should be careful about not harming the views of the majority of your followers.

5. Target Followers belonging to your niche

Targeting is a primary thing you need to do to get maximum followers in less time. Twitter allows the tagging facility like most other social networking sites. You can either tag another company or individuals belonging to your niche and address him/her with a quote. 

This can let followers of the other person or company profile watch the post. As a result, they can get an opportunity to visit your profile. Always remember, technically, most of the profile visits end up with another follower.

Targeting posts is an excellent task as it can be useful for the followers already present in your profile. It can be information about a product or an offer. Also, what needs to be taken care of that the existing followers can retweet your post and bring you new followers. 

6. Publishing Creative content

The number of likes and retweets shows whether the post is successful or not. To ensure getting more likes from the pre-existing followers and attracting new ones, you should add creativity to your Twitter posts. 

One of the simplest things you can do is add photographs to the posts. Make sure it is entirely related to the post. Most users get easily attracted to the posts containing the images.

If you do not have any images, try making a small video clip and speak up everything you need to tell your followers. While publishing the video, you need to put the hashtag and a single line regarding the video clip’s topic.

Infographics also can play an essential role in attracting new followers to your Twitter account. You can post authentic market survey reports on the tweets to show how your brand has successfully thrived in the market. Random interested viewers who go through the post can have a higher chance to become your follower.

7. Engage with Random users

As an individual, you need to get engaged with random Twitter users in the comment section. You can consider this as barging in deliberately, but it can help you fulfill your desire to get more followers on your profile.

Be very careful regarding the post under which you would join a debate or a comment session and present your ideas. The best you can do is make a formal approach in the initial phase and gradually give your best performance as a presenter. 

Once you start talking about the topic, some random followers might visit your profile out of curiosity and might end up tapping the follow option. 

Final Words

While opening a Twitter account, you should keep the fact in mind that it is a place where different types of people are present, and they are quite active. So, you need to be careful about the way you post and the words you use. 

Go through the terms and conditions of Twitter properly while opening an account. As an individual or a brand representative, you can observe other users for a few days and then start actively using the platform to promote your brand and increase the number of followers. 

For the startup, you can decorate your Twitter profile with some uniqueness like your brand’s trademark or a tagline that can improve your viewer’s recognition.  

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