Email Marketing Strategies to Grow B2B Sales In 2021

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Every B2B organization is looking to increase sales amidst the pandemic.

How do you think, they could achieve this?

With the right planning!!!!

It is a fact, even if you have the best approach but are investing your time on the wrong tactic, then your marketing campaign would go nowhere. After much research, it is found email marketing is the sought-after channel to increase sales.

Marketers are brainstorming new ideas, tactics, techniques for an insightful, result-oriented email marketing strategy and automation to connect with the right prospect. 

As you can see in the statistical representation, almost 59% of the respondents stated a well-planned email marketing strategy is developed to increase sales, while 49% of them stated it is to increase the number of leads. 

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This blog explores some of the useful tactics that would help grow sales:

1. Email campaigns with Hyper-personalization: 

What is hyper-personalization?

Hyper-personalization is the superlative of personalization.

In simple words, in personalization, marketers take a step forward by addressing the recipient by name, while in hyper-personalization, they take multiple steps to align their services with the needs of the customer.

Just as you can see in the example, the marketer has referred the recipient by name,” Hanna.” Further, he moves on by asking the question, “Ready to start building better roadmaps?”

Why do you think the marketer asked this question?

That’s because they know that the customer is planning to build a roadmap. They would not ask this question to every recipient. It was just hyper-personalized for this customer. The email was developed with the right strategy, where the business requirements were analyzed carefully. After a precise understanding, the striking line was developed to connect with the customer. Every marketer knows the customers need to relate with the brand; otherwise, the campaign would go haywire. You might develop the content with all the keywords, good design, colours, etc. but if it couldn’t connect with the customer, it is of no use.

2. Be Straight-Forward: 

Many marketers love beating around the bush to convey a simple message. This tactic mostly backfires, as customers nowadays do not have the patience to decipher what you say. They want a comprehensible message. Any content that diverts from the main subject can bore them out. 

So, make a point to develop content that is straightforward and meets their requirements.

3. Short and Sweet

Long-form content rarely works in email marketing. 

Emails are known for their short and crisp content.

With a huge number of emails dropping into the inbox of recipients, they have a choice to make to read the right mail. Even if you have included a killer subject line, but the body content is long and boring, then it would drive the campaign into the pit. 

The example here shows, how a short and sweet email can be designed.

Sweet here refers to the greeting at the start of the email,” Hope your week’s off to a good start.”


In the mission to develop a short email, you should not miss out to greet your recipient. It will put your brand in a bad light. 

Here, the body of the email flows, with the business conversation needed to make the right communication.

4. Frequency of Emails: 

The frequency of emails hugely matters in an email strategy.  Sending too many emails is an obvious no-no; you should develop a professional strategy that does not make your email too salesy. A strategy of sending emails at planned intervals works out in most of the cases.

The process would make your brand a sought-after one. Customers appreciate receiving quality content and useful messages at planned intervals. The sooner you adopt this approach, the easier it becomes to achieve the target.

As per Statista report, the below statistical representation shows in 2020, almost 306.4 billion emails have been sent. It would increase to 361.6 billion by the year 2024. So, you can understand the trust people have on emails.

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As a marketer, you have to leverage this channel in your favor. 

A statement by Andrea Mignolo, the leadership coach based out of San Francisco, further proves the righteousness of planned email frequency:

“I want to do business with a company that treats emailing me as a privilege, not a transaction.”

5. Optimizing for Mobiles: 

Optimizing the content for mobiles is a necessity. 

If you are not executing this tactic, you must be already facing repercussions. The current generation of customers is tech-savvy and would not like any email content that is not optimized for mobiles. If your email is difficult to read on their mobile, they will lose trust on your brand.  Convincing these customers thereafter, then becomes challenging. 

So, make a point to optimize the content on mobiles.

You would find yourself on the right marketing track by executing this process. 

6. Split Testing

Split testing is a useful technique to boost the sales. The trial and error method finds what works out best for the process of the organization. 

For example, sending emails to the recipients with different subject lines, different styles of content, etc. helps analyse the effectiveness of each of the emails. You can know which subject lines got more clicks, which email got the maximum response, etc. With a better understanding of the customer’s preferences, one could develop an email that helps attract prospects. 

7. Having a clear CTA

A clear CTA helps you get the right response. 

So, make a habit of including the right Call-To-Action in your email campaign.

It has been found that email marketers include too many CTAs in their emails leading to confusion. Customers have a short attention span, make the right strategy to include the CTA at the right place. Stating a clear purpose motivates the customer to take the desired action.  

8. Building the Right Subject Line: 

A subject line acts as the bridge to useful content. You need to build an effective subject line, so that recipients are compelled to open the email and read the content. 

Some of the effective subject lines could be, “you are missing out an opportunity,” “Be the first to grab this offer,” “A sure-shot technique to increase sales,” etc.

Make an instant connection with the recipient by crafting the subject line that hits the right chord with them. It should trigger the urgency among the recipient and push them to open the email

9. Enticing your readers

Enticing your readers is the best technique to hold the attention of your customer. So, go out of the way to craft the content that makes them read the entire content. When you could make the right effort, it would generate the right result. 

This is an enticing email to grab the attention of the customer. The welcome email here mentions what to write in your emails, which would be interesting for any business customer. 

Make the best usage of the email marketing strategy and win the hearts of the customer to reap good sales.

10. Including PS note: 

What is PS note?

A PS note or the postscript note is the final note written after the entire email. This helps attract the attention of your reader to a specific point. The note is included after the signature in the email. 

Many marketers do not include PS note in their email campaign; it is because they are not aware of using it the right way.

As you can see here, the PS is “We’d love to give you a STAT demo.” The highlight of the statement grabs the eyeballs of the readers. It motivates them to follow the instructions. With this action, the marketer achieves his objectives. 

Find the below example:

Image Source:

Just as you can see in the below email, the content in the email revolves around pitching the novel for publishing, and the final PS note is the trigger line for the CTA.


11. Social Media Strategy + Email: 

Social media is a popular communication channel to communicate with customers. The integration of this channel with email marketing is the driving force to increase sales. 

Sony Vaio integrated the pin-it buttons while sending emails to their customers. The experiment received an enormous response with around 3000 more clicks. The click-through rate was around 18% and the revenue also increased by 172%. 


12. Customer Review: 

A positive customer review could motivate any marketer.

How about including customer reviews in your email?

As a marketer, you should leverage these reviews to boost your marketing campaign. It would significantly increase your sales.

The above example shows how OROS smartly included reviews in their emails. After the catchy line, “The Parka everyone is talking about,” the content then moves on to the valuable feedback given by the customers. You can see the star rating that increases the credibility of the information. 



The saga of email marketing strategy continues…

Marketers are making the best use of the email marketing strategy; they are revamping the marketing strategies to suit their business requirements. With actionable insights, the developed strategies would further revolutionize the approach, followed by marketers. The above blog skims out the creamy and effective strategies for your campaign.

A successful email campaign with increased sales is what all marketers dream about, and an effective implementation of the above hacks, could help reach the target with ease.

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