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You’ve built a great business, and you’ve sent your marketing emails out. However, your open and conversion rates are not as great as you expected. Chances are, your marketing emails are not differentiated from the rest of the competition. Here are some ways in which you can make your marketing emails stand out

Think customer segmentation

You need to send the right emails to the right people but grouping your target audience in terms of their common characteristics, also known as customer segmentation. When you send more relevant emails, they have a higher chance of reaching your audience. The only way to get customers to care about your emails is to send them emails on the products or interests that they care about.

Pay attention to the timing and frequency of your emails

Look at your past email metrics to analyze the times that your customers are most likely to open your email and time your email according to that.   Sending emails too often may annoy your customers. However, you don’t want them to forget about you either. The frequency of your emails should be optimal.  How often is too often? Although there’s no exact answer to that question, monitoring your email marketing metrics over time will give you insights on the right frequency at which you should be emailing your customers and the times at which your marketing emails have greater chances of being read.

Write great subject lines

Subject lines determine the first impression that your email creates. If your subject line is boring, your customers will promptly delete them. Your subject line needs to invoke curiosity and urgency so that you can get your audience to open your emails in the first place. Drop the boring subject lines and go for a subject line to encourage your audience to open your marketing emails. Subject lines should convey your point, but at the same time, reflect your email’s tone. If you have a fun topic, you can be fun and casual and use emojis. However, if you have a more serious topic, your subject line should be professional but intriguing. You can use a shocking statistic or an insight from your analytics data that would wow your customers. Spend some time writing creative subject lines that are short and can be read on mobile devices, and your customers will love hearing from you.

Personalize your emails

When customers receive personalized emails, they feel special, and they are more likely to convert. Personalization needn’t only be about addressing customers by name; you can do it based on user preferences, location, demographics, etc. With the amount of data that you have available about your customers, the personalization of your emails should not be overlooked. The more you personalize your emails, the more they will look as if they are addressed to the customer and not mass emailed to many people. Personalization is a sure fire way to increase customer engagement

Develop a personal connection

You should always make your emails about your customers and less about you. Your emails should read like they are from a person who your customer can trust. By adding a name and face to your company’s brand, your emails have a better chance of standing out in a cluttered inbox. The way to get noticed is to provide valuable information and understand the customers’ pain points and address them. This will create credibility and trust in your brand. Don’t we all like to receive emails that sound like someone has put in some thought and effort in writing them? Your customers will feel the same when you send thoughtful and valuable emails. If you have a loyalty program for VIP members, doing VIP outreach and letting your customers know how special they are with a special gift and thank you message will create a personal connection. 

Add value

A common mistake marketers make is sending customers too many emails and several promotional emails. When your customers share their emails with you, use them sparingly and add value each time you send emails. You can alternate between informational and promotional emails to avoid coming across as too promotional. When customers see that your emails have value, you will be top of mind for them, even when your emails are limited.

Keep your copy crisp

A rambling copy makes readers lose interest. Keep your copy crisp and to the point. The tone of your emails should be conversational and engaging and reflect the image of your brand. It is important not to sound robotic and to write like you would have a conversation. As users’ attention spans are getting shorter and customers are getting overwhelmed with their inboxes, the more succinct and direct your emails are, the better the chances of actually being read.

Make your email visually appealing

If your marketing email has to stand out among the competition, it has to be easy on the eyes with short headlines, paragraphs that are easy to read, and visually appealing images. The call to action should be prominent, and the links that you want the customer to click on should be easily located. Using interactive elements such as video, GIFS would make your copy appealing to customers. Often, customers are not reading your copy word for word but rather scanning through them. This makes it all the more important to have a clean visual with all the necessary parts highlighted.

Optimize for mobile

Web traffic is increasing from mobile devices, and you should optimize your emails for mobile. If your mobile user experience is not right, there’s a chance that customers won’t read your emails, or worse, mark them as spam. The font size of your copy should be comfortable to read on mobile devices, and your Call to Action button should be large enough that users can tap on it to take action on your email.

Apologize when things go wrong

When things go wrong, and you have an unhappy customer, there can be no better time to apologize and set things right. When you send an apology email and go above and beyond in making things right, your customers will remember your brand and what it stands for in a positive light. Chewy, the pet supplies company, has mastered the art of customer relationships. Chewy has gone the extra mile in apologizing to customers when customers have complained about orders not getting delivered on time. In addition to apologizing, Chewy has allowed customers to keep products without charging them. As a result, customers become brand loyalists and advocates and share their positive interactions with Chewy. Another company that has customer relationships right is Zappos. Zappos has their help desk number displayed prominently on their website, making it easy for customers to reach them. 

A/B Testing

If you’re unsure of a copy or of the time at which you should send out your marketing communication, you can do A/B testing or split testing, which is separating your target audience into two groups. One group sees one variant, and the other group sees another variant of your marketing copy. By examining your email marketing metrics, you can choose the variant that works better for your audience.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is still one of the most robust communication channels to reach your customers. By paying attention to these areas, you can improve your email marketing metrics and wow your customers every time they hear from you.

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