Top 6 Best Workflow Management Tools

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In an age where businesses need to work with numerous tools and platforms, a workflow management system is critical for streamlining business processes. They are designed to automate repetitive tasks, integrate different applications, and get a bird’s eye view of how projects and tasks are progressing.

The need for a workflow management system is today felt by even the smallest of the firms. Let’s take the example of a Cakeshop owner working out of her store in New York. About a decade back, she was likely to receive orders via phone or occasionally via email. Now she is likely to receive orders over email, Instagram and Facebook page, chat messages, and orders from her shopping site.  That apart she might also get feedback, complaints including issues related to delivery via any of the digital channels she is active on. Checking every application and reverting to each message or activity on time is extremely difficult. In such a scenario a workflow management system can come in, link one tool with another, from a retail-oriented POS system to advanced BI analytics solutions and allocate tasks to different individuals based on pre-set automation. Not only would this save a huge amount of time, but it would also allow the business to achieve efficiency and deliver better customer service.

 Choosing an Apt Workflow Management Tool for your Business

Depending on the kind of businesses you are running, you can choose to opt for a workflow management tool that suits your requirement. For most small to mid-sized firms, opting for tools that offer drag and drop implementations with next to no coding requirements is an ideal choice. In contrast, enterprises would be looking for detailed customizations and including custom developments wherever needed. To help you find an apt tool for your organization, we have listed the top 6 best workflow management tools for your reference. – Great for Small to Midsized Firms

If you are looking for a workflow management tool that is idiot-proof then there is nothing better than that you can get your hands on. It’s an absolute pleasure to use for small business owners and firms looking to streamline their work without spending an inordinate time in designing workflows.


During the signup process, the tool tries to understand your requirements through a series of intuitive questions and then tries to create a framework for automating your business. It offers you an array of templates to choose from depending on the kind of task you are looking to perform. Once you choose a template, it develops a whole set of boards to help you get started with your work.

The application allows you to integrate a wide array of tools that you can connect without writing a single line of code. Automating tasks too is a cakewalk and can be achieved in just a few clicks. In fact, its templates include basic automations to help you get started. You can effortlessly assign tasks to individual members and use the timeline view to track progress.

 The application offers several subscription plans starting with the free Individual plan. Plans like Basic, Standard, and Pro are designed to cater to the needs of different organizations and offer a progressive increase in the feature set. It also offers an Enterprise plan for large organizations and claims to offer enterprise-grade security and access control features.


  • Extremely easy to use, large buttons, elegant design
  • Tons of templates, support for integrations, and quick support

Cons: Not much unless you are looking for a very sophisticated tool for enterprise use.

Hive – Tons of Advanced Features and Customization Options

Designed to address the need of disparate teams, Hive is a sophisticated workflow management tool that scores high on versatility. It allows different teams to create workflows according to their preference and boasts of over 1000 plus integrations.

Hive offers a very straightforward pricing model. Either you can opt for the Basic package that charges you a nominal amount per user or opt to go with the Enterprise model which includes all Add Ons in the same billing plan. 

Before going ahead and purchasing a subscription plan, you can try out the tool using its free trial option. The application is great at assigning actions, delivering insights and comes loaded with effective communication features.


Exceptionally good at handling complex projects that require multiple views, assigning of different attributes and continuous monitoring.


  • Novice users may take some time to get a hang of the interface.
  • One needs to pay for Add Ons if he has taken the Basic Package which most companies typically start with.


KissFlow – Intuitive Interface combined with Top-notch Features

If you have ever sought a workflow management tool that you can get hang off within minutes then you should definitely try out KissFlow. It lays great emphasis on user experience and yet manages to showcase cutting-edge features.

The application is loaded with prebuilt templates which can help you get started in a jiffy. If you are already using the Google suite of products in your business, you will appreciate how quickly KissFlow can get integrated and become available to all your team members. In addition, the tool offers several integrations through Zapier and allows you to connect multiple apps without writing a single line of code.


  • Extremely easy to learn and build workflows
  • Competitively Priced
  • Offers detailed Analytics and Reporting, Access Control, etc. 


  • Designing complex workflows with it can be tricky

Orchestly – Effortlessly Orchestrate Workflows Using a Drag and Drop Builder

When it comes to designing workflows, Orchestly offers a visual approach to build and view tasks. It allows you to automate processes, integrate tools, and collaborate with other users in a seamless manner. The application comes with a specialized BluePrint feature that allows the user to visually showcase how the process would flow.

The application offers rich reporting and analytics features and scores high on usability. It is very competitively priced and is an ideal choice for small firms looking to automate their repetitive tasks. Further, it comes with a host of intelligently designed templates and integrations. Since the application comes from the Zoho stable, it is increasingly gaining followers owing to the great reputation of its parent company and outstanding customer service. 


  • Powerful Visual workflow builder
  • Comes with features for audit trails, access control, and detailed reports


  • Not much apart from limited dashboards


Asana – Designed to Handle Complex Projects

While most workflow management tools tout simplicity as their core advantage, Asana is an outlier. Right off the bat, one needs to understand that Asana was designed with professionals in mind. It’s a powerful tool designed to manage complex workflows and enable collaborative work. Add to that, the software is a breeze to work with in terms of performance, even on its App editions for Android and iOS.

Though Asana offers several subscription plans like Basic, Premium, Business, and Enterprise; its top-end plans include several unique features that set them apart from other tools in its league. Take for example the Workload and Portfolios feature, available in Business and Enterprise versions, that is designed to provide handy progress updates and data points for CXOs and managers. It offers high-end security features and even runs a security exploit program to identify flaws.


  • Ideal for enterprises and mid-sized firms looking to design complex workflows
  • Highly secure tool with emphasis on protecting user data


  • Navigation is relatively tough. It needs time to figure things out and design workflows.

Wrike – Combines the power of a Project Management tool with Workflow Management Features

Enterprises have been using project management tools for decades. In recent years many enterprises have acutely felt the need for workflow management tools, as well. Wrike offers enterprises and other firms to meet both the requirements with a single application and gain synergies. Wrike offers several competitively priced subscription plans that make the product a perfect choice for firms trying to get the best of both worlds.



  • Capable of managing both projects and workflow functions
  • Array of sophisticated features
  • Professional and Business Packages are competitively priced


  • It offers a steep learning curve for a novice user

Honourable Mentions

While we have tried to highlight some of the best workflow management tools that you can checkout, there are few others that might make the cut for different needs.

  1. Gravity Flow: Automate processes based on WordPress websites
  2. WorkFront: Suited for Enterprises with large teams
  3. Integrify: Time tested, robust solution used by numerous firms
  4. Nintex: A specialized workflow management tool, designed for enterprises

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