Best Practices to Grow Your Instagram Audience Fast

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Instagram is the new hub for business growth, especially small businesses. To grow your business on Instagram you have to make the right kind of noise so that you are not lost in a sea of 200 million users who visit business accounts every day.

To help your business grow you need to follow a strategy, a strong strategy followed with creative content and the correct advertisement. A larger audience means a higher reach, which can convert into sales.

Below are 8 practices to grow your Instagram audience in the most organic way.

1. Post regularly

2. Check insights

3. Hash-tags

4. Post on all social media channels

5. Schedule posts through tools

6. Plan ahead

7. Locations and Geotags

8. Paid posts

1. Post Regular Content

Remember when you could post a picture on Instagram and it had over a thousand likes in an hour. Now that Instagram has changed its algorithm altogether, posting at random will not do your business any good. Businesses should have a content calendar made and followed.

Various statistics show that a business should post once a day and with it several stories. The content has to be engaging enough to make new people follow your account.

Below are a few content ideas you can post on your business account.

  1.     Quizzes – There is an option of asking a question in the story feature of Instagram. You can post various quizzes on it asking for people to poll for the correct option. 
  2. Host giveaways – Giveaways are a great way of generating organic followers. People who already follow you will share your content with similar kinds of people. This is a very easy way to make sure your content is reaching the right audience.
  3.       Collaborative content – Collaborate with like-minded creative people who have a greater reach than your audience and you can take advantage of their organic followers that way. When they share your content and when you share theirs, both businesses grow. 
  4. DIY’s – People love a good DIY. Make DIYs related to your business or something fun that your followers would like to see.
  5. Behind the scenes – Consumers always love a good behind-the-scenes photo or video. This gives your consumer something to connect with your business or brand at a personal level.
  6.   Memes or funny content related to your business – posting relatable and funny content is a sure shot way to make your audience connect with your brand. Everyone loves a good laugh once in a while.

A good content calendar is the most significant key to success on Instagram.

2. Insights

Instagram insights are one of the best tools to chart your growth and to understand which content is doing well. It also gives you insight into what your audience would like to see more of.

The insights tab on your Instagram will show you at what time your followers are most active. This helps you to know when the best time to post on Instagram is. This will help your content reach a wider audience. Insights also show you where the maximum number of followers is located. With this, you can make sure you are advertising your Instagram content in that location.

The male-female ratio in insights can help with a lot of things. Firstly it will help you choose a colour pallet for your feed. As males and females reciprocate differently to different colours. This can also help you to know what kind of content you should post depending on the higher ratio of audience.

Apart from insights of your audience, each post has an insight tab individually. Post insights show you how many people saved your post, how many people engaged with it (this is how many comments, likes, and shares it has) and what is the reach for your post. These insights help you with creating content that your audience likes and interacts with.

Insights if interpreted properly is a gold mine of information for your business’s growth on Instagram.

3. Hashtags

The right Hashtag and location tag can expose your images and other content to a wider audience. Research your relevant hashtags. Every business has hashtags as a core. Search these hashtags on Instagram to see how many people have posted with the same hashtags.

Hashtags are so huge on Instagram that you can now follow a Hashtag. Instagram lets you post a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. Content marketing firm TrackMaven reports that 7 Good hashtags should do the trick.

There are various free tools that you can use to create quality hashtags, Display Purpose, Foclamark, AutoHash, are useful to name a few.  These apps automatically generate hashtags once you describe your image to them.

4. Post on all Social Media channels

Instagram lets you post your content on various other platforms with just one button. Make sure you use this feature and let your users on other channels know you are on Instagram too. A Buzzmo study has found that images posted through Instagram on Facebook have a larger reach than something that is directly posted on Facebook.

5. Schedule posts through tools

Even with the new Instagram algorithm where users see more of what they like, posting on time can give your posts more visibility and engagement.

A few tools that might be useful are

  1.     Fanbooster
  2.     Hootsuite
  3.     Later
  4.     Sprout Social
  5.     Tailwind

6. Plan ahead

A solid plan for at least a month ahead should be on your priority list for Instagram. You can use the various types of content ideas mentioned above to elaborately plan your whole month’s content. You can keep track of your campaigns and see what is doing well, and make more content on such relevant topics.

7. Locations and Geotags

Instagram’s feature where you can follow places or see all pictures that are tagged of the place, can be a brand new page of opportunity to showcase your businesses content to the world. When you search a location on Instagram you can see millions of pictures that have used the Geotag for those locations, so you can pick up a location that is relevant and a location that caters to your target audience and use that for your pictures or videos.

8. Paid Posts

Lastly, Instagram Ads are equally important because of their new algorithm. One of the major goals for the algorithm was to increase its ad sales.  Paid posts make your content reach the correct audience. When advertising with Instagram, you are also advertising your content on Facebook if you have linked your Facebook page to the Instagram account.

While paying for posts make sure you select the correct target audience for your business. You can select age, gender, location, interests, etc for the audience you want to reach. This makes your content reach the right kind of users.

Not only posts but stories too can be boosted for advertisements. Though they only last 24 hours, Ads on stories do better than those on posts.

Finally, making your business a success on Instagram isn’t an overnight job. You have to put in a lot of effort and be very consistent with your posts. Making content that is visually pleasing is key on Instagram given that it is an absolute visual platform.

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