Simple Ways To Win New Business With LinkedIn Messages

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Have you ever thought – what’s the best way to communicate with other people on LinkedIn? Yes, LinkedIn messages! Over a period of time, things have been evolving, which makes the messaging more valuable for business. Now, you can use messages to communicate with your colleagues, business partners, or some other people who are in the same group or event as you.

Also, it’s not necessary to have an official connection with everyone to whom you are sending the messages. You can also send messages to someone who isn’t available on your LinkedIn network. But it depends on them whether they would like to accept or decline the messages.

Let’s see – you have sent a message to a number of people. What’s the probability of getting a positive resonance from each of them? Not much isn’t it!

Don’t be disappointed! In this article, we would tell you more about the LinkedIn messaging feature and how you can use it to leverage more for your business.

What’s The Best Way To Get More LinkedIn Connections?

There isn’t a sure-shot way to win more connections on LinkedIn. If you want people to accept your invitation on LinkedIn, you need to make a good impression on them.

So before sending your LinkedIn messages, make sure that you have a nice-looking profile with a relevant headline. To further increase the chances, write messages in a personalized way but not too salesy. That way, you might be able to win a few more connections.

While following this might help you to gain a few more people on your network. But seeing from a business point of view, you need to have more connections to bring some revenue.

Build The KLT Factor (Know, Like & Trust)-

Now, what you want the most are sales. But even if you are selling really good things, buyers won’t approach you until they don’t know about your business better. And suppose even if they know about your business, it’s not necessary that they would like to buy from you. In such a case, you need to build trust for your brand to improve customer relationships so that more people would like and purchase your products.

Importance of Customer Relationships-

If your customers are quite satisfied and have no complaints or queries about your services, it means that you are managing customer relationships quite well. Basically, customer relationship management is a process in which businesses try to satisfy their customer so that they can trust their brand and be their loyal customers. In fact, nowadays, CRM has quite an important role to play in improving customer retention.



So if you are ready to improve your customer relationship, you should start building the KLT factor in your LinkedIn business strategies. Here we are showing you some of the best functionalities of LinkedIn messages that can really help you engage your potential customers.

Get Notifications On Email-

You can receive the notifications of every LinkedIn message on your emails. It depends on you whether you want it or not. Being a marketer, you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to gain more sales for your business. And there is quite a chance that some of your potential customers may respond to your messages. So, it’s better to switch on the notifications to receive in your email.

When you open LinkedIn, you will find the – Me menu with your profile picture on the top. Under that, you have a Setting and Privacy option. Go to the communication section, and there you have the Email option. Tap on it. Under that, you will find the Conversation option to switch on your notifications in the form of emails. All the more, you can also set the notification frequency to Individually, Weekly Digest, Off (none), or Recommended based on your preferences.

Set Your Smart Replies-

If you have started messaging on LinkedIn, you will find most conversations in text messages only. To give a quick reply to such text messages, LinkedIn has introduced this feature called Smart Replies. There you will get AI-generated suggestions, which you can use to give a quick reply to the messages you have received. Most of the time, you can see suggested responses like Thanks, Thumbs-up icon, Sure, Awesome, etc.


These suggestions depend on the tone of your conversation. Whether the tone is friendly or a formal response. Accordingly, you can choose the suggested smart replies to give an instant response, as it can really be tough for you to write replies for every single message you received. Though, you also have the option to switch off the smart replies on LinkedIn. Go to the Me menu again, click on the Setting & Privacy. In the communication section, you have the option- Messaging experience. Under that, you can toggle the Reply Suggestions options.

Sending InMail Messages-

It is a premium feature on LinkedIn called InMail, which lets you send messages to people who are not in your network. Depending on the paid subscription, users can receive certain credits to send InMail messages. The credits you receive will roll over to the next month until the 90 days. After that, it will expire.

To get more InMail credits, you can directly make a purchase. Go to the Me menu and select -Access My Premium from the drop-down option. There you have the Buy more option next to InMail Messages. The pop-up will come to ask you the amount, add your amount, tap on continue, and you are ready to go.

You can say that InMail messages are best for LinkedIn marketing. Besides writing a simple message, it gives you additional options to write title/ subject (up to 200 characters), and you can add a message up to 2000 characters. The receiving people can respond with either “Yes, interested” or “No thanks.”

Share Your Posts-

Suppose you have posted something special for your audience but didn’t get much engagement on it. Then what to do? You can make use of LinkedIn messages to share your post with other people on your network. You can also share posts of other people using LinkedIn messages. However, if that post is set to be viewed only by connections, then you can’t be able to share it in your message. But suppose you want to share your post outside your network in the settings, you have the option “Who can view your posts?”

Attachments To Messages-

If you want to send any kind of document (PDF, presentation, Word file), Photos, GIF, videos, or emojis in your messages, you need to add them in the attachment. The only limitation is that attachments can’t be more than 20 MB file size. While sending the message, there you have the paper clip icon to attach your files. To add images, GIF or emojis there you have separate options.

LinkedIn Voice Message-

This feature is available on LinkedIn mobile app only. You need to tap on the microphone button and record your voice. But remember that it could only send the message of length up to 1 minute.

Video Message-

You can also use the LinkedIn mobile app to send videos. Either you can attach a pre-recorded video in your gallery, or you can start recording one by clicking on the Video Camera tab. After recording the clip, click on the blue arrow on the right side to send your video message.


On the other hand, when you are using a desktop, you don’t have a feature to attach the video to the message. However, Linkedin has this integrated feature with Zoom, Blue Jeans, and MS Teams, which gives you the ability to do video conferencing using LinkedIn messages.

LinkedIn Chat Options-

Now you can also create a group chat on LinkedIn with multiple people on your network. Under the messaging, you have a 3 dots option. Tap on it, and you will find – New group conversation option. Tap on it, and select the people whom you want to add to your group. There you can add up to 50 members in a single group. If anyone wants to leave the group, they need to go to the same 3 dots and then tap on Leave Conversation.

In case of any LinkedIn events also, there you have the feature to have a chat with other members who are attending the same event.

How To Frame Leveraging Messages On LinkedIn?

With so many interesting features of LinkedIn, you can create lucrative messages to bring more people to your business network. However, to make a better approach to the audience, make sure to personalize your invitation according to the interest of your audience. And also, make sure to have a neat and clean LinkedIn profile that you are proud of.

We know that having everything perfect is not easy. You can’t be able to manage all these tasks. While you can also make use of automation tools like Socinator, which lets you manage and schedule most of your activities.

Conclusion –

After knowing these coolest features of Linkedin messages, you must be quite excited. Isn’t it? If you can use these features in the right way, it would surely help you to build more and more connections in your business network. So, what do you think? Which feature of LinkedIn messages you like the most, write to us in the comments. And please make sure to share this article with anyone who can benefit from this.

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