5 Ideas For Expanding Into New Channels, Audiences, and Markets

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Companies and businesses are always looking for new ways to enter new markets, channels, and audiences. Each one comes with its own set of difficulties, but there are principles that can be successful when applied to all. Understanding your new audience, or the target demographic you’re after, can provide valuable insight into the type of content they’re looking for, and the type of message that might resonate with them. As you enter into a new market, creating content, and distributing it, can attract potential customers, and leads. With each market, the message used to communicate with them is important and can help you sift through interested parties versus uninterested parties. Along the way, through the ups and downs, staying consistent, and maintaining consistency within a new space, can prove to enhance a company’s image, and build their brand in a particular space or market. While business is far from black and white, entering into a new market with a clear objective, can make the path easier to navigate and help to craft the right strategy.

Research Your Audience

With each new market, new channel, or new space, comes a new audience. Understanding your audience is incredibly important, as it allows you to learn the type of issues they’re facing, the types of problems they’re having, and gain insight into what type of strategy you should deploy. By understanding the type of frustrations they’re having, they can help you craft a better message, communicate with them better, and be more effective in entering the space. Without insight into the audience you’re trying to cater to, or into the target demographic you want to acquire, it’s incredibly difficult to create effective marketing, products, or services. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to cater to financial analysts, marketing managers, or operations personnel, each audience comes with different types of needs, wants, issues, problems, and desires. Once you’re able to research and understand an audience, then you can move forward with crafting a marketing message that attracts your target demographic, products that provide value, or services that produce results.

Create Content & A Content Strategy

With the way digital marketing, and digital media has evolved, content has become an incredibly important part of any company’s strategy into a new market. Creating content, allows you to connect with your target audience, while building up a following or audience. Once you’re able to learn about your particular audience, then you can work on creating and crafting a content strategy that matches what they’re looking for. As you put out content, and continue to connect with your audience, you’re able to accumulate a larger audience, possibly be viewed as a resource or thought leader in your space, and continue your expansion into the new space. Each audience is looking for different types of content. Depending on the way you’re trying to enter the space, and the type of brand you’re looking to build, the content you distribute works hand in hand. Creating content that doesn’t connect or doesn’t communicate with your audience is not a great strategy. It can work against you, and make it even more difficult to enter into a new market or space, as people may feel the content you produce is of a lower quality, and subpar. Creating the right content, and having the right strategy can be an incredibly powerful and effective tactic to successfully entering into a new market or space.

Crafting New Copy, & A New Message

Building off the previous points, with each new market, or new space, comes the need to craft a new message and new copy. The message and copy you choose to utilize or distribute, plays an important role in attracting your target audience, and communicating with them. The copy you use in advertisements or content, will either attract the types of customers and audiences you’re looking to, or it won’t. Each audience or demographic has a different message or different copy that will resonate with them. Figuring out the right type of message, or copy that resonates with an audience, or attracts your target audience often takes time, and testing. As you figure out what works, you can then work on growing your presence in a space, and continue finding ways to grow or expand your market share. Without having the right copy, or the right message, it may prove to be very difficult to attract the type of audience you’re looking to.

Staying Consistent

Whenever a company enters into a new market, it’s often an uphill battle. One that may be incredibly profitable or lucrative, but nonetheless an uphill battle. While it may be difficult, and have some bumps along the way, it’s very important to stay consistent. Staying consistent in a space often means continuing to produce content, interact with your audience, or continuing to try even when nothing’s working, or when you aren’t producing results. If you or your company still believe in a space or a market, staying consistent and continuing to interact, produce content, and stay in a space can be great for eventually seeing results or profits in a space. By staying consistent, you’re able to continue to build your brand image, become a mainstay or real player in a space, possibly even build yourself or your company up to a resource in that space. While it’s much easier said than done, staying consistent, and continuing to work, produce, and interact even when the results might not be there, can be a key to becoming successful in a space, and eventually producing the type of results you initially imagined.

Having A Clear Objective

Many people and companies enter into a space because it’s the new flavor of the month, or the new hot thing. They feel since everyone else is entering a space they should too, but it’s important to have a clear objective of what you’re trying to achieve or build. Without a clear objective of what you’re trying to achieve or acquire in a space, it’ll be tough to tie what you’re doing, the investments you’re making, the tasks you need to complete in order to get there. Without an objective, or a goal to work towards, it’s incredibly difficult to measure the progress you’re making, or the success you’re experiencing. With a clear objective, or a clear goal of what you’re trying to accomplish, you can create a plan or framework as to how you want to move forward, and the type of work or time you need to invest. While the path or framework might change over time, or go in a different direction, working towards a particular objective can be incredibly effective to continuing to move forward and progress.


Whenever you’re entering into a new market or a new space, whether it’s finance vs accounting, real estate vs marketing, or operations vs supply chain, there are lots of ways and strategies to do it. One of the best things you can do when entering a new space, is to research and learn about your audience. Once you’re able to learn what a particular audience is looking for, the type of problems or issues they’re facing, and their wants or desires, then you can create effective content, and effective messaging. Creating content and a message that connects and communicates with a particular audience can help narrow interested parties vs. non interested parties, and attract the type of people or companies you’re looking to connect with. As you enter into a new space, oftentimes it’s an uphill battle that isn’t a straight line. Staying consistent, continuing to produce content, continuing to work through the down times can be an important decision down the line, and one that creates an opportunity for you or your company in the new space. By having a clear objective you’re looking to work towards, or achieve, you can better understand the type of progress you’re experiencing, and what tasks are worth focusing on. All in all, the way you choose to enter a new market, the type of time you invest upfront, and the type of work you put in play an important role in the way you produce, and the type of performance you experience.

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