Voice/Audio Based Social Media: Will This Trend Grow in Future

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The authentic circumstance about a trend that it does not remain constant, same happened with radio and podcast it gets replaced with social audio. The audio-based social media platform keeps evolving with time with people showing more interest in this. An imminent future wave of audio that is freshly influenced by various innovative hardware devices hardware earphones, echo, google VoiceVoicehomes, and Podcasts. We ought to be grateful for new devices for replacing audio frenzy at the global level.

We are in the era of the third wave of social audio that is brought by podcasts and new technology. The second wave was belonging to the podcast initial phase and the first wave belongs to radio that was pitilessly interrupted by the second wave. Let’s spill the beans and answers about all the buzz regarding social audio waves. There is no shortage of social audio platforms where you could be investing your time.

Without a doubt, Audio has excellence to make individuals feel more engaging with the deepness of circumstantial and sympathetic thoughts. Social audio will grab your attention without requiring you to pay active attention that is compulsory while watching TV, video, movie.

What Is An Audio-Based Social Media Platform?

Social audio platforms let people create a group and communicate with other people regarding their stories, experiences in an audio format. Social media platforms are accessible as mobile applications so people who need to intermingle with other users can download mobile applications for real-time audio conversations with friends and family.

Social media platform A new career path is opened for those who are finding it difficult to find a platform to make people hear their content. Content creators can directly interact with worldwide audiences on various popular platforms such as Clubhouse, Audlist, listen, riff, HearMeOut.

Why Are Apps Like Clubhouse Getting So Popular?

Let’s check all the buzz of trending and one of the most downloaded mobile apps from the Apple app store, the Clubhouse iOS app. The Clubhouse app was launched in March 2020 by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. During the worldwide pandemic covid19 where people in quarantine mostly want to interact with other people around the clubhouse name arises. The basic orientation of Clubhouse is a mobile app where users just arrive in a room and start listening. It is a live audio mobile app that allows users to listen to or actively take part in live discussions. The descent and the depraved part is nothing is recorded, the chat is not kept and gets removed whenever the room ends.

The credit of limelight goes to a discussion of Tesla CEO Elon Musk hosting a conversation room on the mobile app with Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev. The room was occupied with an extreme volume and was also live-streamed on YouTube. Elon musk said “The Good Time Show,” a show hosted on Clubhouse during late-night hours, and said he’d only heard of the app the week before.

Quite a lot of popular personalities like celebrities, innovators, and public representatives, the high-profile venture capitalist, have joined the clubhouse app which carries the upsurge of publicity and popularity of Clubhouse. This app presently has 10 million users, according to a town hall meeting hosted by CEO Paul Davidson.

The Future Of Social Media Is Social Audio

  • It depends on passive audio attention It is a social platform created on audio, that’s why there is the nonappearance of visuals. Individuals’ dependence on visual supporting chat is also decreased, video supporting mobile apps are Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube. The visual accompanying platform needs proper active attention while looking and listening. The best thing is users can cook food, go on a long walk while hearing social audio.
  • Audio is the greatest friendly kind of content People involved additionally with audio and podcasts as with speech depth of emotions can be easily understood by users. The typical average attention amount for video is 8 secs, and the average for podcasts being approximately 30–34 mins. Consequently, individuals feel more engaging with the deepness of circumstantial and sympathetic thoughts.
  • The uppermost social media platforms are preferring Audio If you are camera shy and want to share voice notes with people around you then this is good news for you. As social audio platforms are receiving more popularity so, therefore, social media platforms are also adding the feature of sharing voice notes on their app, for instance, Facebook, Instagram is contributing you the chance to share your preferred songs from Spotify to Stories.

A Few Other Apps Based On Audio


Chalk is a social audio platform application for iOS devices. iPhone users can download the app from the Apple app store free of cost. Chalk, talking to your group is just a tap away. It’s the all-in-one, secure voice headquarters for your community. This app lets you Join or build your voice community to promptly connect with your friends. You can Talk promptly anytime basically by joining the voice room. Effortlessly share images at the similar location users are talking about.

Locker Room

Locker Room is an iOS application and can be downloaded from the Apple app store. Changing the way we talk sports, Locker Room is the only place for live audio conversations about the takes, rumors, news, and teams you care about. Essentially, Locker Room offers a method for fans to arrive into a room that has a virtual stage where someone is speaking.

Space Audio

Space Audio is an iOS and android app. It lets users Join Space and listen to live audio sessions and find their Space and connect with others around the world. Space also hosts historically recorded audio for users to listen and learn from. It lets users create their own Space to host audio conversations and build their community to talk.


It is an iOS app available on the apple app store. Roadtrip is a place to listen to music, talk, and discover playlists with friends. This app also offers Hosting a listening party, hanging with your crew in private rooms, or meeting new people while listening to great music. Work together on playlists, share them with friends, and build your own virtual spaces together.


It is an iOS app available on the apple app store. Cappuccino is a fun way to share audio stories, life updates, and jokes with close friends and family. It lets users record a short voice memo, record a bean, and listen to their cappuccino.


It is an iOS and Android mobile app and can be downloaded from the Apple app store, google play store. This mobile app lets you Date People Not their Profiles, Safe and Anonymous, Tailor Made for Relationships. Vocal is the first dating app that makes personality the focus by using spontaneous real-time voice discussions to match users slightly than just pictures and profiles.

Reasons Why The Time Has Come For Social Audio Mobile Apps

  • Social audio platforms with live voice discussions are captivating users rapidly, convincing ‘traditional’ social media to re-join. Live audio discussions on a social system mobile app are an extra private form of communication.
  • While doing other things podcasts help users save their time.
  • wireless earplugs in and new kinds of speakers augmented social audio mobile apps.
  • During the pandemic, Audio has so many advantages over text- and image-based social networks.

Audio Based Social Media Platform For Marketers & Businesses

Businesses that want to join in social audio into their marketing and customer care. In this scenario Companies prerequisite trained representatives so they can present, interconnect, discuss, and listen with understanding.

in a live audio conversation company’s spokesperson should have to respond with more authentic, human dialog. The scripted boilerplate buzzword does not work with social audio as it works with social media channels.

Wrapping Up

The future trend belongs to an audio-based social network that provides an opportunity to be social like never imagined. There are several platforms for social audio available. It is like A dime a dozen to find one. The awareness of audio makes an audio social platform much more fascinating in the quarantine phase. If you want to develop your audio-based social media mobile app then you should hire the best mobile app development company that has highly experienced ios and android mobile app developers and can help you to reach new heights.

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