8 Startup Tools You Need to Thrive in 2021

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Launching a startup can be an exciting time for a business person. But the current global conditions have made it challenging. This is why you need a good set of startup tools.

For example, a startup will need to design a letterhead even before launching. Using a design solution to create one’s brand will make the launch process much easier.

There are numerous types of software available, but which ones should a startup invest in? We share eight tools that will help with startup management and communication.

Business Communication Startup Tools

The first goal for a startup is to earn name recognition. You need to start building a content strategy and engaging audiences.

This is the time to search for marketing tools for startups. There are quite a few options but startups need to keep their goals in mind before narrowing down their choices.

If you need to structure your internal strategy, why not use a design solution like Venngage? The Venngage concept map maker makes brainstorming ideas easy and productive.

Trying to win over investors? Venngage also offers business proposals, like the example below, that can be customized to your needs.

Source: Venngage

Communicating both internally and externally can be a huge challenge for startups, especially in the current remote environment.

Using visual communication solutions like Venngage will make it easier for startups to ideate growth strategies, and win over investors and customers.

There are other types of business tools for startups, such as a media monitoring tool like Mediatoolkit.

Source: Mediatoolkit

Once a startup begins distributing content, they need to track brand mentions online. While this can be done manually, using an online platform is more efficient.

Mediatoolkit helps businesses track online mentions and determine what channels they should be focusing on to earn more customers.

Startup Employee Management Tools

Startup management can feel overwhelming at first. The business is growing, more employees are joining, and goals seem further and further away.

Creating a startup environment that is productive, healthy, and helps the company reach its goals may seem impossible. But it isn’t.

Some of the best tools for startups revolve around employee management and helping organizations create a better company culture.

A virtual team building tool like Lead keeps startup employees connected, no matter where they are in the world.

Source: Lead

Lead also has integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams, which makes it accessible for companies that are still largely remote or plan to remain remote in the future.

Startups can also use privileged access management solutions, such as the Ekran System, to keep their online workspaces safe and secure.

Source: Ekran Systems

Ekran Systems’ PAM solutions make monitoring and auditing activity easier so startups can successfully conduct business without fear of malicious cyber attacks.

Workflow can be hard to pin down even in the most experienced organizations. In a startup, a lack of workflow processes can bring the company to a standstill.

Source: Frevvo

Startups can use the cloud-based workflow software from Frevvo to automate numerous business processes across various departments.

With Frevvo’s templates, startup management becomes easier to execute and improves productivity.

Administrative Startup Tools

There are numerous business tools for startups in a variety of industries. Alongside content marketing and employee management, administration tools are also required.

For a startup in the food and beverage industry, the restaurant POS system from Waiterio can be an excellent tool to employ.

Initially, sales can be managed manually, but that doesn’t give the business room to grow. In the long run, growth is the primary aim for most startups.

Source: Waiterio

Instead of spending energy taking sales orders by hand, using Waiterio’s automated system will save businesses a great deal of time.

And time is money in the world of business. By using an automated system, startups can increase their revenue, give customers a better experience, and grow their business.

Startups can make waves in the eCommerce industry. But you still need the right software to make room for expansion and growth.

Though there aren’t many free tools for startups in this area, there is some software that is easy on the budget. Cloudways’ online store hosting is one of those tools.

Source: Cloudways

With integrations for WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, and more, Cloudways makes it possible for startups to enter the eCommerce market.

Speaking of eCommerce, for companies that are just getting started, finances can be a huge source of stress. What many startups don’t know is that there are financial options available.

SMB Compass offers inventory financing for businesses that need to stock a lot of inventory but don’t have the immediate capital to purchase it.

With SMB Compass’ financing options, startups can build their businesses without breaking the bank.

Conclusion: Use Startup Tools to Grow Your Business

We have shared the best software for startups so you can launch a successful business without having to put in too much capital or manual labor.

With the tools in this list, startups will be able to market and grow their brand, communicate better with suppliers and customers, and manage their employees effectively.

About the author:

Ronita Mohan is a content marketer at Venngage, the online infographic maker and design platform. Ronita regularly writes about marketing, design, and small businesses.

Twitter: @Venngage

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