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Social media platforms are the best place to share posts related to our life or business events which helps to keep our friends and followers close. They provide the most desirable platforms for users, where they can connect with millions of people from around the globe. It is just so easy with social networking sites to communicate with people that interest you, and the best part is it provides various forms for the users to interact with their network.

As we all know, if you have your business on social media sites, your posts are the most significant component of marketing. And most excitingly, the more social networking platforms you use, the more combinations of posts you get to share. Isn’t that honestly so impressive on its own? It just makes your advertising on the platforms simpler.

All we discussed above was correct but let me put the truth of social media right in front of you. They provide the best room to advertise, and we all know it. And this is the reason for competition on the sites. For an experiment, pick out a specific niche and go on to any popular social networking site. You will see thousands of businesses running on it following similar categories. Then how do you make your brands stand out?

The answer lies in the same place itself. When you post high-quality, unique, organic, and appealing content on your wall, you can stand one step forward of them all. And with a varied combination of multiple types of posts, you can make your profile look more pleasing and aesthetic. But before that, check what works best for your niche and how you can provide the best customer experience to your followers.

Social Media Posts Types



When you feature multiple types of social media posts on your wall, it provides a nice variation to your profile and makes it look attractive to your target audience. But if you keep using similar social media post types, your page might end up looking monotonous. So, to break that, you need to put up new, organic, and varied types of content every time you share a post.

So, let us roll right in and check the social media post types on which you can get your hands and how they benefit in supporting the niche of your business.

1. Sharing Pictures


When we think of publishing content on social media, at first, image content is all that we think about. And it is reasonable because they create the most hype and drive more audience traffic and engagement. So, if your content is appealing, it will make your followers stop, stare and understand the message you wish to deliver.

Visual content is much more preferable than an article or blog, as they need more patience and time. But in this fast-paced world, keeping your posts attractive yet delivering the message appropriately in that small space is what changes the entire game for you. And with so much technology all around, you can simply grab the best image editing tool, add some filters, stickers, and graphics, and you are good to go.

Apart from that, the social media platforms today have all these editing tools in hand with them. So, you can directly check on the site, add up the required elements and go for sharing the post.


Image posts have enormous competition in the market. So, using a smartphone would not be a great idea for capturing those aesthetic pictures. Hence, investing in a professional camera and editing software can be costly but worth acquiring all the engagement and hype.

Best Social Media Platforms To Consider

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter
  5. Snapchat
  6. Pinterest

Sharing image posts works for all the social media platforms we have, but the above list shows the sites where the audience prefers creating more engagement through likes, shares, and comments around them.

2. Posting Video Content


Videos are all over the place now. Unquestionably, video marketing is one of the best ways to narrate your brand’s story on social networking sites. It simply amps up your game as we can honestly connect with your network through your videos. Now that various forms of video content sharing are up, it has become the top way to share it on your wall.

Capturing videos for your post is more convenient, and they acquire more hype than images. You can create video content for literally every event through which you wish to outstretch the purpose of your business to your network audience. Also, whatever niche you follow, video content posting can never go wrong for your feeds.


Crafting video content can be inexpensive and high costing both at the same time. It all depends on how skillful and creative you are to edit and make it appropriately entertaining for posting on social media platforms.

Best Social Media Platforms To Consider

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, and it is all about video content. It supports sharing long videos in which you can elaborately speak about your business, products and services, latest events, contests, giveaways, and much more. Apart from that, social media giants like Facebook and Instagram have audiences who prefer video content more. They support both short and long forms of videos on the sites.

Stories, Reels, And Live Streaming

All the social media platforms today acquire extraordinary features. Starting from putting up Stories, Reels, and Live streaming, which can help you connect with your audience better.

Stories are the best ways to show a little sneak peek of your day or an event that has time to come up, but you have already started your preparations for it. And video stories are way too engaging. Add some stickers or filters, put up good music, and you are all set to build curiosity with your audience.

Reels are so much in trend and have gathered all the hype of the internet. And as we know, going with the flow will always help us be on top. So, you can show the working of your products or draft other content to place in the reels section of the social media platforms.

Live streaming is a super-easy way to connect with your audience directly. The social media platforms provide the best room to interact with your users online, where you can speak out your story to them, and they can ask their questions right away.

3. Publishing Blog Content



Content marketing is all about showcasing the skills and expertise your company acquires to enhance your fame and trustworthiness on the platform.


Numerous content gets published on various platforms in a day, so there is a lot of competition in the market. Also, to generate a good-quality post, you need to stay relevant to the trending topics of your niche. And this might take longer than usual.

But it is not that challenging to overcome. Once you get started, you can explore more ways to stay connected to what is brewing freshly in the market according to the customer’s needs. Hence, accepting that you can put all your creativity in and start framing your article. It is one of the best ways to wrap your thoughts in words and let them reach out to more users globally.

Best Social Media Platforms To Consider

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter

When you publish a descriptive post of around 1500+ words, LinkedIn and Facebook are the platforms that support getting more user engagement and traffic on them. You can share the content or add a link that redirects to your website, where you put up your daily blogs.

Turning down to Twitter, it has the feature of putting a restricted number of characters on the site. Now, it only limits you to publish a little quote or add a link to your page. It also helps drive intact traffic to your official website.

4. Creating Infographics



Infographics are a visual form of supporting your message, showing statistics, and multiple other concepts. They are the best ways to deliver complex thoughts related to your business.


Infographics require having skills related to both content and graphics, or you might need various people working on it to get it done as it includes a lot of research. But once you master the skills, you can do it in less time.

The procedure is pretty simple as you need to work on the outline at first, and once you find the perfect one, get started with each piece of the infographic and assemble them at last.

Best Social Media Platforms To Consider

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter

Facebook and LinkedIn are hands down the best choice for posting infographics, but Twitter is optional.

5. Putting Up Testimonials And Customer Reviews



Users believe in checking out the shared experience of users who are a part of your business network already. Hence, the testimonials and customer reviews will come in handy for attracting more users to check out your website.


It is pretty challenging to receive customer testimonials from each one out there. Also, they are not under your control. They can be both positive and negative.

But you can positively ask your customers to leave feedback behind, telling them about their purchasing experience on the site. Also, do not force them to put up a good review. Dishonesty with the audience can cost you badly. So, stay true to your network and try posting mixed reviews to show trustworthiness.

Best Platforms To Consider

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn

You can have your business page on Facebook, so the platform serves best for posting testimonials and reviews. And the same goes with LinkedIn as well.

Get Started With The Best Social Media Post Type Today

These are the top social networking platform post types that we believe will be trending for years to come. It has the potential to gather all the hype and create traffic and audience engagement every time you share a post. So, to make your business stand out from others, try out every other post type available for each site and check out what works the best for you.

Do not hide behind the fear of experimenting. Go all out and show your creativity in your posts, and with time you can understand which content is more relevant to the network of audience you acquire.

I hope the article helped you recognize various types of trending social media posts which will come in handy the next time you publish a post. And if you are already in the run, let us know which post type works best for your niche. Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to put them up in the comments below!

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