Top 7 secrets to organic reach using Instagram Reels in 2022

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If you want to increase reach and engage your target audience — create Instagram Reels! Instagram Reels is one of the key ways to attract new subscribers and the exponential growth of your Instagram account.

Are you looking for any advice? Or maybe you aren’t aware of all the possibilities of Reels? In this article, you can discover 7 tips, which assist you to boost your Instagram engagement.

What are Instagram Reels?

First of all, let’s figure out what Reels are.

Reels is an Instagram section with short vertical videos up to 60 seconds in which you can watch other people’s videos and shoot your own with various effects. The advantage of this format is that Reels are much easier to get into the “Recommended”, compared to posts, so

not only your subscribers will watch the video, but also the Instagram audience as a whole, which allows you to promote for free ― to increase the reach and subscribers. These videos can be found in different parts of this social network — from feed to recommendations.

How to increase Instagram engagement with Reels

1. Use native tools for content creation

After the appearance of Reels, many users simply began to re-upload videos from Tik-Tok to Instagram. But earlier on Instagram stated that such videos would not be promoted. As well as videos from other applications with watermarks.

Reels has a lot of its tools such as popular music, various video effects, and the ability to voice the video yourself. If you want your videos to become popular and get into the recommendations, use all these native Instagram features.

Releasing something new any platform will want people to use their features. That is why Instagram doesn’t skip videos from other sources in the recommendations, and sometimes also spoils the quality of these videos. Therefore, the best way to increase the reach and popularity of Reels — use the native Instagram tools.

2. Use Q&As in your Instagram Reels

Interacting with the audience using Q&As in Reels is a nice way to increase reach and engagement.

Everyone loves honesty and openness. So try to get closer to your viewers with the help of videos with answers to their questions. People will trust you more if you keep in touch with them.

Make interesting and addictive Reels. Also, you can create a series of videos that will be interconnected to get people to subscribe and follow the release of new Reels. This method will help to engage a new audience.

You can also use the answer Q&As to increase the activity on your account. For example, finish one Reels with a call to action to write questions in the comments or the story window. This will increase audience engagement and interest in you, which has a positive effect on the development of your blog.

3. Use CTAs to drive tap

A Call to Action (CTA) is a call in the form of a line of text or a button that prompts users to perform a certain action. For example, to write a comment, buy products, or sign up for a webinar. The key task of the CTA is to bring a person to the final goal in the shortest way.

So, you can use Instagram Reels as a promo and post there a source where people can find more information. Reels will play the role of a guide. This way will help to engage more viewers.

Online marketing educator Amy Porterfield (@amyporterfield) does a great job of this inside of her Instagram Reels. She is a marketing strategist helping entrepreneurs build their businesses online and uses Reels as a way to advertise her courses. She creates a video where at the beginning she partially tells the essence of the course and motivates to go to it, and ends with the CTA, leaving a little intrigue and of course a link to the course entry site.

4. Create tutorials or show DIYs

Another great way to attract an audience is by creating short tutorials. In these videos, you can give some life hacks which assist people to deal with any difficulties. Or you could make quick Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos.

Such videos need to be exceptional and different from others so that people can see your uniqueness and subscribe to your blog. Moreover, your tips should solve the problems of the audience and be useful for them. If they work, people will follow your blog.

Sephora, the French retailer of makeup and beauty products frequently creates how-to reels for their users, covering everything from the basic to advanced tutorials for makeup.

5. Launch a new Reels challenge

To boost engagement and increase reach you can start a new Reels challenge. At the moment it is trending on Instagram because this gives people the opportunity to express their creativity and get into trends. And who doesn’t want to be a part of a trend?

Tagging people on Reels and putting hashtags help challenges become viral, which in turn stimulates audience engagement.

The challenge is a great opportunity to attract the attention of even those people who are not subscribed to you. If such Reels is really interesting, your reach will increase.

For example, the Instagram account (@livedailyfit) which talks about yoga practice launched the Reels challenge #headstandchallenge. The meaning of this was that people should take a video of them standing on their heads and post it in the Reels with this hashtag.

6. Show behind-the-scenes content

People are interested in the process of creating anything.

Commonly they already get the final result, a finished, perfectly made thing. But in ordinary life, not everything is so perfect. Showing behind-the-scenes content with Reels gives them an insight into your blog, establishing a deeper connection with you. It’s captivating and generates more trust in you.

For instance, you can post a video on how you create new content or how you spend your day. If you have a commercial account, you can use Reels to show people who assist you with your work and introduce them to your audience.

Fossil, a well-known American brand that produces high-quality watches, jewelry, and other accessories, created behind-the-scenes Reels about their shoots. It gave their viewers an idea of how the photoshoot of the goods happened, which could then be seen in the Instagram feed.

7. Provide educational content

You can use Instagram Reels to provide educational content for your followers. It is a great way to show your expertise in a particular field and build a reputation of authority in your industry by providing informative and useful content.

Apart from that, this way can help you to engage new audiences and establish interaction with people who aren’t yet your followers. You can post some lifehack videos or create small cheerful videos talking about common topics in your industry.


Reels provide not only an influx of new subscribers but also huge reach and video views. Instagram Reels is a unique way to promote your brand so that thousands of Instagram users recognize it, and given that the service is relatively new, there are still no difficulties that arise, as when users of the same TikTok enter recommendations or when promoting stories and individual Instagram posts.

Follow the tips from the article to make your Reels popular and get great reach. The most important thing is to create high-quality and interesting content. People will interact with such videos, which means that they will increasingly fly into Recommendations, and your reach will increase!

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