10 email marketing hacks to grow your business like a pro

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Want to achieve perfection in email marketing campaigns?
Don’t know how to get impeccable results from email marketing strategies?

How to boost your sales from email marketing?

If any of these is your concern, keep reading this article to get top-quality email marketing hacks in order to grow your business.

The number of email users is overgrowing every single year. In a nutshell, email is one of the proven channels to reach your potential prospects.

Email statistics report revealed that people send almost 293 billion emails daily. Ask yourself: “How will your email stand out from these unlimited numbers of emails?”

Worry not!

All of your queries will be answered in this article. So, let’s dive into it.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the method by which you reach your potential prospects through emails. This process helps you drive conversions and boost sales. As a result, it provides you with remarkable revenue in order to assist you in reaching your marketing goals.

Why do professionals use email marketing techniques and you should too?

Like professional email marketers, you should also use this approach to:

  • Establish a strong relationship with the potentials
  • Share credible and informative content with the readers
  • Attract subscribers to purchase your products
  • Keep your products and services ahead of competitors

Advantages of email marketing

Email marketing is a remarkable technique to paint the perfect image of your brand in readers’ minds. Additionally, it is a cornerstone of building a better relationship with the people.

1. Allows you to interact with already engaged people

Email marketing is one of the proven platforms that people ask for subscriptions. Most businesses use this channel to interact with target people.

2. Generates traffic for your website

Email is the best way to get people to visit your business site or blog. Therefore, it would be best to drop your website’s link in it.

3. Increases sales

The amazing thing is that email marketing enhances your sales. In fact, it enables you to feature your services or products to motivate people to purchase them.

4. Enables you to better communicate with potential prospects

If you want to achieve perfection in your business, you should better communicate with your audience. So, this marketing technique allows you to improve communication with your target people.

Unlike other social media channels, you do not need to pay for this advertisement.

5. Cost-effective

Another crucial advantage of email marketing is that you do not need to hire a huge team to get this task done. Instead, you can set a top-level email marketing with well-crafted content, attractive logo, images, and videos.

6. Easily shareable

What if your subscribers and followers send your catchy offers to their family members and friends?

Surely, you will be happy!

It is easier to share than you think.

7. The fastest way to reach people

Statistics revealed that more than 20% of emails are being opened within the first hour. How amazing it is!

Ten email writing and marketing secrets to grow your business

1. Include an engaging element in your subject line

How to drive more people to click on your emails?

Attract them from the very beginning!

Yes, it’s a results-driven strategy. You can pique your email recipients’ interest by including an exciting element in your subject line. How?

You can keep something hidden from the reader that will cause them to click your emails.

For example:

  • “Wash your face like this…”
  • “Tips to become a seasoned writer…”

2. Use a word counter to write concise subject lines

Do you think including a lot of stuff in a single email is fine to attract more people?

It is probably one of the biggest email writing mistakes!

Remember, people, click on emails after reading subject lines. Therefore, the more enticing and brief your subject line is, the better your open rate will be.

Therefore, the subject line is the central element of email that should not be ignored. Not only do you need to write well-written content in the subject line, but the words should be of a specific length.

Your subject line should not exceed 50 characters. This is where the use of a word counter comes into play.

From newbies to professionals, all email writers use a trustworthy word counter when it comes to crafting a top-notch email subject line. Accordingly, a word counter helps you keep track of characters and word limits.

3. Personalize your potential prospects

Undoubtedly, email personalization is an amazing strategy that provides matchless advantages. Research has shown that personalized emails drive almost 41% click rates.

Thus, familiarizing yourself with your target potential is beneficial. But you must be careful not to overstep your bounds.

Remember, overusing names will make you appear strange to your customers and even harm your reputation. Most importantly, you should have customer data in hand.

4. Set the perfect time for sending emails

When you talk about winning an email marketing campaign, time is something that we cannot ignore. So, you have to pick up a suitable time for sending emails. Plus, your regular customers may want to read your content.

Considering this crucial point, you have to determine the right time for your users to engage with emails. Most surprisingly, successful email marketers benefit from online tools to determine the most appropriate time for sending emails.

5. Keep your readers engaged

So you want to drive conversions and boost sales, right?

You should keep a short-term goal in mind. Focus on developing strong relationships with the readers. Remember, people read your content because they want to know new information about your products and services.

Hence, engagement is the only secret to selling your product.

6. Play with the right tone

First, identify your content’s tone. Using the right tone in emails will give you an edge over your competitors.

According to Wheaton College’s article, your writing tone must resonate with the target audience. Thus, while crafting emails, you have to put yourself in your readers’ shoes.

Plus, your primary purpose should be to motivate and wake your readers. Neither show the readers that you are the only scholar in this universe nor write in an academic tone. Instead, use conversational language.

Write in a natural flow!

7. Craft content for a single reader

Set one particular person as your target reader who will represent your entire readers. It is the best way to find your voice. Most significantly, focus on the word “you” in your email’s content.

It will tailor to readers’ needs. And give value to your potential prospects. So instead of focusing on yourself, give your readers the topmost priority.

8. Incorporate visual assets in your content

People respond more to visual content instead of written. It is quite natural!

So you have to include images, videos, and infographics in your emails to attract increased sales. Visual aspects help you enhance your content’s value to a great extent.

9. Include a solid CTA (Call to Action)

It is necessary to have a strong CTA in your emails. It will allow readers to take a course of action.

10. Proofread the email

A flawless email depicts professionalism. Before sending emails, ensure that it is free from all types of mistakes such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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