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Memes, memes, and memes. I’m positive this is one of the top factors in social media content that’s used to draw in a new audience and retain the existing audience. A meme is an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.

Memes have become all important when it comes to spreading the word about something. It’s also a way to hop on to trends so as to be considered fresh and in touch with current trends. Of course, you can’t run a business page solely by memes, but only posting product updates and product adverts can prove boring and result in the loss of a few followers.

It seems like a good sense of humor isn’t only wanted on a dating profile but is also needed to retain and attract an audience for your business.

Since the usage of memes has increased rapidly over the last 10 years or so, it has also become increasingly easy to be able to create memes from scratch. You can either share a meme just as you receive it, change the text on an image, or create a new one altogether. All you need is, like I said before, a good sense of humor.

And maybe if you’re smart and efficient (read lazy) like I am, you’ll use one or more of these apps to create your masterpiece.

Meme makers for Android!

1. Meme Generator

Meme Generator, brought to you by ZomboDroid, is one of the most used apps on Android for memes. It has over 10 million downloads and has a PlayStore rating of 4.5 stars. They offer over 2000 meme templates, more than 60 fonts, adjustable text, stickers, and GIFs supported by Tenor’s enormous GIF database.

You can create multi-panel memes and also add borders and crop the images. They update the app regularly so that the meme templates are up to date with the current trends. They also have a ‘favorites’ list where you can save meme templates for quick access. One of the best parts about this app is that there are no watermarks on your final meme!


2. Easy Meme Maker

Easy Meme Maker, brought to you by Biracle, has over 1 million downloads and a PlayStore rating of 4 stars. This is another easy-to-use app to create memes for your social media. This app offers over 1000 meme templates that you can search for by template name or tag. You can add text anywhere on your image and you can also adjust your text size, color, and font. You can also rotate and crop the images as well as delete previously inserted text or stickers.

Like the Meme Generator tool, they also have the option to mark a template as a favorite for easy access in the future. You can also simply save the templates or final memes to your phone gallery.

A cool feature that this app has is that you can also directly share the final memes to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


3. Memedroid

Memedroid, brought to you by Novagecko, has over 1 million downloads and a PlayStore rating of 4.2 stars. While it is first and foremost a meme community app, it has a pretty great meme creator tool within the app. The tool has a ton of templates you can use or you can even use your own images or GIFs and turn them into memes.

Because it’s a community app, you can surf through endless memes, and also mark memes as favorites for easy and quick access to them in the future. You can also follow fellow memers and like, share, and comment on their memes. They regularly update the app to stay current on the trending memes.


Meme makers for iOS!

1. Mematic — The Meme Maker

Mematic, brought to you by Theodor Mueller, has a rating of 4.7 stars on the AppStore and is also ranked number 26 in the Graphics and Design Category. The app also has over 10 million downloads.

You can either use your own photos or use pictures from a large collection of meme templates, premium images, or even GIFs from within the app. Now, you will have access to different layouts, and filters, and can even combine images to make your memes. Based on your requirement you can use different text fonts, colors, and sizes and can place them anywhere on your image or GIF.

When your memes are ready, you can directly upload them to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or even share them via WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal.


2. Meme Maker- Fun Meme Generator

Meme Maker, brought to you by Grassapper LLC, has a rating of 4.6 stars on the AppStore. This is a very easy-to-use meme creator that offers the best stock images to use in your memes. They offer over 1000 stock photos and over 10,000 GIFs that are very well tagged and categorized. This makes it easier to search for any particular template or image.

You can add captions anywhere on your image or GIF and can also edit the text size, color, and font style. Once your memes are ready, you can share the memes directly from the app to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Or you can simply save it to your gallery to be shared via other channels too.


3. MEME Maker MEME Creator Pro

MEME Maker, brought to you by Digital Palette LLC, has a rating of 4.7 stars on the AppStore. This is another easy-to-use meme creator. They have over 1000 stock images and stickers you can use for your memes. GIFs on this app are supported by Tenor. You can use text in any size, color, and font style anywhere on the images and GIFs. What’s more, you can also use text bubbles if that will add more depth to your meme. You can also use this app to ‘Cut-Out’ a portion of an image and use it elsewhere.

This app offers a lot more than the paid version, like over 1 million stock images, 300+ fonts, and an ad-free experience.

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Bonus Meme creating tool – Canva 

In case you work more over the laptop or desktop and need a good site or web app this is the one to use! This app is of course also available on both the AppStore and PlayStore for mobile devices.

Canva, as you may well know, is one of the most used image and video editing apps available. You may have seen their images are categorized as per each platform’s media size limitations. They also now have a special Meme template you can use to create memes.

Once you select an image from their meme bank, you can edit the text and the text font style, size, and location of the text on that image. You can also add some text, graphics, and animations that are available in the meme generator.
Once your meme is ready, you can download the final image and use it in your social media plans.

What are the other apps you use to create memes? Let me know in the comments below and let’s take over the world with MEMES!

Stay funny!

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