Product update: You can now schedule Instagram Reels via Crowdfire

Earlier, on Crowdfire you could publish images and videos on Instagram via notifications only.
We worked closely with Instagram to make this a seamless process step by step.

We first introduced scheduling images to feed and stories directly to Instagram via Crowdfire.
Then we introduced publishing videos and carousels too.

And now, with Reels being your go-to source of engagement and growth on Instagram, we bring to you the most awaited feature: Scheduling Reels!

Yep, the team at Crowdfire has been waiting for this feature for the last two years.
Although it felt like a decade, it’s finally here! 🤩

What is the new feature all about?

Scheduling to Reels is the coolest addition to other scheduling features for Instagram on Crowdfire.
You can plan your Reel content calendar in advance, shoot them in batches and schedule them for a week in advance too 😎

How do I schedule reels to Instagram via Crowdfire?

1. When you’re logged into Crowdfire, tap on “Compose” and select the Instagram business account to publish to.
2. Now, tap the media icon at the bottom of the compose pop-up and select the “Reels” option.
3. Add the video you want to publish from your gallery
4. Once done, you can choose to publish at the Best time, Custom time, or even Immediately using the Post now option.

What aspect ratio is allowed by Instagram?

Reel Specifications
  • Container: MOV or MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14), no edit lists, moov atom at the front of the file.
  • Audio codec: AAC, 48khz sample rate maximum, 1 or 2 channels (mono or stereo).
  • Video codec: HEVC or H264, progressive scan, closed GOP, 4:2:0 chroma subsampling.
  • Frame rate: 23-60 FPS.
  • Picture size:
  • Maximum columns (horizontal pixels): 1920
  • The required aspect ratio is between 0.01:1 and 10:1 but we recommend 9:16 to avoid cropping or blank spaces.
  • Video bitrate: VBR, 5Mbps maximum
  • Audio bitrate: 128kbps
  • Duration: 15 mins maximum, 3 seconds minimum
  • File size: 100MB maximum


At the moment there are certain limitations from Instagram’s end while scheduling reels from Crowdfire and apps like Crowdfire.

  • Reels cannot appear in album carousels.
  • Account privacy settings are respected upon publish.
    For example: If allow remixing is enabled, published reels will have remixing enabled upon publish but remixing can be disabled on published reels manually through the Instagram app.
  • Audio naming is not supported. All reels will be published with Original audio.
  • Cover images are not supported

Who is this available for on Crowdfire?

The feature is live and currently available for all users who have subscribed to the Plus, Premium, VIP, or Business plan on iOS and the Web App.
We’re in the works and it’s rolling out for Android really soon!

That’s it, folks! 🙌
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