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Twitter is a great platform to get double the number of clients and double your revenues. But this is only doable if you go about it strategically. In this article, we are going to discuss how to run a profitable Twitter campaign. With a well-executed Twitter campaign, you can generate leads for your business, send people to your website, and convert them to leads. And once these leads are in your email list, you can use email marketing to connect with them.

You will be able to understand how to use the different features on Twitter to become successful.

In this article here are four ways to run Twitter campaigns for your business. With these tips you can effectively make use of all the different features Twitter makes available to you. Social media marketing campaigns always require a strategic angle and this maximizes the potential of your campaigns. Some campaigns are better poised for success with social media for example campaigns for fashion sites. What tips are required for a successful campaign on Twitter? Let’s take a look below.

Tip #1 Choose campaigns that match your goals

Every marketer has goals they want to meet with campaigns they run on Twitter. Each goal comes with a campaign type that suits it. Before you begin running the campaign, pause and ask just one question. What do I want to achieve with this campaign?

The different goals of Twitter can be:

  • More followers– this grows your Twitter community
  • More website clicks or conversions– send more people to your Tweet engagements– dum up conversations and reach more people
  • Apps install or increase app re-engagements
  • Video views

Say you want more followers. In that sense, choose a clear campaign that specifies why you want followers. Let people know the benefit they will get out of following you. The same goes for additional website clicks or increased conversions. With the help of Twitter website cards, you can raise the odds of generating higher traffic. Add a call to action button that matches expectations set by followers. Ensure that they get to the right landing page when they click the link.

For tweet engagements, make sure the audience is excited and retweeting your tweets as well as liking them. App installs are campaigns that drive people to download the apps from the app store and re-engagement campaigns focus on people using the apps more. Video views are campaigns that drive more viewers to your channel.

How to choose the right campaign type?

For running a business Twitter campaign, follow these steps below to run the right campaign:

  1. Sign into your business Twitter account
  2. Click Twitter ads
  3. Select Create Campaign
  4. Choose the right campaign depending on your goal
  5. Choose a name for the campaign.
  6. Set specifications for the campaign like budget, time frame, and more
  7. Compose your tweet

Tip #2 Ensure your campaign reaches the right audience

Statistics conducted by Twitter show that the audience targeting options gives your ads double the sales and even more lift. Targeting has to be done right though. If you target industry influencers, that amplifies your reach since they already have an active following with the potential to share your content wide and far and generate more leads. Twitter lets you analyze your target audience’s sentiments. This helps in creating the right kind of campaigns for your target audience. Twitter sentiment analysis is your best bet when you are trying to reach the target audience.

There are multiple ways using which you can target your audience on Twitter like:

  • Demographics targeting- where you target an audience based on their age or gender
  • Geographic targeting– this lets you serve ads to people from certain locations
  • Username targeting– this lets you connect with people who you follow and the brands they’re following
  • Device targeting– people are using different devices to read tweets and campaigns based on device types can increase engagements.
  • Interest targeting– this lets you target users based on what they read and like. People tend to use Twitter to get information about different topics. Targeting them based on their interests increases your odds of getting a response from them.
  • Tailored Audience– If your business generates CRM data, you can target specific people based on the information they give you. You can target specific web audiences.

Tip #3 Craft your Twitter Ads creatively

The way you create your tweets for campaigns will influence the level of success you enjoy with your campaigns. Before you begin with the message, understand that there’s a Twitter character limit. In 2017, Twitter doubled the limit from 140 characters to 280 characters. To attain an ROI, you need to be creative.

Here’s how:

  • Involve your audience

In your campaign, make sure that the audience feels itself to be a part of your brand. You can take advantage of live events that most of your followers are interested in and run campaigns targeting these events. Or if you sell sporting gear, you can choose a live match and target clients in the vicinity. However, always make sure that the product data fields contain all the relevant information about your products so that people make informed decisions.

  • Ensure You Know What Clients want

Instead of posting campaign tweets blindly, start by discovering what moves your audience. Take advantage of issues and create opportunities out of them. Cater to specific needs and make sure the targeting is right. The main objective is to take advantage of the situation and build brand awareness to meet your goals.

  • Humanize the experience

Allow your audience to be a driver of these conversions. This can be through entertaining questions followers have or giving them a chance to air their reviews. Let customers interact with others and engage with them. This brings out your human side and makes your brand even more interesting.

A great example is Pact Coffee a large UK-based coffee retailer. The company crafted its strategy of boosting customer engagement by choosing messages that resonated really well with its core audience.

Another example is from Wise publishing a unit of TransferWise. They created finance-related articles and drove traffic to them by advertising the same to their core audience.

Tip #4 Optimize your Twitter campaign

Once you set up the campaign, the next step is to optimize it in the best way possible. Twitter offers tools that you can use to track and then optimize the performance of your campaigns. So which basic Twitter tools should you use for optimizing your campaigns?

  • Tweet Activity Dashboard

The Twitter activity dashboard gives you insights into how the campaign performs and how well the tweets resonate with your audience. Go to and use your business Twitter username and password. Your account has to be active for a minimum of 14 days to make use of this dashboard. The dashboard will generate insights on:

  1. How the audience engages with the tweets in real-time
  2. Compare the tweet activity and the followers to understand trends over time
  3. Get the number of retweets, and followers as they trend.
  4. Understand your audience better
  5. Download your metrics

These insights will help you understand if you need to restructure or continue with the current campaign.

To sum up

These are some of the ways to run a successful Twitter campaign for your business. You must make sure you get the highest possible returns on your investment. Whether it is growing your conversion rate, increasing engagement or re-engagement, and wanting more video views then you have the right tips to reach your goals.

Businesses that scripted success through such initiatives will attest to the fact that these are some of the best ways to do the right thing. This can be the best commitment every business person can make for their business.

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