11 Best Video Editing Apps For Social Media In 2021

With smartphone cameras getting more advanced with each release, whether it’s a new iPhone, the latest Samsung Galaxy, it’s hard to deny that our devices are closer than ever to becoming professional portable studios. Additionally, it’s no secret that these devices can’t exist without 3rd party applications.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re creating video content for your social media or as part of your video marketing strategy – you need a great video editing app nonetheless. In the age of social media, where content is king, video editing apps can significantly enhance the footage that you capture and give it a professional look during the post-production stage.

Today we’re going to explore some of the best and most popular video editing apps that go hand-in-hand with most social media platforms available on Apple and Android operating systems.

Video editors which we’re going to review exist for various reasons and provide specific end goal results, which are not only centred around social media.

Hopefully, you’ll find something that can genuinely improve the content you post on social media or whatever other reasons you have for creating engaging and eye-catching content.

1. Write-on Video

Available on: iOS and Mac | Price: Free (With In-App purchasing options)

Write-on Video is an all-around solid video editing app with built-in features for social media editing and sharing directly from the app.

If having tons of features is your thing, this editor might just be the one for you without stuff getting too complicated on the technical side of things.

You’ll have an option to ‘plan your videos,’ which is an excellent tool for task-oriented folks with a specific vision regarding the post-production phase of the video editing process.

Write-on Video allows you to add flair to your videos with stickers, animated titles, transition effects, and a lot more. This video editor is perfect for those who are looking for a simple yet powerful editor for most tasks.

Uploading your videos directly to social media channels is very easy. Once you’ve finished editing your material, simply export the video in the preferred resolution and the frame rate.

Once the footage renders and exports, you can post it to almost every social media channel or directly share it with your contacts from the app.

2. Videoshop – Video Editor

Available on: iOS and Android | Price: Free (With In-App purchasing options)

If you’re looking for a feature-packed video editor that’s available on both iOS and Android, then Videoshop is your app. The amount of personalization offered is above and beyond what many of us have come to expect from mobile video editors.

Don’t let all the features scare you away, though. The app happens to be not only user-friendly, but it’s also highly intuitive.

Suppose you’re looking to up your social media game. In this case, you should consider trying Videoshop Pro, the paid version of this app. This way you’ll have access to all of the features for the maximum amount of creative possibilities.

Regardless of which version you decide to go for, it won’t hurt to give this app a chance. It might just be the missing piece of the puzzle, and yes, you can share videos directly to social media (duh).

3. Clips


Available on: iOS | Price: Free

Clips is an App Store exclusive app that lets you create fun videos that your followers will appreciate. This app has an average amount of features, with its primary focus centred around recording Memoji clips, which are no longer restrained to iMessage.

The available camera effects offered by Clips are unique and are worth checking out if playing with artistic filters is your thing and if you’re tired of Instagrams or Snapchat’s filters.

You shouldn’t expect Clips to be a game-changer for you, but it’s free, extremely intuitive, and an entertaining app that will get you a fair degree of excitement from your followers.

There’s a good chance that you’ll be drawn back to this app because of its simplicity. Each update introduces something new and fun to keep your followers engaged and entertained for a long time to come.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush for Video

Available on: iOS and Android | Price: Free (With In-App purchasing options)

Adobe Premiere Rush for Video is a shrunken down version of their powerhouse video editing tool, the Premiere Pro.

This app is pretty close to smartphone video editor perfection for sharing videos on social media, with some highly sophisticated functions and customization options. Rush for Video happens to be a part of Adobe’s ecosystem, enabling you to get some additional perks that are hard to find elsewhere.

Premier Rush for Video is an all-in-one app for creating and sharing online videos quickly and intuitively. You will also have access to themes and video templates to achieve the specific look you’re going for.

If your goal is to surprise your followers with high-quality videos that have a professional feel to them – don’t pass on this one. Just remember to capture some quality footage first. After all, there’s only so much that an app can do.

5. IG Story Editor: StoriesStudio

Available on: iOS | Price: Free

If you’re looking for a tool that’ll split your existing videos into 10-second clips for Instagram stories, TikTok, or other social media platforms, StoriesStudio is definitely worth checking out.

StoriesStudio is also entirely free, comes with no ads, making it perfect for those who want a simple video editing tool that just works.

By simply uploading your video into StoriesStudio, you can choose how many seconds you want your video to be split by, after which the app will automatically save these videos directly to your camera roll.

It’s all very straightforward – and in this particular case, that’s all you need. With this tool, creating awesome social media stories has never been easier.

6. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Available on: iOS and Android | Price: Free (With In-App purchasing options)

Magisto, created by Vimeo, is perfect for those with a little background in video editing thanks to its automation features.

By simplifying the video creation process for social media sharing, Magisto falls into the category of ‘smart apps,’ meaning it’ll automate video editing with three simple steps.

This app uses AI to find the best parts of your footage. After the footage is combined, the app automatically adds stabilization, object detection, filters, and effects.

The UI of Magisto Video Editor is as pleasant to navigate through as it is friendly and intuitive. But such luxury comes at a pretty high price. If you’re not looking to spend, take some time to consider your background in video editing since this app aims more towards novice users.

But if you’re OK with the subscription costs, and if the time factor is something you also value over a truly personalized video (which usually takes a good while to perfect), this might be a perfect social media video editor for you.

7. KineMaster – Video Editor

Available on: iOS and Android | Price: Free (With In-App purchasing options)

If you’re searching for a sophisticated video editor that’s packed with features and is easy to use, then KineMaster is a perfect candidate.

Full-featured smartphone video editors are kind of hard to come by, especially ones that feel intuitive and pack some powerful tools. That’s not the case with KineMaster, though.

Apart from the ability to create packed and complex videos of studio-level quality, you’ll have more than you need to amaze your followers on any of your social media platforms and make sure your brand stands out at all times.

You can add and combine multiple layers of video, images, text, special effects, handwriting, and on top of that, add multi-track audio for the most sophisticated projects.

Navigating within the app and accessing all of the settings is also seamless and intuitive, making for a truly enjoyable video-editing experience.

If there are any drawbacks to this app, it’s the loading speed on some older devices. This could make or break the entire experience for some users. We recommend trying out the free version instead of going for the Pro edition right away.

8. FilmoraGo – Video Editor&Maker

Available on: iOS and Android | Price: Free (With In-App purchasing options)

FilmoraGo falls into the category of full-featured video editors, and it achieves this by hitting that sweet spot of being easy-to-use and with a decent range of themes.

Thanks to the built-in effects, you can add a specific vibe to your videos, whether you’re going for cool, cute, or something else entirely. Given the number of FilmoraGo’s features, you’ll have just enough to be creative in most cases.

Additionally, we understand that people rarely have enough time to dedicate a fully-fledged video editing project, so having an app that addresses social media users’ creation needs makes it a go-to app for many.

This app has just enough features to create some cool social media posts, but we believe there are better apps that we’ve listed earlier for more complex projects.

9. ALIVE Movie Maker

Available on: iOS and Android | Price: Free

For those who aren’t looking for a full-featured video editor and simply want something fun and easy to use, Alive Movie Maker is a perfect option. This app has a social media editor written all over it. You won’t have any problems navigating and using the app from the second you pick it up.

The app comes with music that can be mixed and played over your existing sounds, text effects that can be customized, and unique video filters that will make your content stand out.

For those who love sharing and finding inspiration, there’s an entire community of users creating and posting their work that you could join to share your work with.

10. inShot

Available on: iOS and Android | Price: Free (With In-App purchasing options)

inShot is a cross-platform image and video editing app for creating social media content and an app that we simply couldn’t ignore.

With pre-built canvas sizes for most social media platforms, you won’t have any difficulties creating videos quickly and easily.

The essential editing tools for trimming, speeding up, or slowing down your videos are all there. There are also a variety of filters and music selection to make your video feel and look complete.

The navigation and UI of the app is one of its most significant appeals, thanks to the user-friendly interface which you’ll want to revisit time after time.

inShot has also been very consistent in releasing updates and listening to its user base over the years, improving as a whole by reacting to complaints and suggestions. This means inShot will continue to be a great app for years to come.

11. VivaVideo – Video Maker & Editor

Available on: iOS and Android | Price: Free (With In-App purchasing options)

VivaVideo is an exciting video editing tool with some fantastic and unique features that pros and novice creators can enjoy.

At a first glance, this editor might seem just like any other ordinary effects and themes kind-of-app, but to our surprise, there’s a lot more to this app when it comes to video editing.

The UI is quite friendly; editing tools are intuitive and do what they’re supposed to. What stands out the most is the template sharing features that other users have created. The sense of community and sharing your art and ideas all in one place is enough to get the app and join in.

Bonus: Visme

You know that the most eye-catching type of content is video. However, it is a big deal to create a video from scratch. It is always time-consuming but you can speed up the process.
With the help of Visme’s video templates, you will be able to find a perfect clip that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your content. Visme suggests a wide range of video templates to choose from. Afterward, you can add various features like text overlays, stickers, icons, images in your video intro and outro. When your video is ready, Visme allows you to download it as a high-quality MP4 or as a GIF that you can post across social channels. Plus, you can embed your video or share it online using an URL. Don’t hesitate to play with Visme’s video templates and create videos people will love.

Social media is very visual and video content is a crucial aspect of it. If you’re looking for a solid video editing app for your content creation, the apps we’ve listed above are all great options and solutions to consider. Each is unique in its own way and whichever one you decide to go with, you’ll be making a great choice either way.

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