Top 7 Deadly Blogging Mistakes to Avoid as A New Blogger

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Blogging has become an integral part of e-commerce, as it helps to grow potential customers for online businesses. But, making a successful blog is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Thousands of blogs fail every year, and its significant cause is the unawareness of common mistakes that most new bloggers make. It is not a question of regret because every blogger once was a newbie in the blogging world. Failure opens many ideas in your mind, and you would try with a different way to achieve success.

However, if you can evade a few mistakes in your blogging, then you can build a great blog quickly. You will be going through a few mistakes that are listed out in this article and hope that it would be helpful for bloggers.

1.  Lack of A Sound Strategy

Many people start blogging without a plan. Due to this reason, they often fail or get not more than 1000 views. A new blogger initially wants to write everything that is in his mind. In such cases, generally, bloggers do not have any aim, and that’s why they unable to provide useful information; consequently, the audience stops reading the blogs.

Thus, before starting a blog, do a little research and find the answer for why do you need a blog? Who will be your target audience? How to write quality and useful content? What’s the main motive of blogging? What to include in the content plan? What to achieve in next a few months? In this way, you can set your goal and milestones where you want to reach.

2.  Using A Free Domain

Initially, sometimes bloggers choose a free hosting domain to save their money. But such a wrong decision often opens a way for troubles after some time.

Choosing a free blog hosting service is never be a good alternative if you want to rank your blog on search engine and boost your web traffic. The main reason behind that is a search engine like Google does not give importance to such free domains.

Besides it, the audience does not trust them, many technical issues might be faced, and it is an unreliable source which may shut down any time. Therefore, buy a domain from a reputed hosting provider to avoid such issues.

3.  Writing Too Broad Articles

The whole topic should be covered in the article; however, it should not be broad enough that seems monotonous to read.

These days, people trends toward writing a blog for more than 1000 words are increasing. But too lengthy article inspires boredom, and it affects blog ranking as well.

So, write an attractive article that covers a few specific questions and targets viewers. Around 500 words length for an article is considered the best for readers.

4.  Not Focusing on Blog Security

Many Bloggers do not bother much about blog security, as blogs are considered just a source of useful information and no financial transactions are taken place on them. Even though blog security is deemed to be essential by all viewers, viewers never trust the unsecured website as the content on unsecured blogs may fake and post by the unauthorized person. Scammers can alter the content of your blog, and Google Chrome also has started “HTTP” sites as “Not secure”.

Therefore, an SSL certificate must be installed on the blog to encrypt the information that is transmitted between a viewer and a blog server. Moreover, it boosts blog ranking on popular search engines, helps to improve your mobile presence, helps to get more referral data and build customer’s trust.

However, many enterprises run a website including a blog on different sub domains like, that case, blog security is necessary and to secure blog domain along with unlimited subdomains, Wildcard SSL certificate is an ideal choice. It secures unlimited sub-domains of the main domain, saves the data from prying eyes, builds audience trust, and gives SEO benefits to blogs. However, bloggers often miss having an SSL certificate on their blog.

5.  You Don’t Edit

Usually, writers rush to publish the article after writing it, here they make mistakes. When a blog is published without a thorough check, there is a chance of errors. Furthermore, when such errors are made regularly, the audience starts moving on other blogs.

Even an experienced writer makes mistakes while writing an article such as; grammar mistakes, use of tough words, unsuitable title keyword stuffing, and many more.

So, after finishing your article, ensure to check it thoroughly, so that there will be no space for mistakes and users can enjoy reading.

6.  You Don’t Grow Your Email List

Most bloggers do not get their viewers emails, because they think that if people like such content, they will come back to the blog. Here, they are wrong.

People often open several articles at a time in their web browser; they just read them enjoy them but do not consider much about bookmarking them or saving them.

In such cases, bloggers lose potential consumers. So, to avoid doing so, start building an email list of your viewers, so that you can inform them about your new publications.

7.  No Guest Posting

Generally, bloggers like to publish their content on their blogs, and when someone asks them to post someone’s content on their blog, they reject it. Might be, they do not trust others or are more confident about their blogging.

These irrational beliefs sometimes stop writers to be successful because they lose quality content and innovative ideas that may make a steppingstone for their success.

Thus, allow guest posting on your blog, it will boost web traffic, build viewers trust and enhance quality content on your blog.


Blogging is an art, so to be perfect in it a lot of patience and practice is needed.

Never make a monotonous blog, always share quality content with attractive images that are useful to your audience.

Moreover, never accumulate your blogging mistakes for long enough so that it will be impossible to fix. Thus, keep working on your mistakes to blog better than the last.

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