Why Use Influencer Marketing for E-Commerce Business

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Every e-commerce business needs to boost sales. The influencer marketing campaign has become popular these days. Tomoson claims that this strategy brings $6.50 in revenue for every spent dollar. Additionally, influencer marketing tends to surpass such plans as paid search and display ads.

What Is an Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing stands for cooperation with bloggers (people who are active on various social networks). The influencer tells the audience about your service or product, the bonuses you offer, and so on.

Before cooperating with a blogger, you need to ensure that your target audiences are similar. For instance, if you sell modern gadgets, it’s better to collaborate with a tech blogger. In this case, you reach a particular audience that is ready to pay for new exciting devices.

We’ve prepared some stats below.

Why Choose Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing strategy is so powerful since people tend to trust third-parties (e.g. influencers or celebrities) more than a brand. Moreover, Julius revealed that approximately 80% of responders tend to use hashtags like #ads or #sponsored in their posts. Also, 61% of bloggers want to build long-term cooperation with brands. 

There are five more reasons to choose an influencer marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing Works

Word-of-mouth strategy is powerful and effective. As a result, 92% of customers trust such kind of recommendation more in comparison to other advertising. This statistic shows how valuable influencer marketing can become for your e-commerce business. 

Socializing with Customers

Having a great website isn’t enough to gain new clients for your business. Social networks are additional marketing channels since people spend much time using them. Additionally, social networking pages assist in building trust and gain customers’ loyalty.

Consumers Expect to Use Social Networks

In the past, such marketing channels as TV advertisements, ads in magazines or newspapers were widespread and effective. However, the Internet has brought many changes. Many companies invest in e-commerce app development these days since customers tend to purchase more on the go.

As a result, marketing should also switch to digital sources. Nowadays, companies decide to spend more on this marketing channel. You can see the stats below.

SEO Optimization

The influencer marketing campaign assists in SEO optimization. Ratings on search engines are higher since you get more inbound links and social reach. By the way, these are signs of a successful influencer marketing strategy.

Ability to Track

You need to track changes during any marketing campaign. In another case, you may waste time and money.

Of course, it can be complicated to track some aspects of influencer marketing. However, you can track such aspects as

  • Number of visits to your website;
  • Social networks activity (links, shares);
  • Social conversations.

Influencer Marketing Success Stories

How to integrate the influencer marketing campaign? We’ve chosen three e-commerce companies that used this strategy and even got some revenue. Let’s discuss them more precisely.


Zara has built an influencer marketing campaign called #iamdenim. The Instagram influencers worked together on the design. Zara wanted to show that its clothes are more affordable in comparison to haute couture brands.

  • Results. There are approximately 4.6 new followers on Zara’s Instagram page.


Nikon has also integrated an influencer marketing strategy but differently. They’ve decided to collaborate with Warner Music to show their cameras’ capabilities.

Nikon was a sponsor of Warner Music Group’s festival called SXSW. During the festival, cameras were utilized for live performances recording. Additionally, the festival visitors could use the cameras and post photos on Facebook. Bands from the SXSW festival recorded behind the scenes videos with Nikon cameras and shared them with fans.

The company decided to use a certain hashtag for the festival. As a result, it became one of the most popular topics on Twitter

  • Results. There are approximately 15,000 posts on various social networks, along with 46 million media impressions and 166 million social impressions.


It’s a startup focused on the beauty industry. The main idea of the marketing campaign was to involve ‘regular woman’ instead of celebrities or influencers.

The clients can take pictures and tag Glossier’s Instagram page. After that, the company’s marketing team re-shares posts and answers questions about their brand. 

  • Results. Approximately 90%  of the company’s revenue comes from its social media audience, not from other marketing channels.

The influencer marketing campaign can bring a lot of profit to your e-commerce business. However, it’s better to ensure that you offer a great product or service beforehand.

This is a guest post by Vitaly Kuprenko. Vitaly Kuprenko is a technical writer at Cleveroad It’s a mobile and web app development company in Ukraine. He enjoys telling about tech innovations and digital ways to boost businesses.

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