Content Writing Rules to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Customers

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Your social media campaign has to reach your target audience to have any chance of success. But it’s not the only thing you need to make your social media effort effective. Since Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are so image-centered, you’ll need amazing photography or art to stand out.

The next thing you need is copywriting. Didn’t think that social media copywriting mattered? Well, even if there isn’t much text, it’s the text that moves people towards making a purchase. The image is there to drive attention, the rest is the job of your copywriter.

Here’s how you make your social media copywriting work wonders for your campaign.

Language should meet the audience

The choice of language largely depends on your audience. The language when you’re writing content for Gen Z who attend high school or for retired Boomers will differ significantly. You’ll use more slang and emojis for the Gen Z folks, and use more standard English for Boomers.

The cultural references will differ a lot as well. Boomers won’t understand who Billie Eilish is, and young people won’t get it if you say your product feels as good as looking on a freshly mowed lawn.

Go deeper with your knowledge of the audience. Knowing exactly who you’re writing for will help you understand what they need to hear to make a purchase.

Make it readable

The only thing that ties all generations is readability. You should write your text so simple, a ten-year-old will read it. “Therefore?” It’s not the right word for Instagram.

Catch attention early

The people who see your post will only give it a fleeting glance. If in the half-second they see it, the copywriting doesn’t catch their attention, the most you’ll get is a like.

Forget about introductions, jump into action from the get-go. Throw in something that attracts attention. Phrases like “free,” “discount,” or “50% OFF” are great for getting attention in ads.

If you’re writing a long post, give a glimpse of its value in the first sentence. Show people it’s worth reading before they decide to invest their time into doing it.

Source: KFC/Instagram

KFC’s “Release the cheese!” line does just that. It creates a “huh, what’s that?” moment that subscribers need to get interested.

Cut it down

The secret to social media copywriting success is conveying the most meaning in the least amount of words. Everybody can tell how great a product in 500 words. Try to do it in one sentence, and you’ll be stuck in constantly trying to rearrange words “good quality” and “one year warranty.”

It takes a truly great to create a short line that has loads of meaning in it. Get inspiration from famous speakers. For instance, JFK’s famous “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” transforms a whole political philosophy into one sentence. 

Even if you’re planning on writing a long post, strip it down to the bare minimum to make sure people read it to the end. If you’re having trouble editing your content, it’s better to use the Proessaywriter help, Grammarly, Typely  or another free tool to get a fresh perspective on your text’s faults.

Go for emotions

It’s not a secret that the majority of people buy based on emotions, not research. Incorporate emotions into your writing, and you’ll have a slight edge over the competition. Here’s how you can do that.

Appeal to authority. Mention the company’s expertise or the number of years you operate on the market.

Appeal to social factors. Mention how many people choose the product or a celebrity that does.

Appeal to scarcity. Mention how little there’s left in stock. Put the number at the beginning of the sentence to make it stand out more.

Appeal to mirror neurons. Paint the picture of how good it feels to use your product.

Direct users

Few people will go and buy your products on their own. Include a short, clear CTA to let them know they can make a purchase after clicking a link in your bio or in the post.


Social media is the main component of the omnichannel experience that is modern digital marketing. Writing for social media puts you into the confines of the short form. Make the most of it and write short but compelling posts to increase conversions.

This is a guest post by Conie Benton. Connie a chief content writer, and Marketing advisor at WhenIPost Agency and enthusiastic blogger who helps B2B companies reach their audiences more effectively. With an emphasis on organic traffic and conversion, she takes big ideas and turns them into highly practical content that keeps readers hooked.

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