Why Social Media Is a Key Part of an Omnichannel Customer Experience

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The principle of omnichannel approach is not only firmly entrenched in modern business vocabulary, but also has become an indispensable element of the development strategy of both corporations and small companies due to the accelerated development of Internet technologies. This phenomenon has affected all areas of the company – today, advanced organizations communicate with customers in a convenient way for them, search for new employees using the HR software, and use artificial intelligence for big data analytics. 

Social Networks in the Context of Omni Channel Approach

Omnichannel communications are practically the main component in business digitalization. With omni-channel technologies already introduced into the business, all channels are integrated around the user. The client, in turn, making a customer journey, can switch between channels without serious consequences, and at the same time receive personalized service. The main goal of this approach is to create a positive customer experience.


Thus, it is not enough just to advertise your products or services. And this is a strengthening trend. Recent studies have documented a situation in which a little more than 10 percent of consumers who make purchases on the Internet trust advertising, while the opinion of friends from social networks for almost 80 percent is decisive when choosing a particular offer. In this article, we will highlight several reasons why social networks contribute to an even more improved user experience with an omnichannel approach to customer interaction.

Communication in a Social Network Is Closer, More Inclined to Sincerity

Here, customers feel much more freely than in the office. Therefore, they can ask questions that interest them, as well as express their opinion, which is very important for any entrepreneur who wants to grow in accordance with the wishes of customers.

By registering on the social network and opening your page there, you will be able, without any additional costs, to receive information about what customers think about your services or products, as well as about the quality of service. Agree, it is worth a lot.

Therefore, use social networks for polls. Find out what customers are happy / unhappy with, how much time they have to make a purchase decision, who they consult with, who gets their recommendations. This information is priceless! You can influence the decision of the buyer and speed up its adoption.

Social Networks to Help Existing Customers

If your product is quite complex, and when using it, customers have many questions – you can use social networks to provide technical support and communicate with your existing customers. In this case, you do not need to use any channels to attract traffic to your pages – you just need to inform existing customers about the presence of the page / group and its capabilities.

Social Networks as an Opportunity to Show Even More Care

Every day the number of people who literally live in social networks is growing. And, of course, they want to get advice on their familiar territory. Social networks are a comfortable area for discussions. Not everyone is ready to call support service, but to write a message is much easier, both psychologically and in terms of effort. Conduct consultations on social networks, process objections and reduce the level of discontent. More convenient conditions for advising clients (community in social networks) is another thread connecting the client with the brand.

In social networks, creating a hotline for customers is cheaper. The communication here is informal, and customers can ask such questions, which they may be ashamed to ask the support service.


Measure care in the number of responses and consultations. The result is the number of answered and unanswered comments, positive or negative feedback about you.

Social Networking as One of the Best Ways to Broadcast Your Values

Social networks have influenced and continue to have a strong impact on corporate ideology. And the number of companies with a clearly defined social responsibility and mission, helping not only to solve consumer problems, but also to make the world better continues to grow. Moreover, such an ideology also becomes a competitive advantage, i.e. helps you in terms of protecting your market position and demand. Thus, in addition to social and reputational benefits, it is also commercially effective.


A company seeking to improve its customer focus should understand that choosing among a variety of convenient channels is a plus for retaining a client, but not a holistic factor. Today, the main indicator reflecting customer care is, first of all, a high-class product, regardless of the abundance of modern communication channels. But just in the modern world, with a relatively high indicator of product quality and fairly high competition, the key role will be played by customer service. If the client cannot contact you promptly, then in 99% of cases, he will use the services of your competitors.

This is a guest post by Connie Benton, a content writer, and Marketing advisor at WhenIPost Agency.

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