6 Social Media Marketing Tricks to achieve better SEO

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Approximately 2.13 million blogs are published on WordPress every single day. Google filters all these blogposts to prepare a list of top 10, each day to serve you, whenever you search a keyword on Google Search Engine. Needless to say, every content-driven business is trying its best to optimize the content and boost their rankings to the top. This phenomenon of optimizing the search engine results is called SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

To achieve this SEO, businesses tend to work day and night on their content to be unique and attractive and in recent years, social media platforms have emerged as a popular choice for digital marketing and SEO. 

According to the global digital report 2019, there were 3.484 billion active users until January 2019, with a penetration rate of 45%. Out of which 3.256 billion users were mobile users with a 42% penetration rate. This data suggests extensive use of social media by users worldwide, which has caught the eye of digital marketers and advertisers.

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To optimize your content and achieve better SEO, you need to strategize and develop a specific type of content around social media platforms.

Here are 6 tricks to help you develop content to improve your SEO via Social Media Platforms

1. Vlogging

Over the years Vlogging has become a popular medium for marketing, with video marketing and live video streaming, gaining momentum over the social media platforms, vlogging combines the creativeness of videos and educative content of the blog to create a video which is both fun and illustrative to watch.

There are many types of videos to explore for the promotion of your content and increase traffic towards your content like animation videos, explainer videos, live videos, and a combination of all the above types. Youtube is a popular medium for vloggers around the world and some of them have been very successful.

With an earning of  $ 22 million, a 7-year old Ryan ToysReview remained at the top of the vlogger’s list according to Forbes last year. This is the level of anonymity a marketer can possess on a social media platform and it can be cashed in by digital marketers like WalMart did with this kid.

2. DIY Marketing

Do it yourself marketing is a fun way to maintain customer engagement and promote your content to optimize SEO and attract more users to your website. Douyin is a parent app to TikTok which is already a sensation worldwide. A restaurant called Haidilao restaurant in China launched a Diy campaign for Douyin users. 

In this campaign, users can request a DIY Douyin recipe, and the staff would know to let you “style” your hot pot yourselves. allowing users to show off their dining shows. This gained huge popularity in China and is considered one of the finest examples of DIY campaigns.

3. Social Media Messaging

Social Media Messaging is already a trending affair. Many enterprises, on-demand applications, and e-commerce giants are now using social media messaging for promotion, customer service, and brand promotion. You can use social media messaging to invite users and readers to visit your blogposts, Vlogs or other content for better SEO.

Over the years, Whatsapp has become more popular as a social media messaging platform with its privacy features and higher penetration among users. The facebook-owned messaging app can be used for the promotion of contents, blogs and other formats of marketing tools to achieve abetter SEO.

4. Social Media Events

Event marketing has been a popular medium for long now and then social media events can be created easily on any of the social media platforms. The most popular social media platform for event marketing is Facebook as it has a separate section for event formation and invites to be sent to friends and anyone on the platform.

Further, it is observed that these social media events can attract higher traffic for SEO by sending invites and arranging expert discussions on relevant topics, which can be backed up by live comments from experts or live demonstrations of product at the event.

5. Podcasts

Podcasts are a popular medium for marketing these days and it can help you grow your audience base. There are many famous podcasts already over the social media platforms and many more to come. You can develop powerful audio content that can cover your blog ideas and concepts in a fun way to cater to the listeners.

6. AR(Augmented Reality) Marketing

Augmented Reality has become a reality from the idea of science fiction. Facebook introduced Spark AR studio to facilitate developers to develop augmented reality-based content on their platform and soon it became a sensation. Companies like Ford, Mercedez-Benz are already using AR campaigns to provide customers a user experience of their cars with AR marketing campaigns. 

You can use AR by hiring developers that can design your content in Spark AR studio on Facebook to provide your readers and users a 3D experience and in turn increase your user base and optimize SEO.


So here it is six tricks that can really help you strategize your content and make it more SEO-friendly. SEO is not a piece of cake, but, with the right tool, you can create wonders and attract more traffic to your content. It is important though to integrate equally unique and engaging content with these tools to leverage their features on social media platforms. Hence, this brings great opportunity with the challenge to create social media-friendly content.

This is a guest post by Manoj Rupareliya. He is the Online Marketing Expert and Blogger. He is an experienced writer with expertise in the field of technology, blockchain, crypto, AI, Digital Marketing and SEO. All the blogs he writes are aimed at providing credible help and insights for readers who want to stay updated all the time.

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