Top Social Media Trends for You to Prepare in 2020

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With 2020 rapidly approaching, it’s important for every business to leverage social media to boost sales while staying ahead of the competition. A business could have an excellent website or even an eCommerce portal with superb content. Despite, it’s not likely to get much mileage if a business doesn’t include social media in its digital marketing strategies.

Furthermore, in 2020, existing social media strategies wouldn’t prove adequate. Social media is evolving rapidly with newer trends emerging with alarming alacrity. Therefore, the enigma confronting every business would obviously revolve around what are top social media trends for you to prepare in 2020.

Understandably, there aren’t any simple answers to this conundrum. Therefore, let’s explore some discernible as well as actionable social media trends for 2020.

Why Social Media?

Social media accounts for over 13 percent higher leads and conversions, reveals Walker Sands, a Chicago, IL, based Business-to-Business integrated marketing agency. These conversions could be higher within the Business-to-Consumer sector in the retail spectrum.

While continuum of existing social media strategies can adequately withstand changing technologies, it’s imperative and imminent that business would need to eye more viable options to develop or retain an edge over other contenders.

How would that be possible?  This article intends to precisely address such concerns while discussing top social media trends for you to prepare in 2020.

Top Social Media Trends to Prepare in 2020

These social media trends need to be deployed in tandem with other digital marketing technologies for optimum results. Therefore, an adequate budgetary allocation is a prime requisite.

Leverage Videos

Statistics garnered for social media marketers says, over 87 percent companies worldwide leverage videos as part of their social media strategy. This isn’t likely to undergo a paradigm shift anywhere in the near future.

While YouTube retains that edge as topmost resource to leverage visual marketing, other resources including Pinterest and Instagram are rapidly gaining ground. Thousands of businesses worldwide are marking a significant presence on instant messenger, WhatsApp, through videos.

Deploy Artificial Intelligence

Though Artificial Intelligence or AI remains in embryonic stages at this moment, it’s a trend you’ll have to integrate with some elements of the business function. Ideally, integrating AI now would prepare a business for 2020 as technology advances to offer sophisticated solutions that mimic human intelligence.

Small and large organizations are cognizant of the fact that AI will prove indispensable during the forthcoming decade. Hence, some companies including banks are shifting customer care and other specific services to AI based platforms.

Business owners and managers, therefore, need to astutely appraise various functions where AI can replace processes that aren’t heavily dependent upon human intelligence.

Customer Engagement Programs

Social media facilitates superior level customer engagements. Blogs and social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and professional networking portal, LinkedIn enable high degree customer engagement.

Various social media platforms can be synergized to launch customer engagement programs. Businesses can launch social media campaigns to receive feedback brand positioning, pricing, product quality and other related issues through multiple social media channels.

Indeed, businesses can also launch contests while offering giveaways during such online customer forums.

Blogging & Social Media

Several countries consider blogs as informal media. However, they’re treated at par with formal media or news media. Primarily because bloggers usually express independent opinion. Hence, they’re considered as reliable sources of information.

Regardless, the utility of blogging remains vastly underexploited for business. Organization that utilize blogging aver, it adds weight to their regular marketing campaigns.

Therefore, another top social media trend businesses should actively consider is using blogs and promoting their content through social media. Used moderately and with superb content, a blog and its marketing on social media can provide businesses that much-needed killer marketing resource vital for success.

Partner with Influencers

Influencer marketing is the latest trend in social media marketing. Businesses small and large find influencer marketing extremely useful in promoting their products or services to niche markets online. Since influencers have dedicated followers, using one can send reputation of a business or its brand skyrocketing.

Micro-influencers within specific communities are also an essential component of this social media stratagem. Therefore, businesses may consider utilizing both, influencers that appeal to wider audiences and micro-influencers to target specific communities.

Influencers and micro-influencers work through multiple social media platforms. It is sometimes hard to identify fake social media influencers, therefore, a business remains assured of coverage through various channels by utilizing influencer marketing and micro-influencer marketing.  Both that distinct advantages that would prove beneficial for any business.

In Conclusion

These top social media trends would prepare any business for 2020 and the decade beyond. Obviously, some are emerging trends. Hence, they’re likely to mushroom in coming years. However, these right time to derive the best of these trends while keeping pace with their development in the coming years. Understandably, following some of these social media trends is fairly pricey. Hence, a business needs to allocate adequate budget for 2020 and beyond.07

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