6 Simple Ways C-Level Executives Can Leverage Webinars for Brand Growth

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Webinars have become the draw-card for all new start-ups and businesses around the world. It’s an excellent content marketing technique and brings in a huge crowd from potential customers to sponsors and business officials. Those who feel the need to give their brand an extra push in the right direction can take the help of webinars to get info about their products out into the world and increase productivity. 

There are instances where people are unaware of your brand but interested in the topic of discussion; in times like these, webinars are an important source of relevant material regarding a service. This requires entrepreneurs to be creating top-tier webinars for prospects to generate maximum leads. Luckily for you, we’ve arranged six ways in which you can use webinars to stimulate brand growth.  

Make the content impactful.

Your content is the reason viewers will stick around till the end, so if you fail to deliver on that account then you’re at a major loss. Webinars are meant to engage and educate their audience on the problem being addressed.

  • Try to sound less promotional.
  • Offer valuable and relevant information that viewers can’t resist coming back to.

Providing them a source of useful material in various forms showcases your capabilities and persuades people to get others involved in your webinar.

Webinars give entrepreneurs the opportunity to break up their content, making it easier for audience members to digest and grasp throughout the course of a panel or video.

Make use of audio and visual technology, or an interactive whiteboard to stand out from other webinars happening on other channels.

Generate buzz.

How are you going to land an audience before the night of the webinars?

The answer is, by using social media, mailing lists, and other channels as a means of getting invitations across to prospective clients and customers.

Software development companies offer Digital marketing services like social media campaigns which serve as a great way to create hype around an event or in this case, a seminar.

Similarly, having business executives prepare a short video invitation with a personalized message also leaves a good impression on clientele and encourages them to show up for the webinar. This is also the right time to create some urgency regarding your webinar, reminding them that it is only available for a limited time. If you create the impression that it is available any time then people might put it off to a later date, and then forget. 

Pitch your product, but don’t force it.

Presenters are trying to sponsor a product, yes, but they also need to sell a brand image and uplift its reputation. It’s important to consider what you’re trying to present to the crowd and how you’re presenting it. Webinars are a great method for lead generation and brand-building. It gives you a platform to reach people with hard-hitting information about your brand and convince them to buy your product. 

Cross-promote to bring about growth.

Relationship building is an important factor in running a smooth business operation.

First-time business owners wishing to build their brand can partner with other existing brands in the industry to create a buzz about their products. Through complementary services and offers, you can attract a larger audience and establish connections with the audience. Cross-promotion gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to bring growth and brand equity that another brand already has.

Webinars can be the ultimate spot to pull such a trick by having an executive from another well-known brand host your panel, making your brand stand out from the competition. 

Keep your audience engaged.

Driving engagement throughout the webinar can be a hassle if you go in unprepared. You don’t want to miss your shot by disengaging prospects and leaving them feeling unsettled about your product.

The best way to go about this is by providing short handouts, surveys, polls, and notepads for audience members to note down questions they can ask at the end of the panel. Once clients are shown that they can discuss their queries, they’ll be inclined to show more participation throughout the webinar, and even after.

Reports claim that 40 percent of the audience in a webinar makes use of the engagement tools provided. This especially comes in handy when you’ve given viewers a pdf handout or a pamphlet that they can refer to in the future.

Also, remember to not overwhelm your viewers with exceedingly frequent webinars. You need to gradually build and gather relevant content to maintain audience participation, without sounding repetitive or boring.

When you share valuable information customers will ascertain you as a trustworthy source and will display readiness to engage with your brand and products. 

A webinar isn’t a presentation. Know the difference.

Presentations and panels take place in business settings on the daily, but what makes webinars different? Webinars offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to grip and engross the audience in the topic of discussion. Think out-of-the-box and try to maximize the impact of your webinar through different approaches. 

Try opening up the panel for discussions and have a C-suite executive answer questions regarding the product or service you’re pitching. Don’t present your webinar as a lecture, but more of an interactive board where the audience can hold loose discussions and gain in-depth knowledge about your brand. This lays the foundation for a bond-in-the-making between your brand and prospective clients. Webinars leave room for business officials to get creative and attract larger crowds, which isn’t normally as impactful with just slideshows. 

In summary 

Treat your brand like it’s more than just a name, a tagline, and a logo. The end result should be to leave your audience with an idea about your brand and what it’s all about. These techniques can help companies utilize webinars to their maximum potential and build a loyal community of viewers and prospective clients. Regardless of your approach, webinars can be powered to be effective tools in driving sales and growth for a running or start-up business.

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