How to Spread the Word About Your New App and Reach the Target Audience

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Those days are gone when app marketers used to jump on their feet after the app was developed and became ready for launch. Now, marketing starts just when your app is still undergoing production. We all know that app marketing, in most cases, begins by spreading the word far and wide among fellow-minded people. The question is how effectively a mobile app development company can do that? What are the ways to make your app visible to a maximum number of people? Well, here we are going to explain some of the critical ways to spread the word about your app effectively.

Have your press kit ready

To make your app visible to a broader audience, you, first of all, need to keep yourself ready to use the press. The press kit must offer precise and relevant information about the value proposition of your app. It should come with visual depictions and brand elements like a high-resolution logo, sample app screens, the app icon, a well-written press release, a micro-website, and a teaser. A catchy name and a visually appealing icon are the must-have things. 

Besides, make sure the app description gives a fair idea about the app, and the screenshots of the app can attract customer attention. Since many people search with keywords, your description must have highly relevant keywords from your app niche. 

Deciding the Right Context Reach Out to Users

 Not all marketing messages appeal all the time to the same person. Similarly, not all marketing messages make any appeal to a person going through a particular situation. This is why to help your message to pass through the audience’s attention, and it is essential to know the right time and place to reach out.

Some apps do exceptionally well in terms of gaining attention by targeting some events related to their business niche. For example, retail and mobile commerce apps generally do great business during yearly holiday seasons such as Christmas or Black Friday.

Depending on this timing, the app marketers can step in with promotional offers, exclusive discounts, and offers. For a new app, these events and special dates create great opportunities to push sales through public relations activities. Simultaneous PR activities are also essential to take opportunities for these contexts. 

Generate Validation by User Generated Content 

User-Generated Content (UGC), which refers to content created and shared by users, can instantly create a positive validation about the value proposition of an app. According to most experts, a significant portion of searches results primarily due to user-generated content.

Apart from influencing other would-be users and prospects through the positive feedback and content of your existing users, this also helps in allowing the users to exercise some control over your app marketing. Through user-generated content, you can make users feel more critical and valued.

 Apps across multiple channels can utilize User-generated content. You can use the video content showcasing users on YouTube and similar channels. You can encourage users to share their feedback with some images and photographs across social media channels. You can also publish that user-generated content in your micro-website created for the app.

 Develop an Excellent Website for the App

 To give your app a substantial web presence and spread the word far and wide, you should build a small few pages lengthy micro-website showcasing all the essential information and value proposition of the respective app in detail. Though primarily downloads will happen through App Store or Play Store, you can generate a high volume of download traffic through your website.

The same website can tell a story about the app concept and how it was built. Storytelling about the app can make people seriously interested in your value proposition. You should provide the links of the App Store and Play Store listing of the app. You should also encourage the users to share the app with friends and close ones with a link.

A Robust Social Media Presence 

Finally, a social media presence is a must for any new app which is trying to reach out to new users. Social media comes as the cheapest and most easily accessible medium, but since these platforms are full of distractions and you as a beginner in the app business cannot manage too many platforms, you need to make a conscious choice of your preferred platforms. Facebook and Twitter are almost irrefutable mediums. Instagram is excellent for all consumer-focused apps with visual content. LinkedIn is a must-have for apps targeted to professionals, businesses, and techies.

As for social media posts, always maintain optimum variety and diversity by using different types of content while still remaining focused on the relevance and uniqueness. Try to maintain regularity and a sustained frequency with posts for each social platform. Always utilize social analytics to know where you need to improve and how your social media presence is working.

Unleash An Appealing Teaser

A teaser videos us something that can inform users about the app besides allowing them to share the teaser with their friends and known people. The trick is to create an engaging teaser that, on the merit of its content, attracts a lot of people to share it. If you can manage to make a funny teaser for your app viral over a week, you have just spread the word quite effectively. Make the video short, appealing, and make sure it evokes a strong feeling with a storyline.


App marketing is not challenging if you can master the art and science of reaching out to the target users through multiple channels. It needs patience and persistent effort to see your app gain visibility among target users.

Nathan McKinley is Business Development Manager at Cerdonis Technologies LLC  iPhone app developers in USA designing and developing iOS apps for various devices with next-level security and robust innovative approach. With more than 6+ years of experience for various tech domains, he has accumulated knowledge of tech vulnerabilities that he’s now sharing through his writing skills as a core expert at it. 

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