10 methods of growing your business using Marketing automation

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Starting up and maintaining your business needs a lot of intensive marketing work for you to boost sales and to establish a strong brand in the market. However, not everything goes smooth in business, so you need to be highly selective with the strategies you implement. To grow the business nowadays, you need to understand that traditional methods are taking a backseat.

This is why you need to keep up and develop a marketing strategy that works. There are new innovative methods to grow the business, the top being the marketing automation. Here are ten methods you can use this marketing strategy to grow your business:

Record new customers using sign-up forms

The first step to initiate an automated marketing campaign is to add a sign-up form on your website. The form will help you collect the information you need to start channelling the marketing content to interested customers.

You will have a list of customers or potential customers to which you will send automated content consistently and it will also help you know them by name. You can choose using a third-party service to develop a sign-up form that may be a pop-up, sidebar, or slider.

Give loyal customers special treatment

Nothing equates to giving the customers special treatment. So, you have to include a part that will make them feel special for being your customers and being loyal to you. You can automate a thank you message alongside a coupon for the returning customers or a voucher that will make them return.

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Automate welcome emails

Once the potential customers have signed up for the newsletters and other updates, you should extend gratitude and a warm welcome. It may be hard to do this if you have no automation software because that would mean you have to send each email individually.

Giving them attention while they are still hyped up on your brand and products will lay a good foundation to a long-lasting relationship. You can add links and reasons why receiving messages from you is beneficial to them.

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Automated reminders

If you are building up momentum for a big promotion or an event that’s coming up, you can automate reminders and even sometimes a countdown. Creating a sense of urgency like this will help you get more customers engaged in that promotion.

Remind your customers to call again

You shouldn’t forget the active customers you have on the contact list. They also need to be encouraged to call again and buy your products. Failure of doing so will cause them to go to the cold leads list, which is bad for business.

You need to make a list of automated emails that focus on reminding them about the products. You can start by thanking them for their most recent purchases and then market more products to them. You can also add discounts and new products to the range of products.

Revive cold leads

If you have cold leads or prospects that aren’t responsive anymore, you shouldn’t be discouraged. You can work to revive the cold leads and get back the customers using automated emails. You could also include special offers that are related to their latest purchases and convey that you miss them.

The emails work best if they are a series, so on the second email, you can include a questionnaire that asks them why they left. Reviving these cold leads will help you know where you went wrong and will also improve your sales.

Automate the social posts

Besides the automated emails, you can also include automating the social media content you post. The first step to this is to have a social media management tool for you to manage the accounts across all platforms. These platforms help you schedule the social posts beforehand, which minimizes the time you need to log in and post each post.

This way, if you don’t have time to update the social media accounts constantly, you can still find balance in the social posts. You can also branch out to content curating platforms, which tell you which content is relevant to the customers.

Choose the perfect automation software

To effectively implement automated marketing software, you should have the right tools to do so. Choosing the perfect automation software depends greatly on the type of business and personal taste.

Are you more of an easily navigable interface or that doesn’t matter to you? The answer to that question will get you started on the search for automation software. What matters the most is fully understanding the platform you use because that is what will help you derive great benefit from it.

Add a call-to-action after new user signup

Once you have initiated automating the marketing strategy, you should improve it by adding features that will entice the customers. That includes having a page where you don’t only thank your recently signed up customers, but you also direct them to take action.

Add a call-to-action where the customers will be able to go buy the products or read through the content. The direct call-to-action link or button will help the customers become more decisive and not just use the website to window shop but to actually buy.

Double opt-in your users

Double opt-in for you new customer signups is quite important as you get to know that you are sending content to people that really exist. When a user types in their email, they may misspell or get a certain detail incorrectly or even purposefully type in a non-existent email.

To curb wastage of company’s resources with these emails, you need to confirm from the beginning if they actually work. The customers you will get will be of higher value and with more seriousness, so it is beneficial adding double opt-in features creatively in your website.


Automating marketing is a great way to focus the efforts on high-quality customers that will be able to be nurtured using automated emails. While on the other hand, using social media management systems will also help you save considerable amounts of time. Automated marketing strategies make life simpler because you don’t have to track customers every now and then to fulfill their marketing needs. If you use these tools effectively, you will get more conversions, sales and you will also increase your revenue.

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