Top 7 Facebook Quiz Marketing Secrets Used to Capture Your Data

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Facebook quizzes have been a big thing ever since their emergence. We’ve all played those personality quizzes on end, to find out which popular movie or book character we are. 

But did you know that they play an integral role in the marketing of a product, and the data collection process? 

Data is perhaps one of the most critical pieces of information that every marketing executive can use. 

With unique, honest, and valid user data, a good marketing executive can construct a sophisticated, functional, and powerful marketing strategy. This quiz-based marketing strategy could serve a myriad of purposes, such as:

  • Increasing ROI
  • Increasing Sales
  • Refining Company Reputation
  • Improving Product/Company/Service Recognition 

If you’re looking to gain these benefits, you’re going to need to know some insider secrets. Insider secrets are necessary for optimizing your Facebook quiz marketing game, and utilizing them within your strategy is going to help you gather as much data as possible on your potential customers. Luckily, we’ve provided the seven best insider secrets on the topic, which you can find neatly listed below.  

General Subliminal Advertising Efforts

It’s no secret that, if you want to complete a Facebook personality quiz, you have to provide quite a lot of private information. 

Now, no practical exam is going to ask you to give out any deep-rooted secrets, but general and commonplace pieces of data can be precious.

To market through these quizzes while also collecting data, all a quiz maker needs to do is create an enticing exam. 

They can include in-depth personal questions, while subliminally advertising their product or service.

It can be done in more ways than one. For example, when you’re playing a quiz and the topic is food, you’ve most likely seen a couple of popular brands represented throughout.

That’s not a coincidence and is a very in-depth, smart advertisement tactic. You’re also providing chock-full of data that might seem insignificant to you, but it gives critical insight to the company that quizzes you. 

It’s All About You

When you’ve taken a quiz before, especially a Facebook personality quiz, you’ve most likely noticed that all the questions are about you. 

It humours the inner need to express ourselves and is effectively making people give out relevant data about themselves.

Now, that’s not much of a secret; it’s a robust methodological approach to an advertisement through quizzing. If you notice that the vague Facebook quiz is kind of specific, you see this tactic at play. 

Driving People Towards the Quiz

The quiz might be based on Facebook and might garner most of its users on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not advertised elsewhere. 

As exams are a straightforward way to collect an abundance of data, it’s not rare that Facebook quizzes are found all around the internet.

Reddit, Instagram, and even independent websites might lead to Facebook. The point of this is to drive the population to your platform and your survey. 

It will both ensure that you’re playing the game of the marketing professional and giving out valuable pieces of data. 

An Abundance of Results

Replay value plays an extremely vital role in the lifespan of the average Facebook quiz. 

Personalizing the results of your quiz is going to entice players to play it again. If you have a different set of questions and possible answers, you’re going to garner more and more data.

It’s daringly simple and allows advertisers to gain quite a lot of data through the use of one single quiz. 

Having a lot of different results to the same set of questions is not out of the question either. Most people tend to like short, entertaining, and informative texts accompanied by assumptions and fun images. It’s a win-win situation.

In-Depth Market Research 

Any form of advertisement requires proper market research to back it up, as you need to know your demographic. 

You can’t expect to market skateboards to octogenarians, and that is why you should do thorough research before attempting to sell anything through quizzes.

Facebook quizzes have great data-capturing potential, yet that data is completely worthless if the market research hasn’t been done. 

Knowing all about your target audience is the first key to the quiz making, data capturing, and advertising process. 

Personalized Advertisement and Presentation

We’ve touched upon this in the previous section, but marketing to the right demographic is essential, especially when you’re using Facebook quizzes

Facebook personality quizzes are a great way to gather as much data as humanly possible, and personalizing the process is going to get you far better results.

If you’re looking for valid, quality, and usable data – you’ll have to give your quizzes a dash of humanity. 

Quizzes are entertaining, but surveys are not. Surveys carry a bad rep because they mostly present their questions bluntly, in a monotone and bland format.

However, quizzes and surveys serve the same role in a marketing strategy, and the data collection is entirely equal. It’s all about how you present it. 

Proper Quiz Type Selection

When you’re taking a personalized Facebook quiz, you are given two different options. 

Either you’re going to take a vague quiz that might determine a couple of different things, or you’re taking a test-based quiz on a topic.

Both of these are virtually the same thing, represented in entirely different forms.

While a vague quiz is going to require you to push a few buttons and then select a couple of options, a test-based quiz on a topic is going to require a little more effort.

This effort is usually nothing substantial but will make you give out more in-depth information. 

Facebook wholly supports this, and marketing tactics can benefit quite a lot from more detailed and sophisticated pieces of information. These are less popular though, so be careful which one you pick. 


Long story short, there are ample ways for you to collect some data through the power of Facebook Quizzes. 

Big companies are already using this fun little platform to gather much-needed customer information for their marketing strategies.

If you’re a consumer, there isn’t much reason to be alarmed. While you are providing companies with information, it’s non-infringing. Your data can be used to improve a product so it will suit you better.

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