6 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Include Photo Products In Your Marketing

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As the infamous saying goes; one look at the product itself tells you more than a hundred personal statements and advertisements. The saying though not seen in action in college applications sadly is well versed in product marketing. In the world of today where you can’t make everyone analyse your product directly, you can make them look at your products remotely, thanks to the internet. Product Photography has been gaining quite an increasing fame every day and there’s an increased demand for Graphic designers in the market. Why? Let’s find out.

1. Engagement

Engagement of people with your products is an essential part of maintaining your market, and let’s be honest; you can’t develop engagement with 100 words of description. Everyone is short of time in this fast-paced world; you need to make things more approachable, convenient; something that delivers a thousand words with a single look; pictures. 

Think about Instagram and Tumblr’s boosting success… people love images, they like to scroll down through pictures more than they love to read boring descriptions written in 3rd person, for some people, it’s exhausting to read a lot, especially an article that compels them towards a certain product! 

2. Visually appealing is a thing

Considering Adobe, with all its fancy applications on making media more aesthetic, it has managed to pull out billions of dollars from around the globe. A possible reason behind its success, besides many more, is that people tend to pay more attention to things, in this case, photos, that stand out. Adobe brings you all the things you need to make that happen. Imagine a black and white photo amongst all the colourful ones, how successfully it manages to catch your attention. 

Making your photos visually appealing by controlling its brightness and contrast can be very catchy. A survey on Instagram marketing showed that people liked pictures more when they were correctly toned, which means they pay more attention to pictures visually appealing and attention is all you need. Once you have that attention, it becomes easier to imprint your products in their minds. 

3. Visual learners are everywhere

Imagine 2 McDonalds advertisements, one with 20 lines of description and other with no description but just an image of M in yellow against a bright Red background and some pictures of flying coke and burgers around the M. Which one would you remember more? 

The idea that people remember a concept more when presented pictorially than expressed in fancy wordings.

Now, how about making that picture advertisement catchier and more unique by using some catchy words, images, and icons that no one expects in a normal advertisement. “Hey, did you see that image the X Company posted on Instagram, God it was so crazy”. And that is how you become the talk of the town. 

4. Planned maintenance and Inspection of your product

The art of faking is highly depreciated in the business world, it can turn you from a total hero to a complete zero. As much as we love the sight of increased inflow of S with two parallel lines crossing it vertically, we don’t want to make the inflow by fooling around with people because trust me; once you’ve got a negative image in the minds of people, turning it back positive can be quite a headache.

One should ask, how would a pictorial advertisement help in quality control? Well, how about you are, say, selling an edible product and your product looks nothing like that in the picture… Can you imagine the disappointment it brings? 

Advertising your products via images in itself is a quality checker; you don’t want to sell people products that look nothing like the one in the picture in one hand while at the same time you wouldn’t want your pictures to turn out dull and repellent, hence to make your pictures attractive, besides using the magic of Graphic experts, you have to make your products attractive. When you plan to take pictures of your products, you subconsciously plan its maintenance. Win-Win. You’d still need a quality controller or safety Inspection for your product itself, besides it being appealing visually, but that’s a whole other topic.

5. Pictures have a Fast accent 

Faster than any dialect of the world, they communicate directly with your thoughts. Studies prove that it takes at least 10 seconds to process a thought generated by reading a piece of written material while it takes only 100 milliseconds to process the emotions generated by pictures ( the emotions being dependent on the colour, contrast, and content of the picture).

Considering how fast-paced the world is today, 10 seconds (only to process the thought, not read it) is a lot of time for someone to stay on a single page and read your boring advertisement explaining why they should choose you? People like to scroll fast on their phones, and you need ways to pour the images of your product quickly into their minds before they scroll any further. Unexpected pictures with striking contents are one of the ways to go.

6. We love traffic 

We hate the traffic physically on the roads, but we love traffic on our websites and blogs. A Survey shows that articles which contain pleasant pictures receive 90% more views than ones with boring black words against a white sheet; the age of black and white is long gone. Also, articles with images are more likely to be shared. What else can you ask for… increased traffic will boost chances for increased sales and increased activity which equals increased S with 2 vertical lines.

Although the article provides a shallow analysis of why to use pictures, one thing is for sure; we live in the era ruled by the internet and social media and the saturation of the market around the Internet makes it harder to approach. Innovative ways to approach people is a plus point and one of those ways is to use well-toned pictures with appealing, striking and unexpected content.

Shawn Mack is a content writer who offers ghostwriting, copy-writing, and blogging services. His educational background in business and technical field has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He is also fond of writing interesting blogs on technology & digital marketing related topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Upkeep.

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