Influencer Marketing for Mobile Apps: How to Succeed at It?

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Mobile app development, an industry that continues to evolve rapidly today. With innovative apps and skilled developers constantly working on delivering ground-breaking projects, staying afloat with the competition in this industry is paramount. 

In fact, every developer today dreams of creating an app that tops the charts. However, considering the stiff competition and millions of apps with similar features, applying the right development strategies and letting the people know what your app can offer is the key. 

But the real question is- how do you achieve that feat? Well, if there’s one thing that certainly comes to mind is Influencer marketing. In fact, according to a statistic, about 17% of global developers today spend more than half of their budget on Influencer Marketing. Here’s a little statistic on that. 

So if you own an app and still wondering how to succeed in influencer marketing, here’s our detailed take on the different strategies you can follow to achieve your influencer goals for the app. 

How to Succeed at Influencer Marketing for Mobile Apps? 

Have a look at some of the steps that you can follow to succeed at Influencer Marketing for your app. 

1. Set Your Targets

Behind any successful campaign is a concrete target and strategy. The idea should be to set a precise goal and requirement that you want to achieve from the Influencer campaign before knocking on the door of any celebrity or influencer today. Hence, here’s what you need to know when it comes to setting up a target. 

  • Know what is your requirement from the campaign. Whether the plan is to let people know about your app or increase downloads, etc. 
  • Analyze what results you would achieve from particular cooperation. 
  • Understand what should be the most comfortable budget for the campaign before you proceed. 

2. Pick the Most Suitable Platform

One of those areas where in-depth research is the name of the game, picking the right platform for your campaign is amongst the prominent priorities for various app marketing companies today. The idea here is to understand your audience and know which platform is a go-to choice for the majority of your audience. Be it Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, targeting the platform that the majority of your audience uses should be the topmost priority even if it costs a dime more. 

Besides, here’s something you need to know when there’s a question of picking the right platform for an Influencer Marketing campaign. 

  • Instagram is one platform that has the highest number of influencers using it today. In fact, it had about 69% of global influencers in the year 2019 alone with more than 50% of micro-influencers worldwide using it. Not only this, but all the top influencers and celebrities are on this platform and nearly 85% of them believe that Instagram posts and stories are better content formats for influencer marketing as compared to others. Have a look. 

  • Youtube is considered as the second most important platform for influencer marketing with 70% user preference and falls only behind Instagram (89%) in the list. 
  • Twitter falls way behind Instagram and Youtube at 5th place with a 33% share of interest amongst influencers. 

3. Make it Look Real

App users around the world today are smart enough to easily figure out the difference between a marketing advertisement and a story. Hence, the idea of a successful influencer marketing campaign is to narrate a story that appeals to the users. 

Gone are the traditional methods of marketing. Today, users trying different apps are more bothered about how a particular application can be an asset in their lives. So the idea should be to tell a story and make it as true as possible. 

4. Give the Influencers Some Freedom

Nowadays, Influencers running marketing campaigns are innovative and creative in their own way and try to bring the best out of any campaign by improvising their styles. 

However, many app owners make a mistake of not giving the required freedom to the influencers and impose their will upon them which ultimately leads to a failure of the whole campaign. Hence, for any app owner wanting to bring the best out of a campaign, giving the influencers that vital creative freedom should be the name of the game. Something that features amongst the primary tips of collaborating with influencers, the idea here is to be open to new ideas coming from the influencer. Once an influencer is free to dictate terms of the campaign, only then can you expect a notable outcome.

In fact, according to a survey, nearly 58% of influencers today feel that creative freedom is their top-most priority if they are to identify a campaign as their most favourite project followed by the simplicity of the project. Have a look. 

5. The Power of Analytics

Last but not the least, analytics plays a major role in determining the success of a particular campaign. It is vital for an app owner to set up analytics in order to track the performance of the influencer he/she has hired to do the job. Analytics often helps in tracking whether a particular campaign is heading in the right direction or not. 

It can even help in determining new techniques and features to add to the app through the data received. Hence, in order to succeed at any influencer marketing campaign for the app, the significance of Analytics increases all the more. 

Closing Thoughts

Digital marketing is increasingly becoming popular and influencers have a colossal role to play in it. While the success of any influencer campaign depends on a number of factors, the ultimate goal is to reach as much audience as possible and make the app a talking point amongst users. 

If followed correctly, the above-mentioned steps including a few more can guarantee a successful influencer marketing campaign and significantly enhance the popularity of the app. So if you have any questions, feel free to connect with us or head over and share your thoughts about the article in the comments section below.

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