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Last year, the number of active followers on Pinterest grew to 335 million, which is a 26% growth in this number. It is amazing that a social media platform that people were using for long to pin their bedroom, or office makeover, has now become a powerful platform for marketers and businesses alike.

In 2010, Pinterest came into existence, and it was an innovative social media platform. This handle allowed people to create numerous boards, like marriage, makeover, and so on, and pin images to it.

It came in handy when you had to change your room’s décor or look for a wedding dress option. But gradually, the marketing department of businesses saw the potential of Pinterest as a medium to reach more customers globally.

It can aid them in getting better traffic and engagement rate for their website. If you use the best of images, people will pin it to their board and head to your blog, website, or app. For this to happen though, you need to work on a strategy that strictly focuses on Pinterest. Moreover, you need to understand how this platform works and how your business can benefit from it.

Once you do that, follow the tips that we are discussing below to optimize Pinterest in the best way for marketing your brand. Before that, let’s check out some statistics so that brands who think Pinterest is not a serious marketing platform can see their mistake.

  • Pinterest is the fourth powerful social media platform.
  • In 2019, it earned a revenue of $1.4 billion.
  • If your brand targets women, especially moms, you should be on Pinterest, as 80% of pinners are women. (In the US)
  • 247 million Pinterest users are residing outside the US.
  • 78% of pinners are looking for branded content. Right now, 97% of searches are unbranded. So, if your brands consistently upload fresh content on Pinterest, it can be a significant change.
  • As an advertiser, you can reach 169 million more people if you use this platform.
  • Pins showing a service or product in action work 67% better in driving sales.


Let’s look at the tips…

1.      Create a business account

For anyone who is trying to drive traffic from Pinterest to their blog or website or any platform where they make money, they should use a business account. You can create a separate business account, or convert your account into one. It is fairly simple to do so.

The benefits you get from doing this are as follow:

  • You get to display your company name, which helps with brand identity.
  • You can access the marketing content, which can help to drive more sales and leads for your brand.
  • Help with analytics of your pins or boards, which helps with creating a better content marketing strategy.
  • It also gives you a blue tick on your account, verifying it, which you cannot get with a personal account.

2.      Give a brief description of your brand

Describing your brand helps people identify with it, and understand what you will be offering to them. It also makes your brand unique from others as no two brands can have one description. There are few things to keep in mind though:

  • Keep it short. Three to four lines are enough.
  • Make it appealing, use humour, if you can.
  • Use industry and niche related keywords, so that people can search for your brand better.

3.      Make sure your content is creative 

Yes, you pin mostly images on Pinterest, and that is why they have to be the best. But you have to write text, and you can pin other types of content as well. That is why make sure that whatever content you are pinning on your board is the best.

Make use of a vertical image as they are best for mobile, and most users are smart-phone users. It also enables you to get the best quality. Also, don’t shy away from editing or creating original images with Canva, which has templates for the same.

Describe the image in the caption as knowing what they are seeing has more impact on people.

You should include a headline with keywords for better results.

Make sure your logo is present in every pin. Otherwise, when people re-pin, it can get lost.

4.      Plan before when an event or occasion is coming

When a holiday or occasion is coming up, people start planning gifts and makeovers. If your brand is related in any way to any of the upcoming holidays or events, start planning and pinning your posts at least 45 days in advance. In 2018, there were 58 million searches for valentine days, it is huge, and if you already have content that people can pin, your traffic will increase by a lot.

As a marketer, you should schedule and plan for such seasons or holidays. Curate a team that has visuals and content planned, and start pinning them as soon as possible.

5.      Complete your profile

The 160-character limit is not much, but if you are smart about it, it can be a lot. So, make sure you use it in the best way possible and write a bio that includes all your vital information like how and where to contact you. If you don’t have such details, a person who wants to collaborate or have queries will be disappointed, and you can end up losing a prospect.

There are quite many profiles on Pinterest with incomplete bio, make sure you are not one of them.

Also, whenever you pin content, include a URL so that people can come to your website as the ultimate goal is to drive more traffic to your site.

6.      Be consistent with your posts

As it is with every social media platform, even with Pinterest, consistency is the key to success. A slight difference is that instead of filling your board with lots of images once or twice a week, pin one image daily. It will help you expand your brand more and connect with more people globally. Also, you can schedule your pins, so you don’t have to sit by and do it every day, you can schedule it and focus on other tasks.

7.      Keep arranging your boards

You should not keep one board at the top all the time. Especially if it is not relevant. For instance, having a Diwali idea board from January to October makes no sense. You can start pinning it above when September starts and removes once Diwali is over. If you don’t have relevant boards on top, people will have to scroll through a large number of boards which can be tiring. It may make them turn around and find an account which re-arranges their board timely.

8.      Don’t neglect rich-pins

Rich-pins can work wonders for your brand. They are similar to Google rich snippets. It means that you can add real-time price, or product information, and so on in rich pins. It can be quite beneficial for you as it attracts more customers. When there is more information and it is meaningful, people will click on your account faster.

Pinterest is a great visual social platform for all businesses. It is appealing and fun, so make your content accordingly. With these tips, start planning your content for Pinterest marketing strategies.

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