6 Instagram Marketing Tips and Hacks You Wish You Knew Before

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Social media marketing has taken off by leaps and bounds in the digital world. Both big and small businesses prefer to connect with their target audience through the power of social media.

In this day and age, pictures tend to get more attention than text. Hence, Instagram has evolved as arguably the best social marketing platform currently. It has contributed to the popularity and revenue of many emerging businesses. Instagram marketing also helps to build a brand and a solid follower base.

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It is for this reason that more and more modern entrepreneurs choose to market their products and services on Instagram. If you are still unaware of the benefits, we can enlighten you.

Benefits of Marketing on Instagram

As per SEM services, you have to focus on Instagram while thinking about digital marketing via social media.

  •     It leads to more engagement, and your followers keep returning to your page.
  • You can use Instagram photos to make your website prettier and more informative.
  •     You can target audiences across multiple channels and age groups.
  •     More and more customers are joining this platform and relying on its content.
  •     It is easy to reach your target audience.
  •     The visual aspect of Instagram appeals to prospective customers more than ads.
  •     Collaboration with artists is easier and cheaper.
  •     You can track sales and leads and build your brand here.

To reap these benefits, you need to be aware of certain tips and tricks that can boost up your marketing power.

6 Instagram Marketing Tips and Hacks You Wish You Knew

To make your brand and account more visible, you can try following certain rules and hacks that will up your digital marketing game.

  • Set a time slot to post content

To gain maximum visibility for a post, you should always choose a time slot that will get you the most reach and engagement. Like every social media platform out there, Instagram has its own optimal time period in which you should post content.

Many experts provide an optimal time chart for maximum engagement. However, you should not follow suggestions blindly. When it comes to your audience, the best idea is to observe their behaviour and come up with a time plan of your own.

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Posting content at the right time ensures you can reach maximum people and get the optimal number of likes, comments, and shares. This contributes to brand building and increases visibility among your target audience.

Many scheduling tools are available on the internet that let you queue posts and set a time for them. However, if you miss the adequate time, you can still take a chance and experiment with the new post timing. A late post is better than no post at all.

  • Use Hashtags smartly

Instagram hashtags are the best way to get noticed on the platform. If you use trending hashtags on your post, you will appear in search results and the Explore section of the platform.

Using smart Hashtags can increase your followers exponentially. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in each post, and many users opt to use all of them. However, it is on you to find a suitable number of hashtags that appeals to your audience. You don’t want to put off your viewers with blatant marketing tricks.

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Consider hiding hashtags in the caption itself, and following it with at least five or six of them. In need, you can also add some extra hashtags in the comments of your post.

You can find the trending hashtags through apps and tools. Also, consider checking out your competitors’ pages to discover the hashtags they have used.

  • Stay away from spammers and unwanted tags

No matter how beautifully you maintain your Instagram account, if you are not careful, the “Photos of You” section can ruin your reputation. With millions of users free to tag a public page in their content, it is not easy to check each post mentioning you.

However, untagging yourself from unwanted posts and blocking spammers is ultimately beneficial for your business. To simply remove a tag, you can go to the said photo, tap on your username, and simply select “Remove Me from Post”. After confirming “Remove”, the post will no longer appear on your page.

Often, people may tag you in unrelated content to gain attention, or upload an unflattering photo of you. Don’t hesitate to use the Untag option in these cases, as maintaining a clean Instagram is more advisable than ignoring these posts.

  • Balance stories & posts, and publish content regularly

When we say publish content regularly, that does not mean you need to post 10 times a day. Finding the optimal balance is necessary when aiming for an Instagram profile with high engagement.

Posting multiple times every day may reduce the attention each post will get. Similarly, allowing long gaps and days between posts will make you lose out on the followers’ interest. The best frequency is to post once every day.

In the case of stories, you can go beyond one and add multiple stories daily. Stories provide more brand engagement from the social media marketing outlook. However, posts have better reach in the long term. So, you should balance between posts and stories to gain maximum leverage.

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  • Create a routine to gain more followers

To become a successful Instagram marketer, you need to first gain followers for your account. There are many ways to gain followers if you are new to the platform or recently switching to a business account.

Some tips to increase Instagram followers are:

  •     Comment on other users’ posts, especially those with better reach and engagement than yours.
  •     Engage with your current followers through interesting and interactive captions.
  •     Tag brands and users on your photos, but only in relevant content.
  •     Collaborate with Instagram influencers for product promotion and placement. This is known as Influencer marketing.
  •     Zero in on your target audience and provide content that appeals to them.
  • Promote your brand through ads and tools

Instagram is a great place for promotional content and targeted sales. You can use Facebook Ads Manager to create and edit your ads. There are also other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tools that can guide you on Instagram promotions.

Another great marketing tactic is to include genuine customer review photos on your profile. This builds trust among your audience, who will then be more likely to click on links in your bio to access your website.

Several Instagram businesses post interactive stories and run contests to build engagement. This way, you can engage with buyers as well as start conversations with them. Once you know your audience and their choices, it will become easier to convert leads into sales.


Instagram has become the most effective digital marketing tool in recent times. With its huge user base and visually-focused content, it helps to connect with a large number of potential customers. And since more people are opting to buy products on the platform, this is the best time to give your business an Instagram boost! To reap these benefits, you need to be aware of certain tips and tricks. In such cases, you can consult digital agencies like Uplers to help you boost up your marketing power.

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