Instagram vs Facebook: Which Is The Best Fit For Your Business

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We are all in an era where social media holds a lot of importance in our lives. This influence has infiltrated deep and now affects every move a person makes, which often includes how we gather news, understand people, and buy everyday items or clothing. An increase in social media usage has occurred, which has become a significant aspect of digital marketing for businesses of all sizes. 

Digital marketing of products and services has been easier on social media platforms as there are chances of reaching millions of new customers WORLDWIDE. 

Among the top, the five most popular social media platforms perfect for digital marketing on social media are Facebook and Instagram. But which is the one that is best for you and your business? Let’s dig deep and help you find that out! 

Instagram vs. Facebook: The algorithms

Algorithms are mathematical rules that describe the behaviour of the data on the social media platform. They are required to maintain order, assist in searching result ranking and advertisements, and provide the users with a satisfying experience. Let’s understand the difference between the algorithms of Facebook and Instagram. 

How does the Facebook algorithm work?

The Facebook algorithm in 2020 is focused on providing its users with transparency and helping them understand the ranking signals. Every user receives data points or ranking signals representing their past behaviour and providing you similar posts in the future. The three main factors that affect the Facebook algorithm are: 

  • Comments– posts tend to fade away quicker from the page’s timeline if there are no comments left by people on it. This tells you about the engagement that is being raked in. 
  • Reactions– All posts on Facebook are prioritized as per the responses they receive. You may have noticed the different emojis that a person can use to react to a Facebook post. 
  • Sharing of links on messenger– Apart from sharing your beloved post from a brand page on your own, you can also share it with your friends on messenger. This increases interactions! 

How does Instagram algorithm work?

The algorithm decides all that a user sees when they are scrolling through their feed. Posts that are most relevant to the user are usually those that are on top. Factors that affect the Instagram algorithm are- 

  • The interest of the user– Instagram will flood your feed with the most relevant content. A signal is sent that decides on the content you see, and it usually holds relevance with the content the user sees or explores. So, this means that users will be suggested a brand depending on the already viewed data. 
  • How new the post is– Latest or new posts are usually pushed to the top of an Instagram user’s feed. This format leads to the older posts being pushed back and thus out of sight.   
  • Relationship with user– A user can see another person’s/brand new content only if they have interacted with you in the past. This makes the engagement process continuous. Also, it must be noted that increased engagement is critical to building a loyal audience. 

Instagram vs. Facebook: Marketing effectiveness

After gathering a background regarding the functioning of these two social media platforms, it is time to find out which would be perfect for your business! Let’s look at the difference between the two- 

  • Facebook has introduced to the world 15 years ago, and by 2019 had reached a total of two billion daily users. In its comparison, Instagram has introduced ten years ago, and by 2019, there were two billion active users. 
  • When it comes to the audience, both the platforms are homes to very different age groups. Facebook is a preferred choice amongst the older groups, and Instagram is used highly by under 30, especially the teenagers. 
  • Both applications are accessed over phones, but Instagram usage is a whopping 68% compared to Facebook’s 40%
  • But 74% of marketers claim to prefer Facebook as part of the social media marketing strategy. At the same time, 65% of marketers mention wanting to use Instagram in social marketing strategy. 
  • User engagement on a post on Facebook is about 0.09% but on Instagram, it is 1.60% per post. 
  • It is also important to mention here that Facebook allows the easy sharing of functional links in the posts, unlike Instagram, which obstructs the sharing of links. 

Reading these pointers will make you feel that Instagram may be a better choice for effective marketing. But you never know where you may receive higher engagement! So, ensure you understand the key to effective marketing is to increase engagement and, thus, loyalty among followers.

What are the advantages of Instagram over Facebook?


    • There are advanced targetable advertisement options available. 
    • It was reported that one-third of the users had made purchases from it. 
    • It has options present to track the ads to get to know the ROI. 
    • Unlike Facebook, Instagram possesses organic functionality, which means it can carry out functions similar to paid advertising without paying for it directly. 
    • The brand engagements on Instagram are ten times higher than that on Facebook, which increases for the brand to grow organically. 
    • All the information that you gather from Instagram can be applied to the general marketing efforts.  

Does Instagram Satisfy All Your Needs? 

Instagram is growing increasingly popular, and if this growth remains steady, it could take over Facebook. It can perfectly satisfy a business’s needs and help it grow organically, without the need for paid advertising or promotions. 

What are the advantages of Facebook over Instagram?


    • Facebook is perfect for content that is curated. Curated content is content that is not original. 
    • It allows writing long passages without any image, making it ideal for sharing news and updates by companies. 
    • Facebook is currently the only social media platform with the highest number of active daily users, i.e., 3 billion. 
    • The visibility of a brand is higher on Facebook because of the big user base. 
    • Unlimited link sharing can be done; thus, you can quickly push viewers towards your company website. 

Does Facebook Satisfy All Your Needs?

It certainly possesses certain features that Instagram does. But it comes with its fair share of shortcomings that may make your brand’s content to be rather monotonous and thus unappealing.

Why Not Use Both Social Media Platforms?

You can get the best of both worlds by utilizing the platforms together. Facebook owns Instagram, and with certain modifications, you can push the same content on both platforms. This will allow gaining access to a broader audience range, which could double the chances of increasing brand recognition. 

Differentiating Benefits from Features

Video  Full-length videos can be uploaded.  Longer videos become IGTV videos that require a change of format. 
Stories  Can be viewed and responded to.  Have been used creatively by brands for increased engagement. 
Business account  You will see a “shop now” feature present.  Can be enabled. 
Ads Manager  Present  Is present along with the way to break down the knowledge.
Groups  Can be made for community growth.  Feature not available. 
Live to stream  Can be structured to create a show.  The feature is still expanding. 

And the winner is..?

You must understand that you must pick a platform that works perfectly for your brand/business and identify your audience. Both platforms possess different ways to satisfy the needs of your customer! However, Instagram’s features give companies more luxury and scope for creating effective marketing campaigns! Hence, is the clear winner. What do you think?

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