How Designing a Marketing Organization Chart Benefits Your Business

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A marketing organization chart isn’t the first tool many companies would think to use when trying to build their brand. 

But there are numerous benefits to designing one, which is why it is advisable to design an organizational chart for not just your marketing team, but for the whole company. 

The structure of each department and how they fit together in the organization will differ—and your chart should reflect that.

There are four essential types of organization charts:

  • Vertical organizational chart (hierarchical organization chart) 
  • Horizontal organizational chart (flat organizational chart)
  • Matrix organizational chart
  • Creative organizational chart

Any of these charts could best suit your organization. Marketing teams tend to follow the vertical chart design, as you can see in this example below.

Source: Venngage

Smaller businesses may not have as many departments or employees, but they should still create org diagrams to outline who does what in their teams.

But if you’re still wondering why you need a marketing organization chart, we outline five benefits below and have included a handy graphic for you to refer to in the conclusion.

1. A Marketing Organization Chart Keeps Stakeholders Informed

No matter the size of your company, there will be external parties and stakeholders that team members engage with.

The marketing team often has to collaborate with other companies—for IT support, ad agencies, design work, audio-video support at events, vendors, and the like.

But do they know whom to contact in your company? Different people in a marketing team may have to make requests to the same external company—leading to orders being mixed up.

However, if the third party stakeholders have a marketing organization chart to refer to, they will know who they need to contact with regards to brand materials or on-site assistance.

Additionally, when speaking to investors, if you have a strong company structure to display in your meetings, you can allay any concerns they may have about the strength of your company.

2. Determine Company Structure with Marketing Organization Charts

No matter how small or large your company is, having a visual structure in place helps keep everyone aligned and smoothens workflow.

The marketing department is in high demand across the company—everyone needs them for promotions, content, and to discuss the next steps when a new product is launched.

But, just as for external parties, internal structures need to be defined so that the same people aren’t being overloaded with requests that they can’t handle.

If you have a social media team—or manager—you want them to focus on community building and sending out social posts.

You don’t want PR requests to be sent their way, even if they are good writers. That’s something the PR manager or agency can handle.

How do you ensure that the right marketing requests reach the right people? By creating a marketing organization chart, companies can ensure the internal funnel works efficiently.

3. Onboard New Employees with Marketing Organization Charts

A company layout is an essential document to include in onboarding materials, which is why adding a marketing organization chart needs to be a priority when onboarding new employees.

When somebody is new to the company, they’re still learning who the right people are to reach out to. Most teams are understanding of mistakes, but it can still create frustration.

To make everyone’s life easier—and to maintain the peace in-house—add a chart like the below example to the onboarding documentation.


Including a chart in the onboarding schedule will also help new marketing employees understand how they fit into the team and the company.

They can better understand the responsibilities they have to take on, thus improving their productivity.

4. A Marketing Organization Chart Streamlines Approvals

No matter what type of digital marketing your team is working on, approvals will be part of the content workflow. This is also where most roadblocks appear for marketing teams.

Whether approvals take place in-house or for external parties, having a process and structure to follow makes it easier for the content team to know whom to send their materials to.

If your company is working with external agencies, it is worth creating a marketing organization chart purely for content development and approval to share with the team.

Companies can use project management tools to streamline the approvals process. You can also visualize the approval process using a graph maker.

Paired with an organization chart, the process workflow will help the content team work better and faster.

5. Use Marketing Organization Charts to Spread Brand Awareness

A marketing organization chart is also a great marketing tool, particularly for B2B companies. 

Org charts display the ethos of a company and highlight the people behind the scenes, which is particularly important now when businesses are being asked to show how inclusive they are.

But as a B2B marketing tool, charts can be useful as they help organizations define the people in a target company that they want to target their marketing materials towards.

In Conclusion: Use a Marketing Organization Chart to Align Your Team

Using a marketing organization chart will help companies align teams both inside and outside your company.

Here are the ways that designing a marketing org chart will benefit your business:

  • Keep stakeholders aligned
  • Determine company structure
  • Onboard new employees
  • Streamlines approvals
  • Spreads brand awareness

Here’s a handy graphic outlining the five benefits of a marketing organization chart that you can share with your team.

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