These 10 browser extensions are the helping hands marketers should have!

If you ask a marketer what they want for Christmas, it would be — higher organic reach on Facebook, great Call To Action, the perfect GIF at the right time, more hours in a day, and Insta-graham crackers that could probably help crack their algorithms? 😶
If you asked them what they need, it would be a pair or two of extra hands.

Well, since that’s not possible IRL, here are few browser extensions that could up your productivity at 3x and make marketers want one pair less 😛

1. Grammarly

As a marketer, you know that words have power, so does wrongly spelled words and sentences 😶
This is why it’s always safe to have the Grammarly extension. With this, you can watch it light up your misspelled words, punctuation flaws, unhyphenated words, and phrasal predictions that help you frame sentences better or at least give your brain that thought to reconsider words and a lot more.

If you’re writing a piece of content on say umm Evernote or Medium, you could also tap on the extension and then on the ➕ icon near ‘New Document’ and Copy, Paste the text to be reviewed.


You can also activate the definition/ synonyms feature within the extension that allows you to double click only a word and it’ll prompt the meaning as well as the synonym of the same.

2. Bitly

Bitly is a URL shortener to create the perfect short URLs for your business. It helps you shorten, create and share branded links with custom domains to make it more personalized and less ugly. It’s also great for social platforms that have a character limit.

With this Bitly extension, you can shorten links to leave you some space for more characters and make the URL more presentable.

3. Google Translate

It’s a ‘good to have’ extension since you’re communicating with people around the world who speak different languages.

All you have to do is click the Google translate extension whenever you want to translate the page you’re visiting. The best part about this extension is it also automatically detects if the language of a page you’re on is different from the language you’re using for your Google Chrome interface.

4. Yesware

This browser extension is the stalker and productivity tool we didn’t know we need. It helps you track your emails, make conversations quicker, create and save templates, run campaigns, syncs the Gmail calendar, and also set reminders for follow-up or meetings you schedule.

My personal favourite feature on Yesware is “Send Later” which allows you to craft emails at a time most convenient to you and then schedule it for a later date or right after that call as a follow-up email!

5. Giphy

As marketers we know GIFs have the best engagement, conveys emotions and messages in a shorter span of time. With the extension, it’s super easy to share GIFs to other websites!

All you have to do is, tap on the extension, type the keyword, find that perfect GIF and that’s it!⚡️

6. Crowdfire

The Crowdfire extension helps you schedule posts seamlessly while you’re browsing!
So, when you’re on the web app and see something you’d want to share with your audience, all you have to do is highlight and right-click any piece of text and tap on the Crowdfire logo that pops up.

You can choose to edit your posts, add the social accounts you’d like to publish to by clicking on the plus button and then share!

7. WhatFont

I think most of us have been through situations where we’ve loved how a font looks on an infographic but have had zero clues about it.
We’ve also dug deeper into the font list and used our favourite assistance- Google to figure that one particular beautiful-looking text.

For websites, WhatFont’s extension has got you covered! 😍
All you have to do is tap on the extension and hover on the text and you’ll see it prompt the font!

8. Similar sites

Similar Sites by the name is self-explanatory, it helps you find similar websites across the internet.
All you have to do is tap on the extension when you’re on the website and it’ll show you other similar sites.

The tool shows useful site analytics and information like traffic origins, rank, average visits, and more.
A must-have for everyone who needs to collect valuable competitor’s information or other options for sites you’re browsing.

9. CloudApp

This App helps you create visuals, explanatory videos, improves internal communication, and more.
Having the extension boosts your productivity as you can use it to share an error you’d like your internal team to fix,  a screenshot with annotations highlighting what you want to focus on, or a quick how-to video like the one below that shows you how to log into Crowdfire via Facebook.

login to Crowdfire.gif

10. Tab Suspender

The last thing you’d want to watch your machine do is slow itself down or freeze in the middle of your research or while hopping between tabs. This extension yells “Stress no more” as it suspends the tabs that are not in use, and frees up the memory of your Chrome browser.
You can choose from automatically or manually suspending those tabs that have been inactive for a while, only to reactivate them when needed by browsing back to them.

This way you can save up memory, reduce the load on your device, battery and heat.

That’s all folks!⚡️

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