10 Social Media Hacks for Businesses

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We’re sure that you’re a business owner looking for proven social media hacks that would help grow your business. Well, you aren’t alone. In fact, every company does its best to stay ahead of their competitors and keep their business afloat. 

Social media is the backbone of today’s marketing strategy—every marketer and business owner understands it very well. But it’s a little difficult to run multiple social media accounts and reaching out to the right people at the right time. Simultaneously, following some less-known hacks would keep you ahead in the social media game by establishing and nurturing good relationships with your target audience.

Kim Garst, an American businesswoman, author, and online business strategist, has said, “Successful social media marketing isn’t built on impressions but relationships”.

Since the novel coronavirus hit the world in December 2019, businesses worldwide have been facing unprecedented hardships. Fortunately, some government agencies and companies like Designhill have come up in their rescue, each with their own different ways. Their ultimate goal is to help these COVID-19 affected businesses flourish by addressing their issues. This help could be as small as creating logos for their businesses for free or providing a moratorium on their loans/ outstanding amount for the crisis period.

If you want to take your branding efforts to the next level through social media hacks, keep reading this article. We’ve rounded up some of the key hacks that have helped many businesses build their social media presence. 

Top Social Media Hacks for Businesses

Since human behaviour and society have drastically changed, you’ll also have to change your marketing strategies to stay connected with your target audience. People are mostly spending their time indoor, maintaining social distancing to curb the spread of the virus; social media has become more important than ever before to your business success. Managing your social accounts can be both thrilling and frightening, especially in the time when you’re working from home

But the best part of social media marketing is that you can get more attention to your posts and build a significant following sitting at your home. Here are essential hacks you should learn to increase your social media presence. 

Social Media Hacks for Businesses #1: Talk about trending topics

In the realm of the Internet where information is no sooner floated on different platforms than it’s rendered, trends have the ability to draw the attention of millions of people instantly and hold for a more extended period. So publish posts related to hot topics, including appropriate hashtags to reach out to more and more audiences. Through retweets and likes, your posts will explode across social media channels in a matter of no time.  

Social Media Hacks for Businesses #2: Invite people to like your page

Create a list of people you like your posts and then invite them to further like your page. Karie Lance—a renowned social media consultant—describes this little hack as one of her favourite Facebook business page tricks. “This less-known social media hack is now something I do once a week, and it has helped me consistently grow my Facebook likes,” she says. 

Social Media Hacks for Businesses #3: Boost traffic by sharing content everywhere

It’s a little but effective social media hack. Post your well-written relevant content across multiple social accounts at once. You can use content curation tools for it. The best feature of such tools is build-in scheduling that makes content creation an incredibly effortless task. 

“Content is king” is an adage, and it’s true, but even great content won’t work well if it’s not posted strategically. If you own multiple accounts, posting content manually after a regular interval may not be possible for you. Sometimes, according to the audience’s time zone, you may need to publish some posts in the early morning while others may be at midnight.

A social media management tool is the perfect solution to this problem. You’ll find plenty of apps, choose one that fits your need the best and automate your content posting across various accounts.     

Social Media Hacks for Businesses #4: Grow conversions using emoticons

Using emoticons in communication is a wonderful way to connect with your target audience on a more personal level. As part of a company’s marketing strategy, Neil Patel — a marketer, blogger, entrepreneur, an author—has dedicated one of his blog posts to the use of emoticons. Patel found that nearly 92% of online people use emojis, and businesses use this information to build relationships with their audience on a more human level. 

Growing business with social media is modern marketing strategies. And emoticons and gifs are most important in communication and in caption makes it more engaging!

So you should include smiley faces, animals, hearts, etc. to get a message across effectively and peculiarly. 

Social Media Hacks for Businesses #5: Identify the best posting time.

Does posting timings real matter? If yes, what are the ideal times to publish your posts?

These are some of the questions that strike every marketer when scheduling their posts. No matter how engaging your content is, how enticing your Instagram photos are, but their success directly relates to the posting times. Each social media platform has a specific audience and time when most users scroll through. So determine the right time to publish your content on different platforms. Gather information—find out the time slot that most audiences visit, such as the morning or lunch breaks. Based on this, build your marketing strategy, schedule your social posting. 

But is it fixed? Of course not! It changes in festive seasons and holidays. You should also learn about the Covid-19 crisis period. Pay heed to these changes before you schedule your social media posting for your marketing success. 

Social Media Hacks for Businesses #6: Pay more attention to engagement, less to vanity.

Vanity metrics are nothing but the number of likes and followers you get on social platforms. But is it an accurate measure of your campaign’s success? Not actually. In fact, it can be measured as to how your content engages the audience. While likes denote that your posts are performing well, engagement like comments and conversation shows that the audience is really interested in your products/services and the information you share. 

Several social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, offer analytics tools for free that can provide you with complete information, such as what types of content draws more attention on your page. These tools will let you figure out what the audiences are actually responding to. As you would do for posting times, find out the types of content that perform well, and tweak them that match your audiences’ choice. 

Social Media Hacks for Businesses #7: Exploit the power of Instagram Stories 

Stories let users post their photos and videos that appear at the top of your feed and automatically vanish within 24 hours of posting. They’re great for communicating with followers, gathering feedback, and stimulating customers for your business on social platforms in a fresh and fun way. And the best part of this is that it’s absolutely free. 

So it’s a wise idea to add the Instagram frames and Facebook Stories to your social media toolkit and try to post your stories and include things that viewers can potentially interact with. You can add polls, questions, or other stickers to stories for making them more engaging and helpful to increase instagram followers. But make sure you don’t post too much as they may frustrate your audience. 

Also, make sure your social graphics are attractive that can draw audiences’ attention instantly. 

Social Media Hacks for Businesses #8: Check out Instagram stickers to add to your story.

The corona pandemic has brought many small businesses in hardship, and to help them out, many firms/organizations have come up with helping hands to help them sail through the crisis. In view of this, Instagram has developed unique stickers to bring more traffic to your website when you add to your Instagram Stories.   

Now small businesses have the option to add stickers when publishing an Instagram Story. These stickers include buttons for shopping gift cards, ordering meals, or donating to a fundraiser. Each of the buttons lets users link a partner website to complete the required action, like donating to a fundraiser, ordering food. These stickers could prove to be a great help to stay your business connected with your social media community.

Social Media Hacks for Businesses #9: Edit Instagram photos

Get your Instagram photos ready before you publish. Edit them by adding text and frames. There are many free online tools such as Designhill Studio, Canva, etc. that let you make your photos ready for posting. These tools also have templates that you can edit for making them more personal.

Social Media Hacks for Businesses #10: Optimize relevant tags

By optimizing open graph tags on Facebook, you can control how your content will look in social feeds if they’re shared or liked by users. 

This can make a massive difference to the overall success of your campaigns. 


If you’re a business owner and worried about your social media campaigns’ success, especially during the corona crisis, these social media hacks would help you a lot. While it may seem quite challenging to stay connected to your community during the time of social distancing, incorporating these hacks to your strategy, you can stay connected and engaged. Your followers will respond to your post and support your business.    

But don’t try to incorporate too many changes at once. It takes time to build and manage a successful social media strategy.

Do you have any social media hacks for a business of your own? Share them in the comments below!

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