This is Why Storytelling is the Secret of Every Great Content Creator

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We live in an online world where everyone can write whatever they want. With the rise and development of social media platforms came to a lot of new jobs. Content creators are among them, besides influencers and social media marketers. However, being so many companies and services that want to attract your attention, it becomes more difficult to do so. We need to divide our attention between so many stimuli, that we fail to recognize the ones that are the most important. 

But, in all this world full of new technologies and services, some people manage to catch your attention. Some content creators have found a way to grab it. They make you read long and short texts and to empathize with them. They manage to send you good vibes, to encourage and to make you feel better. They highlight some of the most important problems humanity has and they make you care about them. 

According to the best assignment help, it becomes harder and harder to make yourself heard. It is more and more difficult to speak your mind and to attract people towards your business. But some people manage to do this. How? By storytelling. 

Storytelling, however strange and unnatural it may sound, it manages to catch the people’s attention in a world where everyone wants it. 

So, What Is Storytelling?

Storytelling is the art of telling stories. Okay, this is as clear as it can be. Going a step further, storytelling is the art of choosing to expose yourself, your feelings and your thoughts. It is the way you choose to interact with other people and to create a meaningful story. And this meaningful story is so real and sincere that it raises the engagement of the people. They become more attuned to the business or the people that are storytelling, they begin to understand and follow them to get more updates. 

Storytelling is the art of connection. It is the art of creating a personal message that is attuning to the people that read it. And when you read someone’s story, you begin to understand it better. Everyone is more than they are showing to the world, and storytelling is the right way to expose yourself. 

I began storytelling a few years ago when I created my blog. I had a lot of anxiety that tried to stop me from exposing the real me. I could only think about what people will say about me. What will everyone think when they will read my personal stories? I had a huge fear of exposure, of letting people get to know me. But I had to overcome my fear and here I am. After a few years of struggles and fights with my demons, it seems that storytelling was a good choice I have made. It helped me get close to my followers, but also to establish voluntary initiatives that attracted hundreds of people. 

Storytelling helps you show people why you are different from others. It helps you connect with them and vice versa. It is the secret every content creator has that makes him successful. And while some may appear to have an inborn quality of saying stories and creating interesting and amazing pieces of a story, some need to work a little bit on this quality. The good thing is that everyone can become better at storytelling. You just need to understand the concept entirely and put a few things into practice. Remember that practice makes it perfect. Do not be afraid of mistakes, they offer the best opportunities to learn and improve your storytelling skills. 

So, why is storytelling the secret of every great content creator? What does storytelling do and you cannot find in another way of creating content? 

  1. Storytelling Urges the Reader to Be the Hero.
  2. Storytelling Helps Your Audience Get to Know You Better.
  3. Storytelling Helps People Like and Trust You.
  4. Use Visual Storytelling.

This can be difficult sometimes and, understandably, you cannot create stories that make readers always the heroes. However, this should not prevent you from telling your story. It is your own story that sends powerful messages and helps readers connect with you.

A great example of storytelling that encouraged people to be the heroes children need, is the campaign of Toms shoes. It is a shoe company that was founded in 2006 and that found a great way to attract new customers: by storytelling. The company founder was walking on the streets of Argentina and noticed that there are so many children that do not wear shoes. It is something we cannot relate to, but it is a painful reality that exists in our world. 

Well, he designed a special model of shoes and innovated the sales domain by creating an innovative and appealing strategy. For every Toms product you buy, they will help someone in need. For example, for every pair of shoes you buy, they will donate one to a child in need. And this was spectacular. The orders exceeded their available stocks online by nine times! Although people just ordered Toms products, they felt that they did make a difference. 

According to experts, storytelling creates the perfect environment for people to empathize, hear and read stories that can help them. Stories that urge them to be heroes. 

There are a lot of businesses that want to be known among people interested in their products. However, you cannot attract new followers and buyers if they do not know you exist. So, at the first point in the buyer’s journey, you need to let them know you exist. And you can do this by storytelling. Why did you think about this business idea? How have you decided to put your idea into practice? What problem is your idea of going to solve and what opportunities does it create?

You can get yourself known by telling the audience your story. Keep in mind that although you would want to send more information, it is better to break it into smaller stories. You are not the only one who is trying to attract new people and shorter stories are easier to read and become attuned to. 

Well, it is not enough for people to know you, you also need their trust. Storytelling helps you create great epic content that makes your audience like you. I have understood in all these years that even if you think your idea is unique, it is not. But your approach to solving that problem might be. So, tell your story and highlight the importance of solving certain problems. You need to understand that people are constantly pushed with lots of information, so why would they pay attention to your story in particular? 

Storytelling is not only about telling positive stories or ones that portray success. They are also about failures, about recoveries, about vulnerabilities. Storytelling allows you to share the authentic you. And this is why people will get to like you. 

These stories will also help your audience build trust in you. They will see that you are capable of delivering what you promised. They will know that you can help them solve their problems. They will like your approach and trust you that it will work. Storytelling is a way of exposing yourself, it could be as difficult as like to write a good coursework, but it is the secret that every great content creator has. In a world where falsity and fakes are overpromoted, being authentic and sincere attracts many more people. 

A great way to say stories is through photos. And not only photos but every visual material you can create and send a message.

Yes, you tell a story, but you can enhance the emotions and feelings it sends by adding visual materials. It is a great way to send people messages, especially if those messages are very powerful and some are better transmitted through images. It is good to be aware of the fact that sometimes a photo is more powerful than 1,000 words, so why not use one? 

There are a lot of options: GIFs, memes, photos with quotes or your own photos. They all have a hidden message sent to your audience. They all have a way of making your story more interesting and appealing. Great content creators have understood that they need to enhance the message they are sending. They need to add more power, motivation, and engagement to the story. And visual storytelling can be the key. 


Storytelling is the art of telling stories, of making yourself known. It is the art of exposing yourself and being authentic. It is about your success, but also about failures, anxieties, panic attacks, and demotivation. But all these not so happy moments make you who you are.

And the real you will attract more people than a fake version of you. Storytelling creates the opportunity to get yourself known, to make your audience like and trust you. It is a way to empower people and embrace differences. Storytelling is the secret every content creator has up his sleeve. 

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