Leveraging Social Media: One of the Ignored Tool in App Marketing Strategy

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After months and months of late-night works, tiring days, and countless bug-solving hours, you’ve built an excellent app with all the latest features and functionality. It seems that you’re about to cross the finish line and win the race.

But nothing significant happened, nobody knows anything about your mobile app, even your targeted audience doesn’t know about your existence.

Then, how will you market your App to reach the potential customers?

Though your App might be unique, it’s of no use if your customers cannot find it. Sure, people can see your App on search engines and browse on the app store, but there need to be more ways to discover your App.

Undoubtedly, App store optimization is one of the best tactics to position your App in the App and Play store, but again, you can’t just rely on a single source to get new downloads.

So, what’s the way out?

Which are the most effective channels to market your mobile app?

And that’s where the active presence of your App on social media platforms comes to the rescue. It’s not just great, but it is one of the most effective and low-cost tools to bag in more download for your mobile App.

Whether you are launching a brand-new app or already having a pre-existing app for a long or whether your App is in the development phase, you can leverage social media marketing tools, features, and tactics to get higher conversions, downloads, and sales.

Let’s find out how social media can help you market your App like a pro.

# Tip 1: Create a pre-launch buzz for your App

  • One of the biggest mistakes made by most mobile app development companies is waiting for the app development process to complete to promote it. Instead, start building hype of your App in the user’s eyes. It will add value to your App by offering a solution that solves users’ queries, but it will also help you create a strong influence on the people that will eventually lead to more downloads.
  • To do so, the first step is to create your profile on major social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the dominant media to establish your presence.
  • All you need to do is explore the prospective user and engage with them. Make sure you give them enough reasons to follow you. Also, do not forget to make your account interesting and informative.

# Tip 2: Leverage the power of video marketing

  • Video marketing is one of those new marketing tools that will lead to misfortune if left untouched.
  • Make sure you create your YouTube channel and upload exciting videos of your App. Your app videos should give users an initial idea of how your App works. Showcase users your app UI, navigation, and compelling design elements that they expect from your App.
  • However, your video should be of high quality and cover the app’s basic overview and functionality.

#Tip 3: Get a hold over Social Media tools USP: IGTV, reels, Live, Story

  • Make sure to take advantage of all the tools available, to enhance the social media marketing platforms you embrace to promote your App.
  • It has expanded user engagement in all possible formats on their App – IGTV, Reels, Live, and Story if you consider Instagram.
  • App owners can tag their product when they create Reels. Whenever a user views your reel content, they can tap on the “view more” button to know more about your App and its features.
  • You can even collaborate with influencers and promote your App with a “branded content” tag to their Reels to show that they’ve been paid to promote your app/product.
  • The video-based purchase has picked up a gradual adoption, and including the same in your marketing strategy will create wonders.

#Tip 4: Make use of Hashtag as and when possible

  • The Hashtag is one of the best tools to make your content visible to the relevant audience. It is one of the most effective tactics to get your brand trending on social media platforms. It not only encourages user-generated content but also helps to outreach your brand to a broader audience base.
  • One of the best uses of a hashtag is running campaigns and content on social media platforms. Creating brand-related hashtags will help you build your brand awareness if your Hashtag starts trending locally and globally.
  • If someone clicks on a hashtag, they’ll view all the content posted by you and others using that same Hashtag.

#Tip 5: Do not forget to release teasers

  • Though you can always boast your App and talk about it, people always look forward to seeing things for themselves. Make use of Sneak peek and teasers to move your custom from “interested” bucket to “excited” bucket about your App.
  • Humans tend to understand more from the visual content, and App screenshots and video promos will act as a perfect tool to let people understand the App instead of just reading about it.
  • This tactic will help you grow your organic email list of interested app users.

#Tip 6: Get a bang on those 140-160 characters

  • Talking specifically about Twitter, your promotional content needs to be within the restricted character limits. It doesn’t mean that this platform isn’t a valuable mobile marketing tool. Instead, it would be best to have an active Twitter profile to get more downloads.
  • You can use Twitter’s advanced search query to find out interested users for your App. This tool can be further used to search for accounts, hashtags, keywords, and prospective users’ locations.
  • Reach out to your prospective audience and explain how your App can solve their pain points. Though it involves a bit of your time, it’s worth every download you get.

Stand Out

Though the app market is bloated with more than 3 million applications available for download, you have to devise creative marketing strategies as a leading mobile app development company. Standing out and building a strong community is highly needed to stand firm in this cutting throat market competition.

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