5 Ways Digital Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence to Grow Their Businesses

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The computerized brains are accessing every popular industry. Savvy marketers might have already heard about marketing based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s a new data-driven marketing strategy that’s bringing the much-needed change in the digital world.

AI allows marketers to make persona-based and heavily customer-oriented experiences that cost surprisingly less than regular old high-dollar campaigns. With every interaction of a prospect with a solution, there’s a scope of future optimization.

Would you count on a computer over a human? I think people would, especially over a cold calling agent!

With the Artificial Intelligence marketing strategies self-assuredly taking over the industry in 2017, it’s high time for the present marketers to understand the amazing possibilities of this technology. If words don’t convince you, these figures surely will:

A report conveys that 61% of digital marketers believe that their existing strategy is heavily powered by Artificial Intelligence.

● Another survey shows 80% of tech and business leaders admit that AI has already boosted their productivity by double.

● 90% of smartphone users are already utilizing AI-powered voice assistants, according to a report.

Before we determine how innovative marketers use AI for their campaigns and what’s the role of technology in social media evolution, you need to know the baseline of AI in digital marketing and what it actually means.

What is AI in Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a sub-branch of science that makes intelligent machines with the capability to respond and think like humans. It harnesses a great future for opportunities in digital marketing. The effect of AI and ML in marketing is completely unimaginable.

Numerous businesses and organizations are learning about AI to develop cutting-edge applications and enjoy the countless benefits. It can help solve numerous business problems with the help of accurate figures and insights.

The way AI is being leveraged to achieve growth and stay competitive in the market has made its way deeper into the market to help brands improve and take customers along with their journey.

From the automobile sector to luxury brands to restaurants, AI has become the must-have feature to gain business opportunities. For example, BMW enhanced its sports car with AI. The technology learns about the driver and automatically adjusts its system according to individual needs. Such focus on technology-enabled mechanisms creates a personalized relation with the customer which further results in customer loyalty and brand promotion.

How Digital Marketers Use AI to Grow Their Business?

AI-based digital marketing is used heavily in business applications. Here’s how a tech-savvy marketer uses it for his/her own gain:

1. AI Chatbots

The development of voice conversion technology, language processing, and AI semantic recognition is making virtual customer service extremely easier to use while allowing it to deliver a better experience. In comparison to traditional customer service, businesses can enjoy numerous benefits with AI chatbots.

Foremost, with the help of AI chatbots, businesses can finally move on from a one-to-one customer service model. The chatbots are capable of providing a one-to-many model that can assist multiple customers at a given instant of time (even with different time zones). Moreover, AI doesn’t need to take rest or sleep.

Therefore, they’re always available to answer the queries of your customers in real-time. This not only makes them extremely efficient but also allows you to assist your customers even after office hours that results in a greater customer experience. Additionally, chatbots provide customers the liberty to choose their preferred language for better personalization.

This also allows a business to provide localized customer service. There are numerous brands that have started to communicate with their customers on social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack.

2. AI-Based Digital Advertising

Undoubtedly, it’s evident that digital advertising has adapted Artificial Intelligence like nothing else in the industry. It can be easily used across multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram to provide insights into the users. With the help of these platforms, user’s information such as age, gender, demographics, and interest can be analyzed for better marketing plans.

This allows a digital marketer to show users the most relevant advertisements that result in a better performance of ads. On an estimation, the total digital ad spending in 2018 was $273.29 billion which is expected to grow even more in the coming years. AI technology allows marketers to predict trends and spot micro trends with ease.

3. Email Marketing

AI also helps businesses to make their email marketing campaigns even more personalized based on the behavior of their user. In simplest terms, marketers have the ability to send emails that can be triggered by specific actions. This allows them to provide relevant and personalized emails to their consumers with product recommendations, subject lines, and messages that can be chosen based on the behavior of your customers.

Along with content personalization, AI also helps digital marketers to optimize their email campaigns to maximize their results. There are numerous companion tools that allow you to analyze and optimize your campaigns dynamically and quickly. It’s a very better alternative to A/B testing with different designs and weeks that can take over weeks to complete.

In a nutshell, AI can help digital marketers to reach the right set of audience at the right time with the help of email marketing. This ensures that the delivered message is highly engaging, relevant, and contains higher chances of conversions. It also allows you to analyze your messages, designs, subject lines, and even images that allow you to get better results.

4. Content Creation

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you become capable of finding the most effective form of content based on the behavior of your targeted customers. This also allows you to come up with a content strategy that’s bound to get results. Digital marketers can have a better understanding of the type of content that works the best on their targeted group of audience.

This also allows them to create and share the proper form of content that’s loved by their audience. For instance, 40% of millennials seem to trust visual content such as videos a lot more than textual content (blog posts, PR, emails) which means it’s a very effective content marketing form after blogs. This simply means a brand with such an audience can easily use AI to create relevant content.

5. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important component of a digital marketing strategy. Search engine algorithms are constantly improving, like Google, for example, provides exceptional user experience searchers to the users based on their location, past history, device, and so forth. The use of AI for search optimization drives a shift towards automation, which further helps one to focus on analysis and strategy.

Further, with the increase in internet usage and smart home gadgets, voice search is expanding constantly and is garnering applause as the number of AI-fueled gadgets and assistants continue to increase. AI deciphers complex patterns in speech and to perceive significance from spoken search questions, which are totally different from conventional inquiries.

Advertisers can likewise utilize AI to advance their content for voice search, improve SEO and traffic as we move progressively into a voice-processed digital world.

The Future Is Here

AI has become very accessible for businesses that make it an extremely valuable tool for digital marketers. Nobody can deny the fact that Artificial Intelligence has a great impact on the choices of your consumers.

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