The Power of Social Media Hashtags

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Launched something new on social media and wondering how to spread awareness about it? Don’t worry! Simply go for hashtags. Nowadays, anything can be attached with a hashtag on social media, and it starts getting the attention of many. Powerful brands are making the best use of it, so what are you waiting for?


Let it be explained in this way: you have launched an online shopping brand that provides 20% discount on the first order and, along with it, you post a #shoppingat20%off. Obviously, the audience on the Internet will be caught by the hashtag at first glance. That is the power of social media hashtags!

Social media hashtags set anything on trend. They hold a very strong grip on all the social media platforms. Different types of associations target on forming a hashtag. Hashtags increase the chances of searches of anything that is being promoted using this powerhouse of awareness.  All types of businesses, programmes, and entertainment, lifestyle, clothing, and lounging sectors have started using it in full swing.

There are several brands that run a hashtag campaign to celebrate their company’s motive. Here are instances of many such companies:

Audi – #WantanR8

The automobile company, when launched its R8 model, used #WantAnR8 as their hashtag after a year by the influence of a customer who used it on Twitter. The company took this tag as their official Social Media Hashtag. Later, many people used it, after which the company had let these people drive this model. Through this, the company has to spread awareness about its new brand.

KFC – #NationalFriedChickenday

At one time, this hashtag became insanely viral on the Internet. KFC took great benefit from this scenario, as this tag was pertinent to their brand. It ran a campaign indirectly using this banner, arousing several foodies around the world to dedicate one day in eating the fried chicken from KFC. This hashtag slowly became KFC’s most popular tag, and the customers used it on the Internet, it attracted more and more customers to KFC as a bonus.

L’oreal Paris – #WorthSaying

Beauty brands also widely use hashtags to promote their product. L’oreal Paris collaborated with Golden Globe Awards, which has #WorthSaying as their social media influence. Moreover, it went well with the beauty brand’s own tagline: because you’re worth it! Utilizing #WorthSaying, many women talked about women empowerment and also gained awareness about L’oreal Paris as a beauty brand.

CocaCola – #Shareacoke

This coke brand has some very out-of-the-box marketing ideas. One of its smashingly renowned marketing strategies was to initiate that of #Shareacoke, which was labelled on all the CocaCola cans and bottles. The campaign motivated people to share their light-hearted CocaCola stories on social media platforms like Twitter using the #Shareacoke. Doing this story sharing activity, the company attached a prize-winning opportunity with it too. This not only increased the usage of the tag on social media but also augmented the doubled the number of customers.

Several companies use hashtags on social media for the awareness of their campaigns. But the use of social media hashtags like win real money free is not just limited to companies, any individual can use it. Here’s how you can use the hashtags in the best way!

Research out the best hashtag on social media

You cannot just write anything for your hashtag. After all, it needs to be catchy, short and should sum up anything that you are trying to say through a picture, video, writing, or any policy on social media. To find out the best tag for your job, it is your responsibility to do some research on the Internet and find out the best one. There are various apps that can generate the best of hashtags for you. You can jot down the top 100 best hashtags that you like, and then trace the best for your campaign.

Be specific on social media

As much as it is tough to find the best hashtag for a cause, it is also tough to find a unique one. So why is it so important to find a unique hashtag? This is because, if you use a common criss-cross, then your cause is going to go down the line soon, but if using a unique one, then it will not fade away soon from social media. For example, if you are trying to promote new types of shakes of your food brand, then a normal #Shakes is soon going to go as common in social media. However, if you use #Shakeitwithnew, then, of course, it is going to gain popularity on social media.

Use relevant  hashtags on social media

Irrelevant use of any social media hashtags does not do any good, instead, it makes it spam and makes it go uncounted on social media. For instance, a picture of the mountains on social media can have crisscrosses like heaven, high, solitude, snow, cool. But criss-cross like trees, love, friendship, food would make no sense and also would not promote the purpose completely. Therefore, use hashtags that describe the purpose of social media, and that will hit the target audience.

Do not overuse hashtags on social media

Using criss-cross is fun, but overusing them is not a good thing. Also, many social media companies allow limited use of hashtags.

All social media posts nowadays use hashtags. After all, the power of this social media tool is inevitably impactful. Here’s how they influence the globe:

  1.       Increase participation on social media

Hash marks can put anything on trend, and being on-trend means that it is going to invite a huge number of social media user participation. In addition, the types of crisscross, which a company uses, make it relevant to their brand. So, people browsing social media will find it relevant if it at all matches for what they were looking for.

  1.       Makes the purpose significant

As there are mostly the same types of social media content, you may get lost while searching for relatable content. So, using the hashtag, you can search for the particular content of your choice. But as there is a neck to neck competition among content creators, it is pivotal for them to post unique hashtags, so that their cause can become significant and easily searchable.

  1.       Makes your cause reach to a larger audience

This is a very important function of hashtags on social media. If you use the most used hashtags, which are largely used by many social media users, then obviously, a great number of people are going to meet your content.

  1.    Brand Awareness – Undeniably, hash marks increase the brand or even content awareness. Apart from the target audience, it also reaches out to people who are not in the target audience category. The hashtags on social media do a commendable job in this area.

Thus, with so many instances and points, the power of social media hashtags is quite justified. There are many great ways of creating awareness about any type of content like sharing, liking, commenting but apart from them, hashtags work effectively on social media!

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