How Mobile Apps Help to Improve Customer Engagement in 2021

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If you have a smartphone and you use more than 30 mobile apps a month (for one purpose or the other), you are amongst the 3 billion general smartphone users across the world, as per reports. So, not being online and not having a mobile app is not a choice for smart businesses anymore. Rather, it is a necessity both for the businesses as well as the consumers.

 As per business trends reported worldwide, the overall consumer spends on mobile apps have far outgrown the number of sales and views garnered over the desktop. So, futuristic businesses and entrepreneurs are always on a lookout for newer technologies, utilities and developers with niche and extravagant mobile developer skills that can develop highly engaging mobile apps for their customers across the globe.

 There are more than 2 million apps on the Apple store and more than 2.5 million apps on the Google play store with thousands more being added every month. The major reason for their immense success as a business tool is the high level of customer engagement that they offer. Think about this scenario: If you need a shirt, will you be headed to a store a few kilometres away or look for your options online through mobile apps? As per user trends, a Generation Z millennial shall choose the latter and even if he or she chooses the former; they would research about the same on various social media and retail apps for options and reviews before making an informed choice. So, the usage of mobile apps in one form or another is imminent.

 What makes a Mobile app so engaging

 Mobile apps are the most prominent way for businesses to connect with their intended customers. Mobile apps have been so effective because they include:

1. High user time: When a consumer likes a particular brand and looks for its mobile app to download, install and then use; they tend to spend a considerable amount of time with the particular business app and the brand as a whole. Also, when a user tends to use a downloaded mobile app, they again tend to give in a particular amount of time interacting with that company, through its content. A good interface with eminent products, services and utilities to choose from; help users stay engaged for a long time. This proves beyond a point that mobile apps now effectively form one of the most important CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools out there.  This is also one of the reasons why mobile apps business revenues have been witnessing a year on year rise of more than 15%.

2. User Interface that enhances overall user experience: Mobile Apps do not have any sales representative to impress clients upon making a purchase. The content within a  mobile app including its basic design, interface technology, text, images, videos, etc. together help a user to interact with the services of a mobile app and make a purchase. Any mistake in the UI/UX interface of a mobile app could thus prove as a blunder for its business. On the contrary, the inclusion of futuristic technology like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality; cannot only attract users but also act as a sales representative to increase sales. In fact, they can attract users and customers. For instance: Ikea’s mobile app with its Augmented Reality based interface allows a user to explore the looks of furniture pieces that IKEA has on sale amongst their existing rooms to help in finalizing purchases.

3. Deliberate Edge over Competitors: Reports suggest that when a viewer downloads an app, they tend to invest some amount of time and attachment with the app too. Thus, mobile apps effectively help increase customer loyalty. For instance: When a mobile app user downloads an Amazon app, there are more chances than not; the user will check on products, deliveries and prices on the downloaded app, before making a purchase elsewhere.

 In fact, ‘46 per cent of consumers are less likely to shop around for other options when they’re using a company’s mobile app’

 So, mobile app downloads not only mean higher user attention; but also higher brand loyalties. 

4. Better KYC (Know Your Customers): Mobile apps track user data which further helps businesses to understand user choices, expectations and requirements. This information analyzed through Artificial Intelligence, can then be utilized to strategize further app developments, app updates and the app marketing plans of a business. It can even help entrepreneurs to strategize their business evolution as per user requirements.  When customers receive content, products and services as per their requirements; they tend to make purchases and stay loyal to a brand. Effectively AI usage in mobile apps has been such that now, one in every three businesses is leveraging artificial intelligence to understand user behavior.

  Knowledge of customer requirements helps business apps to : 

  1. Push notifications as per user requirements.
  2. Personalize the content of mobile apps, giving overall customized app experience to its customers
  3. Avoid sending in unrequired data that might be of no use to customers and might additionally make the app heavy.

5. Ease of Marketing: When a user downloads a mobile app, it shows that they are one way or the other, interested in its utilities or whatever it has to offer. When referrals, loyalty points, cash backs, etc. kind of incentives and giveaways are planned for marketing and given away through mobile apps; they effectively reach people who are really interested in your brand, product or service. Sending in these offers is also quite easy with mobile app technologies. It helps a new user make their first purchase and an older one return to your app for further exploring the given offers.

Mobile Apps Make Business Easier

There are many new technologies to develop mobile apps with enhanced features. With user-experience taking centre stage, most features of these technologies provide new, innovative ways to enhance the overall user engagement with the mobile apps and its products and services. Moreover, their easy accessibility helps a user to connect with a business at any time anywhere. These reasons have together helped mobile apps not only increase customer engagement but also enhance customer attraction towards newer businesses with an interactive online presence. This is exactly where successful startups are also born!!

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