6 Effective Ways You Can Incorporate Humor in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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Email marketing is among the key strategies that can help drive traffic to your business. By incorporating humour into your email marketing strategy, you can differentiate your brand and establish trust. It’s also part of the exceptional ways of creating positive emotions in your clients. To reach a large audience, most businesses use email marketing to send messages to a greater audience.

Considering that some of your prospective clients may also receive emails from your close competitors, there is a need to make sure that your email marketing campaign stands out. One of the effective marketing arsenals that should be a top priority is making your target audience laugh. Laughter isn’t just effective at connecting you and your clients in a light-hearted way; it still ensures that they remain engaged throughout their journey. Here are a few things you should know.

1. Take Advantage of Visual Humor

Visual humour is an exceptional email marketing example you should never miss in your campaign. You need to understand that visuals can make 50% of your brain to become active. Most people who get exposed to information that contains visuals can still remember it even after three days. So, switching your email marketing from plain text to visual humour can make a big difference in your marketing.

This is why most top brands use memes, GIFs, and funny videos to evoke and express emotions.

2. Settle On Humor That People Can Relate 

When it comes to email marketing, you should play safe with your humour. Regardless of your email marketing tools or your target audience, your marketing campaign should be structured to resonate with a large audience. The advantage of employing familiar humour is that the jokes are safe to tell at work or a family dinner.

Clean gags, dad jokes, and one-liners are some of the email marketing humour samples that cut across the different audiences. The other advantage of using such humour in your marketing campaign is that they evoke a feeling of nostalgia, making your audience feel sentimental. There is no way your prospect can open up an email without laughing at corny dad jokes. 

You may also want to employ email marketing that grabs the reader’s attention using stereotype jokes founded on wordplay. But, as you are close to hitting the less funny pun, you should consider adding slight irony. The advantage of employing this email marketing strategy is that it works for those who find the first part of the joke funny and others who consider it nonsense.

3. Employ Wordplay and Puns

Using portmanteaus, puns, and other forms of wordplay in your email marketing content and subject line is a great way to inject humour into your marketing efforts. However, as you incorporate them into your campaigns, it must be relevant to your products and brands if you are looking to get the right results. The important aspect in such a case is to ensure that the jokes are relayed how you want. The best way to structure smart but well-written email marketing content is by using a couple of resources and tools.

A tool such as Grammarly can be resourceful when correcting your grammar and spelling so that anyone reading your email marketing content can concentrate on your content and not mistakes. It would help if you also considered using a language tool. This is a Google Docs and Chrome plugin that checks your writing and works with different languages.

4. Absurdity Can Work to Your Advantage 

Absurdity is one of the humorous benefits of email marketing that can help to convert your prospective clients. If you have ever opened up an email and you bend up giggling hysterically because you’ve come across an absurd or strange image or joke, you have an idea of what absurd humor is all about. There are plenty of large brands that use this email marketing strategy, and it has worked incredibly well.

The best way to effectively incorporate absurdity in your marketing campaign is by peppering your emails with absurd scenarios or any other random facts.

5. Bring on the LoLs 

While most people may find adding funny images, videos, and GIFs as an unprofessional way to relay information, it can help your email marketing campaign. This is especially the case when making a follow-up email. It is not just a unique approach to going about your marketing because you’ll stand out from your competition.

Today, there are plenty of sales representatives who incorporate “frozen alligator” or “chased by a hippo” in their last breakup or a follow-up email. The advantage of GIF, videos, and funny images is that they are much easier to put together with the popularity of laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

If something slipped in your responder’s email, you could still light up the mood with a funny line or image in your response.

6. Make Your Cart Recovery Program Humorous 

Nothing is as disheartening in your email marketing campaigns as receiving a large inflow of clients adding items to the cart but later abandon the selling process. One way to woo your clients to purchase with a smile is to incorporate humour in your cart abandonment email. To make this email marketing campaign effective, make sure that it is relevant to your brand image, the purpose of the campaign, and subscriber list. 

You still need to understand that making a joke without a marketing message is effortless. When incorporating humour in your recovery program, the tone should be persuasive enough to initiate conversions and click-through rates.

Final Thoughts 

Humour is an effective way for brands to create positive emotions, differentiate their product, and establish trust in your email marketing campaigns. When your prospective clients know that they can always expect something humorous from you, there are high chances that this will happen more often. Remember that regardless of the email marketing software you are using to reach your audience, you’ll get to build loyalty and improve your open rate if you can make your subscribers smile.

This guide should act as a start in helping you understand how “light-hearted content” can go a long way in boosting the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. Bottom line, create a stunning email template design, insert some funny text, and use the best email marketing services to reach your prospects, and you’ll achieve a high open-rate.

Have you recently been running an email marketing campaign? What are some of the humour you’ve incorporated that has turned out effect? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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